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Swedish Health Agency Rejects Science of Shaken Baby

Swedish Health Agency Rejects Science of Shaken Baby

Swedish Health Agency Rejects Science of Shaken Baby.txt <

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SBS false accuse parents

Study: Shaken Baby Syndrome Diagnosis Lacks Scientific Evidence – Leads to False Accusations of Child Abuse

James Duncan before and after

Waney Squier TedX

Father Convicted of Shaken Baby Syndrome 16 Years Ago for Daughter's Death has All Charges Dropped


Date for Execution of Man on Death Row for Shaken Baby Syndrome is Halted as Conviction is Blamed on “Junk Science”

IL twins daddy adoration

Tennessee Children with Brittle Bones Suffer in State Care as Mom Charged with SBS

Kentucky Family Falsely Accused of Child Abuse – Children Medically Kidnapped to Cover Corruption

Florida Man That has Served more than 20 Years in Prison for Shaken Baby Syndrome Appeals for New Trial

Joe Whitaker was convicted in 2017 of Shaken Baby Syndrome. CPS took his child and the state took his freedom. See story. Can his conviction be overturned, ...

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Heather Mull, courtesy of Pittsburgh City Paper

Common Childbirth Practice Could Lead to Later False Diagnosis of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Common Childbirth Practice Could Lead to Later False Diagnosis of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Mom Falsely Accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome for Brain Damage Caused by Vaccines

Doctor Destroys Ohio Family with Shaken Baby Syndrome Accusation

Major review finds 'insufficient evidence' in science behind shaken baby syndrome

Lorraine Harris

Babysitter Arrested for Shaken Baby Syndrome – But CPS Still Refuses to Return Baby to Parents

350 Doctors and Scientists Appeal to Bring Back Skeptic 'Shaken Baby' Doctor

5 Idaho Children Medically Kidnapped based on Doctor's Opinion of Shaken Baby Syndrome

'We believe you harmed your child': the war over shaken baby convictions | News | The Guardian


Ellis, pictured with his mother May, died aged 14 in 2009 as a direct

Falsely Accused Washington Couple Loses Medically Kidnapped Baby for Two Years

University of Michigan Law School Awarded $250K to Learn How to Defend Shaken Baby Syndrome Cases

Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts Opens the Legal Door to Retry All Shaken Baby Syndrome Convictions

Recent judicial decisions said doctors are divided on the idea that shaken baby syndrome is directly

The Felix Family (clockwise from top left) Nathan, Robyn, Eliana, and Nicholas


'We believe you harmed your child': the war over shaken baby convictions | News | The Guardian

Dr Waney Squier, who was struck off the medical register over her scepticism about shaken

Grandmother Fights Against Government Child Trafficking in North Carolina

Neuropathologist Doctor: I Believed in Shaken Baby Syndrome until Science Showed I was Wrong

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Mother Falsely Accused of Shaking Baby Found Innocent But Loses Everything

Holding signs that read “witch hunt” and “legal scandal” in Swedish, demonstrators in 2009 protest a case of a man convicted of shaking his daughter.

Arizona trial attorney Randy Papetti has brought nearly 20 years of experience and research to his valuable new analysis of shaken baby theory in the ...

Baby Jazen Jamal heads home

The Svea hovrätt, a Swedish appeals court in Stockholm where judges hear cases from district

The Syndrome Documentary

Medical Kidnapping final


“Confusing Juries with Science”

Also in April, Acta Paediatrica published an editorial by pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Alex Levin, who declared, “There is a plethora of scientific ...

... an exhaustive evaluation of the shaken baby literature that ultimately declared the scientific evidence behind shaking theory “weak.

Along with reading scientific papers about retinal hemorrhaging and subdural hematomas, and reviewing them on the phone with his father, Kristian spent ...

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Dr Waney Squier is back to work at last - but cannot give evidence at court

Dr. Guthkelch meets with students from the Medill School of Journalism. Photo by Alison

Kristian Aspelin and his son Johan

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I'm always hesitant to write about matters that are more political than scientific or medical, although sometimes the sorts of topics that I blog about ...

The talk opens with the story of Linda, a mother convicted of shaking her third child to death based on the presence of the triad: bleeding in the retinas, ...

'We believe you harmed your child': the war over shaken baby convictions | News | The Guardian

Three Swedish carers placed bets on when a care home patient would die (UK picture

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“It's like saying my baby, my baby has a burn mark right here and it happened because I put my baby down on the bed and the sun was on him.”

The Zika virus has already been linked to microcephaly (pictured here on a baby)

Today, Dr Squier says one of the worst things about her ordeal was being portrayed


Dr William Liley, a Queensland GP and SBS specialist, has seen the devastating effects of SBS first hand. He believes that most SBS cases happen when a baby ...

... doctors transferred him across town, from San Francisco General to the UCSF Children's Hospital, which has more expert pediatric intensive care.

Stretching is instinctive!

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Naomi Kretschmer had a stroke in the womb and was born not breathing and having seizures

Ninety per cent reported that Shaken Baby Syndrome highly likely to lead to severe retinal hemorrhage

Harris was arrested and charged with manslaughter. “I felt like I was in a haze. I couldn't talk, I couldn't move, I was just staring into space.

Findley's ...

Silence in court: British defendants in shaken baby cases look to US for help

When boys in a class refused to paint, she was brought in to examine the problem through the lens of gender.

Angela McAnulty - The Worst Child Abuser in Oregon's History

The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare says it is vital that babies sleep in

The father, mother, police, doctors, and hospital records all tell different stories about that night. Does anyone know the truth?

Women in Planning Chapter Launched

Making friends: Oscar, 22 months and Estelle, two, were on their best

Warning: The video shows how shaking a baby can cause major damage to their fragile brains

When Linda was first accused, the police had called in Dr. Squier, an expert on infant brain pathology. After examining the brain, she had endorsed the ...

United States: Autopsy finds 3-year-old Sherin Mathews died of homicidal violence


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The NSPCC has launched a programme to help new parents cope with stress and show them

Ernest Kao

Seven names fit for Sweden's new prince

... for the defendant to say that he had been responsible for the child's death when he gently shook the baby according to what he learned in CPR training.


The doll that police believed was locked in the car. Police smashed their way into