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Save me Barry Nathan is just so unf Misfits t

Save me Barry Nathan is just so unf Misfits t


Misfits | Nathan Young and Simon Bellamy, Robert Sheehan & Iwan Rheon.

Iwan Rheon and Robert Sheehan **Misfits** <3 them! Don't really want to watch this show anymore now that neither one of them are on it... :/


Save her, Barry


another hilarious Nathan quote!


misfits - this picture has been saturated because the whole show is quite Gray. Last pinner. As an avid Misfits fan for three years, this is the worst pin ...

Misfits! I miss Nathan!!

haha, Nathan #misfits | Cinetopia | Pinterest | Misfits nathan, TVs and Movie

Iwan Rheon & Robert Sheehan from Save me Barry!

I love that even as he's about to die he still insults simon hahaha

Nathan and Simon one of my favorite episodes lol


"the worst come-on ever from Misfits. And the strange thing is, I would.

Iwan Rheon, ,Antonia Thomas, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Lauren Socha


Save me Barry!

#misfits #ilovenathan #soattractive

I can't wait for this to be back! Although, I miss Robert Sheehan AKA Nathan SO much.


Squad goals · MisfitsSquad Goals



Some of my favorite Nathan moments from Misfits.

Nathan a.a gorgeous bastard

Nathan was my favorite character in the show hands down. #love #misfits

Misfits ... I loved Nathan :)

Misfits Nathan Save Me Barry. See more. from fanpop.com · Misfits humor. I <3 Robert Sheehan!

"You just are, man. Deal with it."

misfits...lmao I miss this show

Just rewatched all of Misfits and remembered why I loved it so much.

Misfits haha Nathan was so funny.

"I dunno, I just wanted to sound intelligent."

Save Me Barry - Nathan quote to Simon - Misfits - BBC

The Misfits. Yeah, I have that problem sometimes too. :)

misfits - I'm posting this just because I LOVED YOU ROOOOOBERT


Wallpaper and background photos of Password: Monkeyslut for fans of Misfits images.

misfits, nathan young, love this show

Nathan Young - Misfits - Quotes - FB Cover

Misfits - Nathan, pretending to not get it, as usual. I don't think I've ever found anyone so adorably annoying.

I need these shirts

MisFits - Nathan - I miss him so much

Iwan Rheon and Robert Sheehan / Nathan & Simon


Misfits Cast, Robert Sheehan, Monkey, Tv Series, Sci Fi, Movie Tv, Dungarees, Science Fiction, Monkeys

Nathan quote

(He's from Misfits) "Hi I'm Nathan and I'm Immortal

misfits. Nathan ..........no.

Nathan - Misfits love this show for the first two seasons.

Gif. Misfits NathanFunny ...


Goo Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers Lee Min Ho Kdrama

Misfits Original Cast. Robert Sheehan was the bomb! #fantasy #comedy

Nathan Young

hehehe <3 nathan

Robert Sheehan Misfits Tv Show

The best thing about misfits - Nathan

Nathan from Misfits (lol)

nathan (robert sheehan) from misfits

misfits - Nathan was the best but Rudy is still hilarious haha!



Misfits nathan and simon


Nathan Young and his dad. One of my favorite "Misfits" scenes.

Best scene.

Misfits Nathan isn't in the photo!

Misfits // Simon & Nathan // Iwan Rheon // Robert Sheehan | [ Misfits ] | Pinterest | Misfits simon, Iwan rheon and deviantART

Nathan only asks the important questions in life

Nathan Young from Misfits. And yes, he's the only reason I watch that show

'Misfits' stars Lauren Socha and Robert Sheehan talk to us about escaping from coffins and the arrival of Nathan's family. For more Misfits news, ...

nathan young gifs - Google Search

Inspiring image misfits, nathan, nathan young, quote, robert sheehan - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Robert Sheehan The Road Within The Mortal Instruments Love Hate Me and Mrs Jones The Borrowers Demons Never Die Killing Bono Season of the Witch Misfits A ...

Robert Sheehan as Nathan Young in Misfits (Follow the link for an animated GIF)

misfits: “A bunch of young offenders develop superpowers and none of us thinks of using them to commit crimes? Shame on us!” - Nathan Young; Season 02, ...

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Misfits)

Robert Sheehan: pic #399085. Misfits NathanRobert ...

This is the second drawing of a portrait in watercolor. Of course, it's copyphoto I love Misfits, especially Kelly and Nathan

Misfits TV Series - "Where's Conti?" #Misfits

Nathan Young

Misfits Nathan Save Me Barry. See more. nathan #misfits

<3 Nathan Young #Misfits

robert sheehan.

Rudy // Misfits // I Love His Face ... I Know I've Said It Before ... But I Just Really Friggin' Do ... So ... Yeah :)

Not Too Jazzy (misfits,robert sheehan) Nathan

Misfits - Nathan and Simon

haha, Nathan #misfits

gahh i love nathan so much! i just want to pick him up and put him in my pocket and listen to him insult everyone i pass.

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misfits, nathan

This isn't Skins, it's Misfits, but the quote reminds me of something that someone would say on Skins

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