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Save my city from Assad39s TNT barrels Aleppo Syria t

Save my city from Assad39s TNT barrels Aleppo Syria t


Video: Syrian military drop devastating 'barrel bombs' on city - Telegraph

Syria in destroyed building

A barrel that activists said was thrown from warplanes loyal to President Bashar al-Assad


... Iranian command swept into eastern Aleppo on Monday, recapturing nearly all of the city's opposition-held areas and seizing the citadel of the Syrian ...

Syria, July 14: Rumors of Fighting Among Insurgents in Aleppo

Pictured, Syrian citizens inspect the damage caused by rockets that hit residential neighborhoods in the

They even use photos from other events to spread their propaganda and lies…. wh17

The remains of the Temple of Bel in the historical city of Palmyra after it was blown up by the Islamic State Getty

Two Girls Walk In Aleppo During Syrian Civil War

10 photos of the same sites on the city of Aleppo, before and after the

Hundreds of crude barrel bombs have laid waste to large tracts of Aleppo, killing thousands. Richard Spencer meets survivors

Residents inspect a damaged site after what activists said was an air strike from forces loyal

Mosul's second largest hotel in the city's west was blown up on Saturday by ISIS terrorists.

al-assad bashar syria bomb innocent syrian children

–but the challenges of the changed urban bombed out landscape of Aleppo provide an ethical charge to better visualize data as a destruction of place, ...

The Flood of Syrian Refugees Threatens Regional Stability and Underlines Price of Inaction - Syria Comment

The second plane about to crash into the World Trade Center towers in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001.

Syrian children killed in government barrel-bomb attack, say rights groups

A man carries an elderly woman on his back alongside one of the many buses leaving

A Syrian Arab Army T-72 tank with added slat armor and ball-and

Syria TNT

Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, President Trump has light barrels of explosives in Middle East

Syria - Sign - Save Aleppo

Barrel bomb.


Five year-old Omran Daqneesh was injured last week in an airstrike on the Qaterji

مين أدّك يا زورو # مساكن_هنانو - # سوريا Zoro · Syrian ChildrenThe Heroes AleppoZoro

pray for syria , pray for ummah, pray for muslim and muslim brothers, wake up muslims, unite muslims , please help!! stop the war world!

A woman takes the microphone and gives a speech during the vigil for Aleppo in Bradford

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The cause of the initial explosion was a warehouse fire that led to an overheated container of dry nitrocellulose to auto-ignite, producing an ...

Chemical Weapons; Jabhat al-Nusra; The End Game; Recognizing National Coalition

Assad's government has killed almost seven hundred medical personnel.

The Aleppo/Mosul Riddle

The Right Livelihood Award. Save

A reporter and a rebel fighter run to avoid sniper fire in the countryside north of Aleppo in 2014.Jalal al-Mamo / Reuters

One of the many unsubstantiated claims of “Napalm attack” made by the UK/US created propaganda construct, the White Helmets in Eastern Ghouta.

Missiles are loaded onto a French fighter jet, before it heads to Syria to attack


Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Israel, Iran, Putin, and World War III [Archive] - Page 7 - The Project Avalon Community Forum

... have helped save literally thousands of lives. But after spending last summer in Gaza and Syria, he explains why he won't be going back in a hurry.

Fighters of the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) sit in a look out position in


Anti-war demonstrators during a protest opposite Downing Street over the possibility of British military involvement in Syria on April 13, 2018, in London, ...

Levant Ethnicity

A cloud rises above where the Temple of Bel stood

Smoke ascends after a Syrian military helicopter allegedly dropped a barrel bomb over the city of

assad syria bashar crime tortureassad syria bashar crime torture


There were no religious police in Syria. However, now there are – in 'liberated' Syria, so presumably in the rebel-held territory Conway and Pannell report ...


No "more" bombs...the ones from Russia and Iran dropped by

Conflict in Syria

US Peace Council Delegation Visit to Syria: “Our Governments are Attempting to Destroy This Noble Country”: Vanessa Beeley

Essential Information

[Below] 19-Jan 2013: Sadly, Government combat aircraft have been very active as of late over the whole of Syria including Damascus, Idleb, Aleppo, and Hama.

All the children in this world would be happy and thrilled if they receive a toy

Smoke billows over the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar.Bram Janssen / AP

http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02359/syria -turkey-map_2359508c.jpg

russian military activity


Syrian men ride a motorbike past damaged buildings in the rebel-held Bustan al-

Above: Georgina Saoud and the writer, Damascus, May 2013.

... of modern city buildings and the predominant wooden houses which are not found in modern city centres, which would be the targets for nuclear attack:

In this scenario, an explosive charge placed on the ground containing Sarin was detonated, as to stage an attack the Syrian Arab Republic would be wrongly ...


Syria ,Aleppo old souk gypsy



A government tank is seen in the ruins of the embattled city of Aleppo on September

We then checked into the Assia Hotel in the middle of the city for our one night in Qamishli. Very clean and perfectly comfortable.

The Vineyard of the Saker


"The Man in the High Castle" and the Deprived Religious Imagination

Episode 0005: Mission Creep (The Smell of Victory Podcast by Divergent Options)

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May 20 2017 - bigger

Syria Untold | Drought Not the Only Environmental Problem in Syria Before 2011

30 years since Sydney's Hilton Hotel bombing—the unanswered questions

Western military intervention in Syria will not deliver a straightforward righting of wrongs.

Obama's Biggest Mistake. Many believe the devastation in Syria ...

Main areas of control in Syria as of 3 June 2013 …

MC YOGI blends his love & knowledge of yoga culture with hip hop, electronic and reggae music, positioning himself as a leading voice in the emerging genre ...

Members of the Free Syrian Army at a safe-house on northern Lebanon's border with Syria.

Commemorative plaque at 21 Fillebrook Road Leytonstone, East London where Albarn was brought up