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T72B3 vehichle t

T72B3 vehichle t



Russia's T-72B3 tank

Belarus receives upgraded T-72B3 main battle tanks from Russia

Russia's T-72: Taking On the World's Best Tanks (For Over 40 Years) | The National Interest

1/35 T72B3 Russian Main Battle Tank

Russia to buy 5000 armored vehicles including the T-72B3...defense spending increasing by 44%

Russia's First Post-Syria Move: Stronger T-72 Battle Tanks | The National Interest

Tank Biathlon's Star: Check Out Russia's Super-Protected T-72B3 (VIDEO) - Sputnik International

Russia's T-72B3 main battle tank and other military vehicles move on April 27,

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T-72B3 on parade

The rear of the upgraded tank is fitted with slat armor


A Russian T-72B3 battle tank competes in the individual race as part of the

T-72B3 Modern russian main battle tank 4 in 1 3D model


Russian T-72B3 main battle tanks ride through Red Square during the Victory Day military parade in Moscow on May 9, 2017. Russia marks the 72nd anniversary ...

New upgraded T-72B3M/B4 MBT will enter in service with Russian army

#t72b3 hashtag on Twitter

New vehicles generally have many teething issues that can take years of testing to fix, which is why most nations generally upgrade their existing tank ...


Here's How You Can Buy a Russian Tank

With regards to protection, the T-80BVM uses Relikt ERA, putting the protection roughly on par with the T-72B3.


The flanks of the T-72B3 are now protected by ERA

St. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA - MAY 09, 2018: Soviet and Russian tanks T-34-85 and T72B3 on the military parade in honor of Victory Day — Photo by sikaraha

Russia's T-72B3 tank in the final relay race of the Tank Biathlon competition as

Ukrainian military sources and various international military experts have all pointed to the fact that the separatists are using T72 tanks that are of ...

Armored Warfare - T-72B3 Blue in Erobos PvE

Armored Warfare - T-72B3 ( Worth Your Gold ? )

Rehearsal celebration of the 72th anniversary of the Victory Day (WWII). The T

The modernization process started in October 2012 and is currently ongoing with roughly 1000 vehicles modified to this day (approximately 850 vehicles ...


... T-72B3 main battle tank | by Nils Mosberg


Armored Buildup: Russia to Turn T-72 Tank Into Advanced War Machine

#Russian #army unveils new version of #T72B3 main battle #tank upgraded with #additional #armour Read http://bit.ly/2nHXhws pic.twitter.com/UHeIaYhTZn

Trumpeter Russian T-72B Mod 1985 Main Battle Tank Plastic Model Military Vehicle Kit 1

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Celebration of the 72th anniversary of the Victory Day (WWII). The T-

First pictures of the T-72B3 Obr.2016 interior(for Belarus). Shot during the handing over to Belarus Army

Serbia's (L) and Russia's T-72B3 tanks in the Individual race event of

The Brand New T-72B3 Model Kit Coming


The T-72B3 tanks seen during the rehearsal of the May 9 Victory Day Parade

A T-90 tank shoots during a demo exercise at Alabino base (File)

Russia to Upgrade Tank Force With Deadly New Fire Control System

According to documents posted include the modernization of the tank installation method: sights "Sosna-U" and 1A40-4; automatic tracking of targets;

Belarus' T-72B3 tank in the final relay race of the Tank Biathlon competition

T-72BA and T-72BM

1:72 Russian army T72B3 main battle tank simulation model finished product 72084 Collection model-in Diecasts & Toy Vehicles from Toys & Hobbies on ...

Russian Army T-72B3 tank and BREM-1 recovery vehicle during logistics operations within

T-72B3 turret with Kontakt-5 ERA

Pro Russian separatists lost T-72B3 in Donbass War (k.aksoy93) Tags

T-72 B3 Soviet Main Battle Tank 3d model


T-72B3 near Palmyra

The T-72 is the most popular tank currently in service. With over 22,000 produced, the T-72 is involved in almost every theater of war, and, ...

Pixel Panzers on Twitter: "Pixel Panzers - MiNi T72B3 | Т72Б3 Tank! — Steemit https://t.co/POXZknu2Ao #t72b3 #t72 #t90 #mbt #tanks #russia #россия #putin ...

T 72B4 T 72B3M main battle tank MBT Russia Russian army military equipment defense industry details

2017 Army Games: Tank Biathlon Finals

Venezuela's T-72B3 tank competes in a relay race during the Tank Biathlon semifinal event

4018_original 4355_original 4320_original 173845_original 174118_original


Premysl Czech on Twitter: "@green_lemonnn T72b3, Kontakt5 Modules, track with paraller hinge same as t-90 https://t.co/3wd3nAWKZM"


T-90 India Republic Day

T-90MS at Russia Arms Expo-2016.

The T-90M features Relikt ERA, slat armor, a new RWS and an upgraded FCS

Likewise, I hope there is an option to use regular camos with it. Or at least it comes with something less hideous looking. Perhaps this desert camo:

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/23/T -72B3_-_Parad2014NN-43.jpg

... Russian Army T-72B3 | by k.aksoy93


The end of 2015 was marked by the fact that the most modern of the armaments of the Russian army, the T-90A tank, was used for the first time in a war.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9e/T -72B3_-_Parad2014NN-11.jpg

Russian T-72B3 tanks roll across Dvortsovaya square in central Saint Petersburg, on May

Russia's T-72B3 tank in the final relay race of the Tank Biathlon competition as

The T-72B3 is the most modern Russian T-72 variant currently in service. It is a heavily upgraded version of the T-72B, featuring Kontakt-5 ERA kit and an ...

Newest Russian Battle Tank | Guards Tank Brigade Russian Ground Forces T-80 Main Battle


Laos' T-72B3 tank in the Individual race event of the Tank Biathlon competition

T 72B3 main battle tank Russia Russian army defense industry military technology equipment

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So it's definitely not cutting edge technology and it's not even among the best T-72 variants, but it's still more expensive than a basic T-72.

T-72 with urban combat kit at KADEX 2016

... T-72B3 mod.2016 | by RealHokum

The T72B3 has inferior armour but the same optics, however it lacks an APS (although it could be mounted with one)

This is Why Russia's T-80 Tank Is a Total Disaster | The National Interest

... via @DPRKJones last one h/t @Objekt432Y So far this must be 3rd delivery of T72b3(2nd- https://twitter.com/warsmonitoring/status/929382787731378177 …

Armored Warfare - T-72B3 - Gameplay

Iraqi T-72M in 2006

T-14 Armata Tanks & T-72B3 Battle Tank Crossing Red Sq During Victory Day Parade

T72B3 EU 0.19 CZY WARTO ? | Bzikers