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Sony A7S II Slog3 SGamut3 NOISE ISSUE test footage Sony

Sony A7S II Slog3 SGamut3 NOISE ISSUE test footage Sony


RocketJump - Discussion. RocketJump - Discussion. More information. More information. Exposing Slog 3 [a7s ii] - Sony ...

Sony a7S II Test Footage | 4k and 120fps - YouTube. See more. by Mike Curry ยท How To Remove Background Noise From Your Audio - Capture The Noise You Want ...

Utilizing the dynamic range of Sony A7s II - Cine4 | S-Log2 | S-Log3 Comparison - YouTube

FS7 - Lens Cap Test - S-Log 3 S-Gamut3.Cine


SLOG3 Footage with LUT applied

How to use SLOG3 LUTs for Sony A7s II footage without visible banding in the highlights

Hot on the heels of the astounding a7R II, Sony has once again surprised us all by unveiling the latest full-frame E-mount upgrade, the Alpha a7S II ...

Sony a7s II Slog3 quick test - basic LUT - FREE FOOTAGE

SLOG3 original

Sony a7s ii Review for Filmmakers (with Sample Footage + Canon EF Lenses)

Sony A7s II ,SLOG3, 120FPS at night this makes no sense to me! :) but did it in Oldtown Salinas - YouTube


sLog 3 Exposed Correct - Sony A7sii

This LUT Fixes the Slog Problem on Sony a7S, Sony a7S II, a7R II, a6300 External Recordings | cinema5D

Sony a7sii iso test REAL - low light - slog3 + grading Samyang 35mm vdslr - YouTube

Sony A7SII 4k Noise Test

Sony's new A7S II records 4k internally in nearly complete darkness


Ungraded SLog 3 Footage. SONY S LOG UNGRADED


Sony A7sII horizontal noise problem Test 1

A7, cameras, Scene Files and Luts


Sony a7S II Hands-on Review

This document has been prepared independently of Sony. It is based on my own findings having used the camera and tested various exposure levels and methods.

Zone V for Sony A7s S-Log2

Canon XC10 - Hands-On Video Review

Wolfcrow System of S-Log2

Sony A7s II Low Light Noise Test Slog-2 vs Slog-3

And the DSC Labs chart:

If you're starting out with the Sony FS5, and going for a cinematic look, here's a setup guide that will have you up and rolling fast.

100% crop of 4K image

SLOG3 Footage with LUT applied - Banding Blow Up

4K LUT Shootout (Slog3) - Great for Sony FS5, A7S II, a6300 & FS7 shooters on Vimeo


Sony Picture Profile Comparison/Opinion - SLOG2 AND SLOG3 VS THE REST (A7S II) - YouTube

Sony A7S2 Low light and Slog 3 test

Slog2-400 Understanding Sony's SLog3. It isn't really noisy.


It isn't really Slog3-to-709-400 Understanding Sony's SLog3. It isn't really

Sony a7R II First Impressons - Full Frame 4K

Sony A7s II 4K low light beast topic. Vitaliy_Kiselev Vitaliy_Kiselev September 2015. image

... the Sony a7S II. a6300_lowlight_test

Sony_A6300 Using S-Log2 and S-Log3 with the Sony A6300 (with LUT's

Sony a6300 Review ...

100% crop of 4K image


S-log-levels The great S-Log2 or S-Log3 debate.

Color Noise at Middle Grey

Cine4 Footage with LUT applied - Blow Up

Some 200 Fps super slow mo shot in Slog 3 pre and post grade. Noisy to start with but looks a load better after a bit of work.



Sony Sony a7S II Alpha 7S II Fullframe Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera 32GB Bundle

The big one is internal 4K and the 5 Axis Image stabilization with added S-Log3 Gamma and S-Gamut3 in addition to S-Log2. The base ISO for Slog3 is 1600.

... range of SLOG and CINE GAMMA 4 would be a better choice but as an example this is SLOG3 at 3200ISO lots of dark shadows wear noise is usually the worst.



Sony a7S - Slog 2 - External Fixed with Slog FIX LUT in post

Oh my autumn - a Sony A7S II Slog3 Test

Before we jump into my thoughts let me give you some details about the Sony PXW-Z90. This little camera offers broadcast quality 4K with advanced features ...

Sony A7SII M2 Video Test (Shot it in 4K)

Gamuts-only Will a bigger recording Gamut give me more picture information?

Amazon.com : Sony a7S II ILCE7SM2/B 12.2 MP E-mount Camera with Full-Frame Sensor, Black : Camera & Photo

How to expose and grade S-Log2 with the Sony a7S II and Sony a7R

The new Sony PXW-FS5. Its Small but perfectly formed and for the money and size is hard to beat in my opinion.


Review: Sony's a6300 E-mount camera

A7sII Testing with Pilotfly h1+ Cine4, Cine2 and Slog3 comparison

Slog3-400 Understanding Sony's SLog3. It isn't really noisy.

SLOG3 NOISE TEST/ Night Scene ( sony a6500 pp9) ...

Blog / Cinematography


The Color Grade: Episode 2 of the Cinema Camera Mega Test

Snowlight: Our New Sony FS7 Test Film & Real-World Thoughts