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Sunrise from my flight from SJU to JFK Photo by Jenny Colon

Sunrise from my flight from SJU to JFK Photo by Jenny Colon


Sunrise from my flight from SJU to JFK. Photo by Jenny Colon

Sunrise at JFK International Airport 2.22.14

Sunrise at JFK

Elements ❧ Water ❧ Sunrise Session by Alex Noble

Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan at sunrise, New York City, New York aerial, foggy morning

A silhouette view of the Statue of Liberty at sunset with the sun positioned over the torch - NYC

For example, the Earth's rotation on its axis makes it seem as if the sun “comes up” and “goes down”...but the reality ...

Beautiful Sunrise Over the Frozen Hudson River Today #nyc by.

Scenic Drive Route in Western Puerto Rico

Third, we have phenomenal reality...this is the impressions we get from our senses. For example, the nighttime sky gets steadily lighter, and there is a ...

Paddleboard Yoga in Rincon!

Sunset Cocktail Sail Charter

Good Windy morning! #islaverde #puertorico · Puerto Rico TripTravel ...

Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan at sunrise, New York City, New York aerial, foggy morning

Sunset at the Montauket. Montauk Long Island New York

san juan del sur nicaragua

At any rate, on this date in 1979, St. Vincent and the Grenadines became independent of the United Kingdom!

New York Obsession

Oceania - Newest - RnD Radio Directory - Listen Radio online - Radio na Dlanu

A lot of visitors also like to watch the sunrise at a place called Tres Cruces, in order to see an unusual optical illusion. People climb to a lookout that ...

Next time you go to book a flight you might want to look at the early-morning options first. Getting out of bed to make that 6am might be a struggle, ...

Lower Manhattan at sunrise, June, Photo: Robert Campbell.

Bahamian Waters

horseback rides rincon pr

Sun and Skin Cancer

But actually it is a holiday devoted to appreciating sharing all that we have, especially to those things that are free for all, like all the beauty in ...

Walking is a great way to explore a new city because you can get up close and personal. On the other hand, driving lets you explore spots that are out of ...

Sunrise from my flight from SJU to JFK. Photo by Jenny Colon | Things I love | Pinterest

rincon pr padde board rental

The early days of the towers


Also on this date:

beauty - whether it is amazing glimpses of far-away stars, galaxies, and nebulae, or the Earthly beauties of bright-blue skies, wispy or billowing clouds, ...

What ...

Sunrise from my flight from SJU to JFK. Photo by Jenny Colon | Things I love | Pinterest

What ...

0ce4n-g0d: “ Sunrise Session by Alex Noble ” | Surf~Sun~Summer~Sand... | Pinterest | Ocean, Surf and Wanderlust

Pico Duarte is the highest spot in the entire Caribbean.

Save Money By Purchasing Group Plane Tickets Individually

I'm spending this week in Scotland, a journey that started for me at 5am Tuesday and thanks to weather on the east coast ended in me not arriving in ...

Born in Switzerland on this date in 1904, Hans Jenny studied and took photos of the effects of sound vibrations on fluids, powders, and liquid paste.

Art Day

Some airlines have their flight attendants ask you and your fellow passengers to raise your window shades during take-off and landing.

At an ecstatic dance event, you set the mood for your own dance experience. The soundtrack of the evening is curated by either a DJ or live musical act.

(The helical rising of Sirius is the day on which Sirius rises above the eastern horizon just a moment before sunrise. This occurs after a period of time ...

Sunrise, one of the best cross-platform calendar apps, finally shut down on August 31 . If you're looking for a replacement, our friends at Zapier put ...

I Used Only My Mind to Fly a Plane Around Seattle

From Mount Kilamanjaro, which is the highest mountain in Africa.

The Badlands, North Dakota

Kayak tour

TravelMath can figure out all sorts of travel-related calculations, including your travel time so you don't miss a connecting flight · or get to the airport ...

Lower Manhattan seen from the Empire State Building at night. NYC, New York,

Ollie produced 24 quarts of milk during the flight. The milk was sealed into paper cartons and—get this!—parachuted down to spectators below.

Sunrise from my flight from SJU to JFK. Photo by Jenny Colon | Things I love | Pinterest

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The world is so lovely from up high (and generally from ground level, too, of course), and everything is so silent.

Summer a wonderful 4 days spent with my fave road tripping buddy:) pixels

Sunrise over sugarcane planters, gettin an early start

Flight delays occur fairly regularly, but they're a lot less likely to happen at certain times of the day. If you need a flight that's almost guaranteed to ...

What ...

"Palacio Santa Catalina" ( La Fortaleza) San Juan, Puerto Rico

In-flight Wi-Fi is wonderful. The price to use it on the other hand, not so great. There are a few methods to get free access, but these two are relatively ...

SwiftKey's New “Neural Network” Text Prediction Is Impressively Good

The Best Views In New York - NOW YOURE COOL

Once you've earned your travel rewards, it's time to cash them in for a free flight. Some rewards programs are confusing to navigate, though.

Most fears boil down to a lack of understanding, and in those situations knowledge really is power. If the thought of flying in a plane makes you anxious ...

Interpol 'Marauder' Cover Art

Find a Paddleboard Rental in Rincon PR

Book a trip to pr

...to the House of Wonders, which was built as a palace but now serves as a museum.

Learn Basic Flight Attendant Lingo With This Handy Glossary

August 16 – Happy Birthday, Hans Jenny

(Above) Sparks

Remember the amazing NYC skyline

Empire States Building seen thru the Manhattan Bridge

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Finding the silver lining in rough situations can help you keep your head up. But according to a recent study, it can also be detrimental to your overall ...

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Last weekend we shared the results of CheapAir.com's 2018 Airfare study. In the study it looked at 917 million different airfares and made some ...

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the release of the Grateful Dead album, this week JamBase presents the 'Inspiration: Celebrating 40 Years Of ...

Most of the time, that crap is well deserved. They've ditched their lame attempts at bawdy humor and their CEO, which is a couple ...

Colon is named after Christopher Columbus. Columbus, of course, was a person around whom passions and controversy swirl – he is honored and celebrated ...

Justin Trawick and The Common Good ...

The Soaring Beauty of Paul Goodnight's Imagination

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats Share 'Coolin' Out' Single Featuring Lucius


... to climb back up through the rest of the week. Working In Cold

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