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Still one of my favorites11 Big Cats No teeth amp No pads

Still one of my favorites11 Big Cats No teeth amp No pads


Clouded Leopard Series by Colin Langford - Fun fact: The canine teeth of the clouded

Cheetah, the fastest animal on earth.

MAC a male cougar and former "pet" who now lives at Big Cat Rescue, Tampa FL.

He was one of the sweetest, laid back boys I've ever had. Except when it came to food-then he became "jaws" in a frenzy until he got the bowl.

*not my work*

As cats grow older, it isn't always easy to determine which changes are

The King - The King and his loyalty in a majestic light.

Pallas cat also called the manul, is a small wild cat having a broad but patchy distribution in the grasslands and montane steppe of Central Asia.

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...

Wow, Such a loyal cat. It impresses me so much for him being blind. My favorite cat along with LionBlaze


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ONCILLA CAT- one of the smallest wild cats there are maxing out about lbs

A lion known as P-45 has killed scores of domestic animals—and attracted

My dearest Ramone was officially diagnosed with lymphoma on November 9, 2015 and a few weeks later on December 3, he lost his battle.

Trimming Your Cat's Nails


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An Blonde African Male Lion With That Striking Bold Look.

Cat Language - Cat Talk - Cat Chat

These cats have very dense fur coats that are very soft and double layered. The undercoat is extremely thick and comes in solid colors of black, ...


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Is ...

Lion, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Just Kitten Around pin WildflowerandCompany

In early July 2013, we adopted a kitten into our home. At the animal shelter, we feel in love with this little tabby kitten with these huge blue eyes.

Bombay Cats And Kittens

Sox came to me as a kitten along with his brother Cougar. They've been together since birth. I was 11 when my dad's co-worker brought Sox and Cougar to our ...

I got Jaspurr on Halloween night when my boyfriend brought him home. I spent every waking day (while not at work) staring at him and playing with him.

EDIT: lol, i just noticed i forgot to erase some of the lighting on the left side of his face xD oops!D Stonefur, you were one of my favorite warriors of ...

Polar bear in Arctic

Bottle - Feeding Orphaned Kittens

AWB - Chapter 2 - 11 by Mizu-no-Akira on deviantART

AWB - Chapter 2 - 21 by Mizu-no-Akira on DeviantArt


A mere dot on the map of China, and home to seven ...

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Amazon.com : CarPET Scratch Stopper 30 - Stop Cats From Scratching Carpet at Doorway : Scratching Pads : Pet Supplies

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Bombay Cats And Kittens

It's a familiar face, though it seems to be missing some teeth. There is

You were always dressed up for the occasion in your tuxedo. After over 14 years it's hard to believe that you will no longer be around.

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She was an adorable orange tabby cat who fell into my lap just over 20 years ago. One of my friends could not ...

The Mashaba female and her most recent litter of two cubs. Although female leopards can give birth to three cubs, it is much more common for them to only ...


Review: Dave's Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

That's why Julie Andrews is so great…


Beebz watches to make sure that I do a good job cleaning her water dish

Bombay Cats And Kittens

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Ridgeview Gardens Assisted Living

Close up of a cat nose and cat teeth.

P-19's kittens with P-45 were a female and a male, P

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What I found with the Rocker v2 was a versatile affordable DAP, with a few quirks. One that was and is not afraid to come along for the ride, ...

Notice the robust body structure of these leopards. Even the female leopard in the foreground of this photograph is stockier and stronger than the male ...

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The 13" MacBook Pro has received the Retina display treatment!


So ...

Quokkas are one of the smallest species of the marsupial macropod family, and weigh only five to 11 pounds (about the size of a domestic cat).

We promised you kitties and we're not ones to disappoint our loyal ...

keep your pet from getting lost

A woman claims her CCTV cameras show a lion roaming around her bins in Oldbury,

We've all got friends like this (or maybe you're the friend). You go over to their house, and it's covered in pet hair and smells like a barn. There's no ...


by the anonymous.

Recorded: the Qumran Caves Studio Album: the Rebel Lion (2016) Dirts favorite Line(s): I Love all this track. It was one of my ...

There's nothing worse than making a trip to a city splash pad, only to find that it's closed. I'm not sure how the City chooses its official opening date ...

Closeup of an ocelot's face as it looks right

How I Got A Venomous Snake Bite, Treated It At Home, and Lived To Tell The Tale

Lions like P-22 can live in close proximity with humans without being spotted.

Cat Butt Tissue Holders


Affectionate Kitteh

... 22.

... elegant; 20. road ...

Camelot Kitten

Introducing the DTR Classics : The Cassette Tape Series. Kirvy 'Twing' on Cassette Tape, Available Now at Rocking Horse Records (Brisbane)

Bombay Cats And Kittens

Dog Eating in Fridge Stop feeding your dog food without ...

Fred & Friends POPPIN HOT Oven Mitt

Splitting wood; From Vineyard to Bethel: ...

4 Main Prey Teeth The Hunt MAMMALS 51; 30.

Breed Characteristics:

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Black and Tan Coonhound head facing left