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Sea Turtle munching a Jellyfish It is important to recycle all plastic

Sea Turtle munching a Jellyfish It is important to recycle all plastic


Sea Turtle munching a Jellyfish . It is important to recycle all plastic bags so that sea turtles do not mistakenly eat them because of their resemblance to ...

green sea turtle, Chelonia mydas

Turtle Eating Jelly Fish

Sea Turtles Eating Plastic At Record Rates Amid Surge In Pollution

In 1993, an oddly deformed turtle was discovered in Missouri. At some point in her early life, she had become ensnared in a plastic six-pack ring that ...

Sea Turtles Mistake Plastic Bags for Jellyfish

This incredible story of Charles the sea turtle eating a plastic bag instead of a jellyfish is perfect.

A sea turtle with a plastic bag on its nose in Cairns, Queensland. Sea

Plastic pollution in ocean environmental problem. Turtles can eat plastic bags mistaking them for jellyfish

Turtles favourite snack!

Image result for leatherback

These death traps are the number reason for sea turtles being listed as endangered. Every year hundred of sea turtles die from fishing techniques like drift ...

Green Sea Turtle eating Jellyfish - Dimakya, Philippines by Ai Gentel --Exactly why it is dangerous for plastic bags to pollute the oceans, because they are ...

sea turtle conservation programs

Green Turtle eating Jellyfish – Dimakya Island, Philippines by Ai Gentel.Am I the only one that thought of Finding Nemo when I saw this?

sea turtle balloon butt

sea turtle eating plastic

We must all realize plastic bags looks a LOT like jellyfish underwater,. Baby Sea TurtlesSea ...

Image result for jellyfish vs plastic bag

A green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) swims in the aquarium of the Haus des

For ...

Turtles can confuse plastic bags with jellyfish.

TANGLED UP: Plastic netting can be deadly for sea turtles and other animals.


plastics and sea turtles

Leatherback female coming onto shore to nest

4 Places Plastics Do Not Belong - One Green Planet

SecondwavePhonesSTC copy

Moon Jellyfish. Teresa Shumaker photo.


Green Sea Turtle

All you need to know about the sea turtle - Atmosphere Resort - Philippines

turtle facts

Photo: Researchers found 36 per cent of the turtles they studied had eaten discarded plastic (David Loh/Reuters)


chex sea turtle balloon closeup. Jellyfish, plastic ...


Hawksbill sea turtle in Apo Island Philippines with Atmosphere Resort

A leatherback turtle at sea.

Dude, a very relaxed Green Sea Turtle guides Marlin and Dory riding the EAC southward in the movie Finding Nemo (tumblr.com)

... is the largest living sea turtle and gets to its massive size on a similar diet composed of a mainly water-based organism: jellyfish.

Compostable and edible packaging: the companies waging war on plastic | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

In the left jar is a plastic bag. On the right, a jellyfish. Both look far too similar for a hungry sea turtle.

Leatherback Turtles: Giving Thanks Where It Is Due

This Image Shows Why Sea Turtles Are Confusing Plastic Bags for Jellyfish - One Green Planet

Rescued turtle

Green sea turtle from apo island or dauin near Atmosphere Resort in the Philippines

Sea turtle

Plastic pollution in ocean environmental problem. Sea Turtle swims through discarded plastic rubbish which it

photo credit: loyarburok.com

Over the following months I saw more images of the ASR returning more turtles to the sea. Some of the sick turtles had been discovered by families.


Photo: Yorko Summer. Sea turtles ...

Help Turtle Hope WWF Project – Why We Need to Save Sea Turtles?

Inside of a Sea Turtle's Mouth

Plastic Bags Marine Life

Eating plastic debris can cause sea turtles to become very sick. Many perish from starvation because these materials do not break down, blocking their ...

Turtle looking to eat a 'jellyfish'

Lost Years of Leatherback Sea Turtle Hatchlings

Photo of green turtle feeding on jellyfish

Kirsty, a juvenile green sea turtle being tracked by satellite as part of the Bermuda

Loggerhead eating jellyfish

Hawksbills have sharp beaks well adapted for eating sponges.

Green turtle photo by Julie Suess

Who Are These Ocean-Friendly Businesses?

green sea turtle


15. 1.

Green Turtle Andrey Bespyatykh April 13

Plastic bags, Click here to learn more about "turtle"

Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer


Turtle facts

14. 7. Olive Ridley Sea Turtle: ...

Kai, a three-year-old green sea turtle, was released back into the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean off Kenya's coast last month.

124plastic_greenturtlee-med.jpg. Learn how plastic in the ...

Green sea turtle

Clifton, the Green Turtle Brought to the Wildlife Hospital in Sydney for Ingesting Plastic Debris (ABC News Australia)

An exploded ballon looks very much like a jellyfish! This was seen at Cyrene Reef.

TdT Marathon Winner Panama Jack

34.  As sea turtle ...

Underwater Trash (National Geographic)

Because plastics never fully decompose, this poses a real problem for the health of our oceans. However, not all hope is lost. Thanks to researchers at the ...

Currently, Nigerian government does not seem to have any laws in place protecting the endangered species; without proper environmental education and lobbing ...

Loggerhead returns to sea after nesting (Photo Credit: Blair Witherington)

The Green Sea Turtle, named for the color of its skin, lives in tropical and subtropical oceans. These majestic creatures can be found in many parts of the ...

... Loggerhead Sea Turtle Picture; ...

Blue Planet II BBC

Kemps ridley sea turtle florida

First Step To Saving Sea Turtles Begins At Home

Sea Turtles and Candy Hearts