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Sea Shepherd Seattle on Sea shepherd Orcas and Seattle

Sea Shepherd Seattle on Sea shepherd Orcas and Seattle


Sea Shepherd Seattle auf Twitter: "Please OPPOSE the SJM 8004! Critically endangered Orcas

Sea Shepherd Seattle on Twitter: "Only 24 breeding eligible female resident orcas left! SAVE orcas and salmon, BREACH Lower Snake River dams NOW!

Sea Shepherd Seattle

1997 OWcrewondeck 1997 IMG0019 1997 IMG0017. November - December: The Sea Shepherd ...

"I will completely support SeaWorld, once they SHUTDOWN their orca entertainment for good!

~~August 15, 2014~~. Sea Shepherd's ...

Say NO to Sea World! #blackfish orca, seaworld, animal abuse, animal

Kshamenk in his tiny, dirty pool at Mundo Marino

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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - Sea Shepherd Opposes SeaWorld Expansion at California Coastal Commission Hearing in Long Beach | News | News And ...

Ocean Warrior, Sea Shepherd's newest ship, moving beyond pack ice in the Southern Ocean


Please, help Orcas! Find this Pin and more on Sea Shepherd ...

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Orcas near San Juan Photo: Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd interviewed about Japanese whaling

Minke whale Photo: Sea Shepherd

Sandraphalicia on. PsychopathAnimal CrueltySea ShepherdAnimal ...

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September: The Sea Shepherd II returns to Bristol, England, for repairs and maintenance.

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Sea Shepherd has its day in Federal Court

Granny, the oldest recorded orca in Puget Sound, has been missing since late October

The Highline » Sea Shepherd 2016 Seattle Chapter “Meet & Greet” – Tickets – Highline – Seattle, WA – April 7th, 2016

Sea Shepherd Humboldt Campaign 2018 on EnlightAID


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - Do Not Be Manipulated by SeaWorld | Commentary | News And Commentary

A Sea Shepherd crewmember gives a tour of the Farley Mowat

A link to the Sea Shepherd fundraising page will be shared with every nomination on social media. The social media campaign launches April 18th and will run ...

Washington State Senate considers banning orca and dolphin shows

The Ocean Warrior is a new ship added to Sea Shepherd Global's fleet. Photo:

Granny, the orca matriarch who may have been as old as 105 when she died

Actress Michelle Rodriguez, activist Paul Watson and a mermaid attend Animal Planet & Sea

Sea Shepherd Toronto a changé sa photo de couverture.

Back in 1994, before the Sea Shepherd had their own television show or were as well-known as they are today, the anti-whaling group bought a Norwegian ...

Sea Shepherd Seattle

Sea Shepherd urges you to make the only logical, compassionate and appropriate choice — relocate the orcas in your parks to sea pens.

Faroe UPDATE: July 20, 2015

November - December: The Sea Shepherd III departs from France stopping at Gibraltar and Madeira en route to Key West, Florida. Between Gibraltar and Madeira ...

And the Sea Shepherd has just appointed Dr Bob Brown, a long-time environmental champion and former Greens leader to their Australian board of directors.

November - December: The Sea Shepherd III departs from France stopping at Gibraltar and Madeira en route to Key West, Florida. Between Gibraltar and Madeira ...

Attorney Charles Moure at Monday's press announcement in Washington, D.C. of Sea Shepherd's U.S. Supreme Court application filing, with Sea Shepherd's Susan ...

Orcas vs. Sharks: whales hunt deep sea sharks in New Zealand

Taiji, Japan dolphin hunt - capture and kill! Find this Pin and more on SEA SHEPHERD ...

Bigg's Orcas in the Salish Sea… with the Candlestick? This Whodunnit's been Solved!

What does this picture tell the public about what SeaWorld has in mind for its new

A Sea Shepherd photo of sea lion 349, which the group says has died because


Paul Watson, founder and president of the animal rights and environmental group Sea Shepherd Conservation

Sea Shepherd in San Diego after protecting Vaquita Porpoise.

Sea Shepherd New England

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Human activities such as longline fisheries have the potential to seriously alter the demographics of long

Friday Harbor

Go Sea Shepherd!

I've teamed up, once again, with #EmptyTheTanks founder & SeaShepherd Cove Guardian Rachel Carbary for some information regarding the 2015 event.

#rvmartinsheen #savethewhales #savethesalmon #seashepherd #vancouver #vancouverbc #sailboats #beautifulbritishcolumbia

T100, T100C, T100F, with T65 and T65B1

Operation Waltzing Matilda (2009-2010)

Orca Whale Watching with San Juan Safaris in the San Juan Islands

The first time I met Manotas he was stretched out on the back seat of the old BMW that Carlos Ortega, Sea Shepherd volunteer and indispensable guide during ...

Orca mom and calf


Dolphins are trapped under a net in the process of capturing, subduing and separating dolphins

Join members of the Sea Shepherd crew today 12-2pm #shutitdown #freelolita #

A new baby orca is seen swimming with its mother. The baby is reported to be healthy and spry. The addition to the local J Pod is always a cause for ...

Transient orca T100C

Sea Shepherd abandons annual whale wars with Japan

General view of the atmosphere at the Sea Shepherd lunch sponsored by producers Mohammed Al Turki

The three days of West Seattle Summer Fest (Friday-Sunday, July 13-15) include GreenLife, a festival within a festival, presented by Sustainable West ...

A harpooned minke whale lies dying, as whalers aboard the Japanese ship Yushin Maru Number

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society announced Friday the launch of its “Dam Guardian” campaign to protect California sea lions along the Columbia River in ...

Bad breath: Study finds array of bacteria when orcas exhale

Free the Orcas!

... Italy, for a brief visit and a fundraising event. The crew was greeted with a huge banner of welcome.This marks the first time a Sea Shepherd ...

By sea plane[edit]

Interested people and crew mingle before boarding the Sea Shepherd boat in San Diego.

The Suquamish people partake in an event to honor killer whales.

A Returning Eco-Exile by Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd said they had spotted the Japanese ...

... and a kaleidoscope of seasonal wildflowers. Cheeseboro/Palo Comado Canyon is nestled on the northern flanks of the Santa Monica Mountains and there you ...

Reprinted from Facebook: Sea Shepherd


New baby orca, J51

Sea Shepherd Seattle on Twitter: "June is Orca Awareness month-Planning a summer vacation? DONT support animal cruelty, DONT visit @SeaWorld… "

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Orca's language

For 35 years, Captain Paul Watson has been at the helm of the world's most active marine non-profit organization – the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


Sea Shepherd crew intercepts Japanese whaling ship