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7.5mmSIG Stgw.57 assault rifle as used by Swiss army, left side,

Stgw. 57 / Sig 510 assault rifle (Switzerland)

The Stgw 57/Fass 57/SIG 510 Factory Cutaway: Hi all! I stopped by the Lausanne gun show two weeks ago and picked up this beauty:

Swiss Army Stgw 57 with erected iron sights and PE57 bayonet

SIG SG 510

The 'Sturmgewehr 57' 7.5x55mm Swiss assault rifle [2466x1233] ...

STGw 57 SIG Sturmgewehr 1957 Calibro 7,5x55

In this post, we've placed a couple of selected images. But really, you must go there and Read The Whole Thing™; you'll see many more images and each one ...

The SIG PE 57 is a semiauto civilian version of the SIG SG 510, which served the Swiss military from 1957 until 1990 when it was replaced by the SIG SG 550.

SIG 510/Stgw 57 + K31

Complete family of SIG55x rifles, top to bottom: SIG SG 550 / Stgw.

VHS-D (standard) assault rifle

Stg 57 shooting

Thanks to Bruno for the pictures

Swiss Firepower: The SIG AMT (SIG SG 510 / Sturmgewehr Stgw 57) - YouTube

SIG Stgw.57 Parts Set W/Magazine, 7.5X55 Swiss, Matching

... Stgw_57.jpg 1785048_02_collectors_special_rare_sig_a


Stgw 57


The very heavy, part LMG, part rifle, AM55 Photo credit: http:

FAMAE SG542 .308 Semi-Auto Chilean Rifle Hands On aka "Sig SG 540" - YouTube

A Post-Ban PE57 Sporter

SIG PE 57 -- is the semi-automatic- version of the SIG SG 510 or Sturmgewehr 57-. This rifle uses a roller delayed blowback operating system, ...

SIG 510 / Sturmgewehr 57 reinigen / gun disassembly and clean

Sig Stgw-57. The Swiss also went headfirst for the “most clumsy looking rifle” prize – although I hear differing opinions on how comfortable or awkward it ...

ZF Sturmgewehr 57

Stg 57 disassembly

SIG Sturmgewehr 57: overview, shooting and mechanics

SIG SG-540 SG-542 SG-543 assault rifles (Switzerland)

(SIG SG 550) Switzerland Assault rifle The SG 550 service rifle

@shmurnoff's SIG 510 ( F ass/Stgw 57)

Swiss SIG Stgw 57 SIG 510 Parts Kit - Picture 1

The Estes Adams attachment makes the barrel look very similar to a military version. It;s not an exact match but it's close:

By the way according to that book, it was decided to adopt the Stgw57 as a new service rifle on December 20, 1956, mere hours after comparing it to the W+F ...

Up close.

Every part is machined and finished to a truly high level of the firearms art. Notice the length of the recoil spring assembly.

SIG 510 (Sturmgewehr 57) STGW 57 setka strzela 5/5 100

My Sig 550, ready for 300 meters shooting range.

SIG MCX Rattler military assault rifle




Military / LE select-fire SIG SG 751 SB SAPR rifle, with shoulder stock

SIG 510 (F ass/Stgw 57)

Haenel / Schmeiiser MKb.42(H) machine carbine / assault rifle (Germany

Better / longer grip (for use of the winter trigger, that cuts triggger pull in half), better sights, adjustable bipod instead of ...

Stg 57

Malyuk assault rifle

Sig Stgw. 57 bayonet (1957) – LeaF's Victorinox knives collection

SIG AMT manual SIG PE57 manual Stgw57 Technical manual Stgw 57 ...


SIG 550 SNIPER in Action

Full Screen

STG 510 SeriesSpeed up and simplify the pistol loading process with the RAE Industries Magazine Loader

WIEGER STG 942 assault rifle

Such as the SIG PE57

... 7.5x55mm SIG Stgw.57 automatic rifle

WAC-47 assault rifle

SIG SG 550

Type 89 assault rifle

Bofors AK5B - scoped designated marksmen rifle

Sig 556 Classic

SIG SG 552 Commando Assault rifle The SG 552 service rifle

How a SIG SG 550 Sniper works

Posted: 6/13/2013 2:10:12 PM EDT


SIG SG 550

Sig Sauer 552-2 Commando Full Auto Machine Gun - Switzerland 5.56 .223 552 551 550 - YouTube

Waffenfabrik Bern AK44 disassembled

the Interdynamics MKS assault rifle (top, with buttstock unfolded) and MKScarbine (bottom

Sig 510 Parts

Picture of the SIG MCX

Steyr-Mannlicher STM-556 / Rheinmetall-Steyr RS-556 assault rifle - Modern Firearms

Like this? Greetings from Switzerland!

M.A.M. Express 7

MP 43 assault rifle, the first production variant of the Sturmgewehr, left side