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Sweet 9mm SBR QC10 lower guns t Sweet Guns and

Sweet 9mm SBR QC10 lower guns t Sweet Guns and


Sweet 9mm SBR. QC10 lower.

Wicked Cerakote job on this 9mm QC10 AR

Angstadt Arms UDP-9

QC10 45ACP (image courtesy of JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

PSA 9mm Lower with Colt style magazines, Troy "Tomohawk" stock, Trijicon MRO and 3 lug QD muzzle device for suppressor.

Regrann from - Angstadt Arms Super small package using Glock…

I had bought an extra lower when I built my 9mm SBR a while back and needed just a few extra parts to finish the build.

XCaliber Firearms 9mm Qd suppressor on a 9mm AR. Shown with Troy collapsible stock and a Trijicon MRO Red Dot sight. It is an SBR.

justremington: “ HK416 Sights VLTOR MUR Upper Adco 5” Barrel Chopped Wilson Combat TRIM

9mm AR gun porn (ok lets see them) - AR15.com - The

AR9, AR15 9MM, VLTOR, QC10 * PRICE REDUCED* : Other Pistols at

Com Archive - Sweet 9mm AR Pistol!! One of the shortest I've seen!

This has quickly become one of my favorite guns to shoot. 9mm SBR.

7" AR15 Noveske lower Too freakin cool

Double Diamond billet glock mag lower with VLTOR upper

AR supressed Magpul) guns, weapons, self defense, protection, carbine…

I have since replaced the SL stock with Magpul's new SL-K and the trigger with a MEGA trigger.

QuarterCircle 10 9mm AR15 - Glock Lower

1,111 Likes, 3 Comments - Weapons (@weaponstagram) on Instagram: “Camo

Gibbz Arms side charge upper and ultra lite hand guard. Find this Pin and more on Sweet Guns/Parts ...

My AR9 pistol build

9mm AR gun porn (ok lets see them) - Page 62 - AR15.COM

QC10 9mm Build 0

#Repost from @angstadtarms Quick length comparison of the UDP-9 PDW with @. Glock 9mm9mm PistolPairsAssault RifleMilitary GunsConcealed ...

9mm SBR

My little ar 9 pistol build

All I needed to finish the build was a grip, builders LPK, and bolt. The upper is a Aero Precision slickside and the lower is a old DDLES (pre-QC10) Colt ...

My Ar 15 and AR 9 pistols ... build around New Frontier Armory lowers... sweet shooters

from THE KNIFE & GUN BLOG · Double Diamond Law Enforcement Supply 9mm SBR - DDLES Billet Lower, Dedicated 9mm - VLTOR

New from Wilson Combat: GLOCK Mag-Compatible 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine

... and debating gun control · Little QC10 Gibbz arms 9mm Glock beauty

CMMG Mutant MK47Save those thumbs & bucks w/ free shipping on this magloader I purchased mine http://www.amazon.com/shops/raeind No more leaving the last ...

Someone mentioned 9mm ARs?

Some range day fun with MVB's new 9mm buffer ...

The peq seals the deal on that stock, but with an octagon suppressor, which I have seen a few times, and damn. Find this Pin and more on sweet guns ...


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Two post Tuesday: Finally finished my 9mm SBR ...


Lantac Dragon Muzzle brake on it [ IMG]

Quarter Circle 10 debuted their aluminum AR lowers that accept Glock mags last year, they now have a non-reciprocating side charging upper on the way.

Quarter Circle 10 will be offering these as factory machine guns to law enforcement and military, sorry everyone else ATF says we aren't cool enough.

So for whatever reason I just jumped in a QC10 small frame lower that uses glock mags.

A completely stripped lower isn't actually possible, as the magazine release is proprietary. It's a pretty nice, oversized piece and it functioned smoothly.

As much as I have enjoyed shooting my 9mm-converted 5.56 lower, which uses a magazine well block insert to allow it to accept Colt-style 9mm stick mags, ...

If you like the ergonomics of an AR rifle ...

QC10 lower. QC10/VLTOR pistol MUR upper. Spinta Precision 7.5" barrel. Spinta Precision 9mm BCG Seekins Precision 7" MSCR V2 Rail KAK Shockwave and KAK ...

ETA: specs

gungramer: “Short n' Sweet - Save those thumbs & bucks w/ free

It is the wrong photo, my bad. I'll correct it.

At ...


9mm AR Build ...

Another ...

QC10 9mm Build 7

Quarter Circle 10 9mm AR


9mm Pistol build photos - Burnt Bronze QC10 ...

Originally Posted By drew_red:

Angstadt Arms UDP-9 PDW SBR

Haven't been to the range, but snap caps ran fine. Correction: First time I posted wrong photo, here's the Stern

9mm AR Pistol. QC10 Lower. JSE built 9mm Upper. Law Tactical Gen 2 adapter. Colt 9mm Magazines


Here is a picture of mine with a 9" rail. 4.5" Adco barrel and Octane 9.

GSF Stripped Lower & Pistol MUR Matched Set

AR Pistols in 9mm -Glock vs Colt mags? Update with Pic - Page 1 - AR15.COM

Kalashnikov USA 9mm rifle


The hand guard is completely functional. Our T&E gun ...



Of course ...

So for whatever reason I just jumped in a QC10 small frame lower that uses glock mags.

since the barrel is at 11" and i didnt want to SBR the rifle, i had fred at CaR firearms pin and weld my can to the ...

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QC10 9mm Build 2

Excel Arms was showing a new 9mm pistol and rifle at the recent National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers show in New Orleans.

heated the upper receiver with a torch and then the barrel seated properly. Thought it was worth a try so I got out my mini torch and heated away:

Once the lower came in, I built the gun as a pistol so I could function check everything (this was right before the sig-brace was released) before ...

QC10 9mm Build 2

This QC10's ...


New Ruger EC9s pistol

I had an AR in 9mm before this and it sucked in comparison. Recoil was significantly more than .223 because of all the reciprocating mass.

Another pic of my 9mm SBR.

Anyone have any idea what brand/model of upper and lower this is made with

Cloudbreak MD9 9mm Muzzle brake 1

In other news, QC10 released their "QC5" lower that takes MP5 mags. It looks interesting, but no BHO obviously. Some shots it's very mp5-y, but built small ...

... target="_blank">http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c102/jerkeejoe/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsnkcwhlkd.jpeg

Here is a picture of all the parts ready for assembly (click for hirez image):

The Vector is ridiculous to shoot also and I was blown away at how fun and accurate it is.