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TIL during WW2 despite the colossal need for blood to save the lives

TIL during WW2 despite the colossal need for blood to save the lives


African American blood WWII

The Story of World War II

The Story of World War II by Donald L. Miller, Henry Steele Commager |, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

This new book by Enzo Traverso is "a master class in historical analysis," writes reviewer Alan Wald. This "full-on riveting reconceptualization of ...

Spain Bleeds: The Development of Battlefield Blood Transfusion during the Civil War

The American discovery of citrating blood to stop coagulation allowed blood transfusions, as well as storing blood for future use. This saved numerous lives ...

Pictures capture the capabilities to get the blood wherever it needed to go back during the Korean War. #planestrainsautomobiles #militaryblood #donateblood ...

EARLY BLOOD BANK | Charles Drew with staff at the first American Red Cross


Reviews and Comments on Hooper's War: A Novel of WWII Japan — Available Now!

LifeStream - Give Hope, Give Life, Give Blood

You've got LOTS of red blood cells. Why not share a few with

Thank Russia for Winning World War II

The Treason Of Rockefeller Standard Oil (Exxon) During World War II by Freedom of Speech - issuu

To a patient in need, your blood is more valuable than gold!


Tragedy in the air: Stunning black and white pictures on board Yankee Papa 13 that capture ill-fated mission during the violent throws of the Vietnam War

Unbeknownst ...

"Photo of Capt. Paul "Buddy" Bucha USMA Class of 1965 who was

Florida Blood Bank Goes Online

For the full story buy my book Shanghai and Nanjing 1937 - Massacre on the Yangtze - Osprey Publishing (to be published late June 2017, 80th anniversary of ...

Murtoa Stick Shed, VictoriaImminent risk of deterioration and devaluation; 29.

"Have hunger that's insatiable, always expanding."

German NCO of the elite Großdeutschland infantry division.

Q: Do you think the process you have gone through, and have a few more weeks to endure, is the best way to find a commander in chief?

Academy Invites Colossal List of 928 New Members


Police, former gang members, city leaders look back at Little Rock's gang wars.

The blood covered inside of a Huey helicopter after a mission. ~ Vietnam War

The 1,000 yard stare. So young.

The scene at the Rapido River in Italy in 1944 would be forever seared in the survivors' memories. “There were bodies everywhere,” said Private First Class ...

Ho Chi Minh

Q: The United States pushed hard for the creation of the United Nations after World War II. But relations with the world organization have often been ...

Major Zeerak stood behind a dais alongside which stood a large board with photographs of the base as it had been. I could see several jeeps in that ...

[Above: A massive American stockpile of liquid mustard gas in the days leading up to America's entry into WWII.]

25 micro reviews for 25 years of the St. Louis International Film Fest | St. Louis Public Radio

The Thousand-Mile War - World War II in Alaska and the Aleutians - PDF Free Download

[Above: The Prison Called Hohenasperg: An American Boy Betrayed by His Government During World War II.]

Lauren Wolfe is a journalist and director of Women Under Siege, a journalism project on sexualized violence based at the Women's Media Center in New York.


He is the author of The End of Greatness: Why America Can't Have (and Doesn't Want) Another Great President.

Meanwhile ...

Minds at War cover pic

Page 1 !

Angler In Darkness: A Collection: Edward M. Erdelac: 9781543231953: Amazon.com: Books

Bottled whole blood from the Blood Bank, ETOUSA, ready for delivery or storage.

Q: You both have spoken often and at length on your initial positions, in 2002, on the Iraq war. But neither of you have spoken quite as much explaining ...

Daily Mail, 27 March 2018, page 19 "The Real Fascists Today are on the Left": an article again exposing the fanatical racism of Left Wing British Labour ...

Qualities that were to make Churchill a great war leader came very close to destroying him

There were some mediocre Italian tanks, too, but they were out of the war by 1943. Japan fought on until August 1945.

Q: Both of you have disavowed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a major economic element in the Obama administration's “pivot” to Asia. Many of our allies, ...

An Excerpt From

Q: Crackdowns on human rights advocates, journalists, and independent academics are intensifying in China, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, and elsewhere.

Q: China's economic and military power has been rising rapidly and it has been increasingly aggressive in advancing territorial claims in the South China ...

His colossal build-up of waste caused him to develop the life-threatening abdominal

Dear Mr. Know-It-All: Do I Really Have to Let People Know About My Digital Holiday? | WIRED

Anne Hathaway's Cannes Monster Movie 'Colossal' Sued by 'Godzilla' Creators

He is the author of books on the U.N. Security Council and the International Criminal Court and is at work on a new book about governance of the oceans.

... Libya, Ukraine) and did not align with US interests, you are known as “Failed States” and were invaded, bombed or regime-changed till Kingdom come.

Cool It: You Don't Have to Be on Every Social Media App

Although both the United States and Japan had problems in resupplying Guadalcanal, the U.S. supply line from the nearest advance base was 50 percent longer ...

Dr Gavin Hazell is a research scientist working in the biomaterials engineering group at the University of Bristol. He is an expert in materials science and ...

... their homes… for offering a more dignified method of payment in place of the trite and overdone 'credit,' 'easy terms' and 'budget plan' phrases.”

Ethel's first diary entry

... they have been; 45.

Vietnam_slider_1 Vietnam_slider_2 Vietnam_slider_3

More than 200,000 Polish soldiers escaped to the West after the German invasion, to fight with the Allies everywhere from the Battle of Britain to ...

[Above: Una Storia Segreta : The Secret History of Italian American Evacuation and Internment During World War II.]

[Above: Now the Hell Will Start. Click the image to see more pictures!]


New York Sun, September 4, 1872. Chronicling America.

Q: What is your priority in Syria? Fighting the Islamic State or ending the civil war? And who are America's allies in doing so?

“Virtually all of the women were raped. 'The screams of help from the tortured could be heard day ...

One hundred and thirty-nine Rohingyas are found buried in Malaysia's jungle | The World Weekly

James Stavridis is a retired four-star U.S. Navy admiral and NATO supreme allied commander who serves today as the dean of the Fletcher School of Law and ...

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

My cat will only drink from a running tap—not even a cat fountain. But I live in a drought-stricken state. Help?

... of German ubertanks massacring their puny Allied opponents have become over the years: the combat report below is an interesting antidote.

By Their Blood : Christian Martyrs of the 20th Century — James and Marti Hefley


... continued to advertise in Furniture World, but instead of touting their new groups or market introductions, they sought to keep their names in front of ...

... and director of the Triangle Institute for Security Studies and the Duke Program in American Grand Strategy. He is the co-editor of Foreign Policy's ...

Lost in Shangri-la: a True Story of Survival, Adventure, and the Most Incredible Rescue Mission of World War II by Mitchell Zuckoff

It wasn't until the Dutch came that Java was finally under one administration. Today in my city Bandung, the largest city in the Sunda homeland you cannot ...

"Success is how much uncertainty you can deal with."

One of the original bombe machines

Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why: True Stories of Miraculous Endurance and Sudden Death ...

On 24 August, Colonel Cutler and Colonel Mason visited Widewing, Eighth Air Force headquarters, for exploratory talks on the flying of blood to the ...

expected to be shipped soon. It was disheartening to learn at this late date that the vehicles were still awaiting shipping. But Colonel Vickoren, with keen ...

Thus, any neighbour can never be your friend, but the Neighbour's neighbour in this case- Russia, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, Philippines ...

War on Women - Baltimore, MD

Special Anniversary Issue: Furniture Industry In World War 2