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Sticker WE WON39T GO BACK Save Roe Defend Choice t


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40 Years of Roe v. Wade is 40 Years Too Many!

Let's get this straight. Babies are not "blobs of tissue." #prolife

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Roe Vs Wade is a stench from the bench


Derecho a la vida

Of the three great monotheistic religions only one did not go through the Enlightenment

In Defense of the Defenseless

It's a double-murder to kill a pregnant woman, but killing a baby by

Oh, we can't pass gun laws because it treads on your liberty?

Pretending to be loyal towards someone while they are in front of you doesn' t

Women need a safe choice to end pregnancies for whatever reasons they state. It is

Get out of my uterus

"My husband and I planned to give our daughter a little brother or sister

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Refuting abortion advocates' new favorite argument

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The emotional pain eclipses the physical. Do the right thing and protect your child from harm.

Trump-West 2020: Why Trump will dump Draggin' Energy Mike for Dragon Energy Kanye on the ticket

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LuLaRoe Scam Review: A Bad “Business” for Women

NRA is Pro-Life, Planned Parenthood is Pro-Death: Quote of the Day

Citigroup Inc. posted a quarterly loss, after its earnings were wiped out by a

According ...

Iron deficiency (which may be a kind of anemia), excessive smoking or drinking, certain drugs, excess salt. Sound familiar? These are some of the things ...

Grand Illusions - The Legacy of Planned Parenthood by U Potrazi Za Zborom - issuu

"I was 26 and just moved to a new city with my partner,


"I am married, financially stable, and college educated. I got pregnant

The consultation on the GRA wont be out until the new year, and it will last months, and we have lots of things to do in the meantime.

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But, then Willis proceeds to take the derivative of the temperature instead and produces a mess. Did I miss something? Why didn't Willis reproduce Roe's ...

The next week, Stone confronted his student. Levin replied, “If you won't tell anyone I lost, I won't tell anyone you were watching 'High Rollers.' ”

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Repay your investment chart from LuLa in Love

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Here's how to stop any pro-choice argument in its tracks

Don't Punish Pain


During our first night on Kauai earlier this year, we were sort of looking around for places to eat. Fish tacos sounded good to me and we were told of a ...

Jennifer Dillard, AAUW State Coordinator

America's gun problem is so much bigger than mass shootings | US news | The Guardian

Forty-four years ago, the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade affirmed a woman's legal right to have an abortion.

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I carry an albuterol inhaler as my quick relief medication for asthma. I use it infrequently, which is good news for me and good news for my asthma.

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Report on the Committee's Inquiry into the Role and Potential of Credit Unions in Northern Ireland

We cannot live someone else's life for him. Children make choices. And sometimes those choices are bad ones.

It will be a busy weekend in Yorkton as they host the SCMA awards Friday, April 24th- Sunday, April 26th. There's a great schedule of events for the whole ...

... aren't shy in pointing out that they're already looking to successful Islamic insurgent movements for inspiration. Check out this website by a militia ...

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To grasp why the bond market is on the verge of crisis, and why trillions of Dollars, Euros, Yen and Pounds are about to panic and run away, we ask you to ...

Rory O'Connor Much worse than the Boston Real Paper scene-maker, ...

The Clinton Restoration That Wasn't

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Kraft, Pepsi, and Nestle Using Aborted Babies For Flavor Additives

It has come to our attention over the past few days – thanks to a couple of our readers – that T-Mobile has changed the fine print to its unlimited 4G LTE ...


“Did you ever imagine,” a cable TV host recently asked a guest, “that we'd be talking about contraception in the year 2012?” The guest shook her head sadly, ...


But the problem is he is new to the stock market , doesn't know how to invest and how exactly it works and how he will grow his money.

I understood I had to limit my phosphorous, potassium, protein, and sodium to preserve my kidney function and was scared enough by my diagnosis to follow ...

Our popular set of 120 Mini Flower and Sentiment Stickers are back for August 15th! You will love our assortment of beauftiful little flowers that includes ...

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2013 Roe v. Wade Rally Austin