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Save my friends Save orang utan Indonesia t Orangutan

Save my friends Save orang utan Indonesia t Orangutan


15th August 2017 by Hannah ...

5 Things You Can Do to Help Save the Orangutan on World Orangutan Day

Save my friends

Did you know?

10 Outstanding Organizations Help to Save Endangered Orangutans

Palm Oil Investigations - Palm Oil Free Products List Shop/travel smart - save the Orangatans and our rainforests!

Threats to Orangutans. Orangutans Face Possible Extinction. resized little one

Orang Utan Republik Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness in Indonesia about Orangutans and the Rainforest. Saving a species through education ...

Meryl at Nyaru Menteng, Save the Orangutan 2016

Donate. Donate to give orangutans ...

moment tiny baby orangutan gently bites his mother's nose

5 Simple ways we can all help save orangutans and their homes

10 Outstanding Organizations Help to Save Endangered Orangutans

Baby orangutans, International Animal Rescue Center, Ketapang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo: @TimLaman.

Foster an orangutan

Rizki is being hand-reared by zookeepers in Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia after his mother rejected him shortly after birth. Keepers also try to comfort him ...

Frequently Asked Questions – Orangutan Foundation InternationalOrangutan Foundation International

The number of orangutans, a species present only in the islands of Borneo (Malaysia

Saved: British charity workers arrived just in time to save this pair of orangutans

Voices for the Orangutan

Bornean Orangutan

The ...


Foster an
Orangutan ...


Save the orangutans – ban biofuel! A rescued orangutan mother and child receive medical treatment

Don't hurt my baby! Pregnant orang-utan protectively hugs her daughter as ruthless Borneo bounty hunters move in for the kill

Save Orangutans from Barbaric Cruelty and Abuse

Fitz, the new security manager at BOS Nyaru Menteng Project. Home of Animal Planet's "Orangutan Island".

"The goal is for people to look these animals in the eye and care while there's still time to save species," photographer Joel Sartore says.

Sixteen baby orangutans are being cared for at the Nyaru Menteng centre in Kalimantan after suffering

Save the Orangutan - Stop Palm Oil. Animals all over Borneo, Indonesia and Sumatran are suffering unimagainably in the name of palm oil.

orangutan babies hanging out ☆. Find this Pin and more on ORANGUTANS - ADOPT A BABY AND HELP SAVE THEM. by ...

Save the Orangutan

Donate ...

(Photo: Paulina L. Ela/BOSF)

An unconscious orangutan is being carried on the shoulders of an activist Rescue ...

Save the Orangutan, Save the Ecosystem – Orangutan Foundation InternationalOrangutan Foundation International

Male Bornean Orang-utan (Pongo pygmaeus) © David Lawson / WWF-UK

"The demand is always there, they always want orangutans ...

Bukit Tigapuluh Sumatran Orangutan Reintroduction Site.

Why Orangutans are Going Extinct and How You Can Stop It

After 2 days flying across the world, we finally arrived! We were now few miles away from where some of the last Sumatran orangutans survive.

Meet Pingky

Why orang-utans matter


10 Outstanding Organizations Help to Save Endangered Orangutans


Orangutans, Tanjung Puting, Kalimantan, Indonesia

The Sumatra orangutans are in great danger (Photo: Jay Ullal)

Bystander's Kindness Saves Terrified Orangutan from Jeering Crowd

Orang-utans: VIPs of Asia's rainforests

An albino orangutan named 'Alba' which was saved from villagers who had been keeping

This is the story of two amazing orangutans named Kopral and Shelton that have suffered unimaginable pain. They are best friends and support each other in ...

What makes an orangutan special? So many things are incredible about our forest friends. Orangutans ...

WATCH: Budi the Rescued Orangutan Is 'Bouncing With Health'


I used to have posters of Orangutans in my dorm room during college. That's the level of dorkiness we are dealing with here folks.

Orangutan Numbers Swing Upward, But Don't Celebrate Too Soon

Sumatran Orangutan

Orang Utan Republik

The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program saves beautiful baby orangutans, like this one being safely rocked


Meet our furry friend.

A critically endangered Sumatran orangutan with a baby clings on tree branches in the forest of

A Bornean orangutan. Credit: Marc Ancrenaz

New species of orangutan discovered in Sumatra – and is already endangered | Science | The Guardian

Mother and her baby eating breakfast © Russ Brooks

Laws flaunted: Flourishing pet trade threatens orangutans' survival

Orangutans exist in the wild only on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

Educate with slide shows/videos, ...

Often called many things, the WWF has earned many unflattering epithets, mostly having to do with their voracious appetite for funds.

... save the orangutans poster r06da2c98cccf496ca24d3ad26c81ae6f 3vy 8byvr 324 feedyeti.com POSTER feedyeti.com ...

Endangered Orangutans in Indonesia - Threats - Conservation - Facts of Indonesia


Leif Cocks says multi-nationals don't care about fate of orang-utans or Indonesian rainforest | PerthNow

This nearly mature male orang utan (Jenggo) was released several years ago from the

The playful Orang Utans at Camp Leakey, Tanjung Puting National Park, Indonesian Borneo. Photo: Nicole Duke

... of course as seeing wild orangutans. orangutan

Donate Now Not now

Shawn Thompson: I want to continue writing about wild animals. Before the orangutan book, I wrote a book about federal prisoners in Canada and the United ...

Budi, the baby orangutan at IAR's Orangutan Rescue Centre

Little Luna the Orangutan


Happy Mother's Day!

Pure joy: Riska the baby orangutan looks very content, while its mother is still

Why orang-utans are so important

Borneo male orangutan Wandoo. Orangutans who are unable to ...

Recent research found orangutans spent more time on the ground than we had realised. Katesalin Pagkaihang / Shutterstock

Orangutan Budi

Saving the orangutan

Rescued: Joss, a baby orphaned orangutan, plays in the treehouse at International Animal