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Save animals Provide them water and shelter possibly See how

Save animals Provide them water and shelter possibly See how


Help END Animal Testing! See what you can do here: http://

Animals & Pets: Dog Lovers Group on

Please save a dogs life or donate dog did water beds toys treats blankets or try to stop kill shelters please save a life

Friends of Jackson County Animal Shelter pets

Dung beetles

Image: Pets Rescued in Texas

Shelter Kittens

And please forward this to all the people you know who might help save an animal

Friends of Cumberland County Animal Control - Virginia

It breaks my heart to see dogs at the shelter or on the streets. They

Someone from Kansas City posted a whisper, which reads "I can't wait for the day I can walk into an animal shelter and say "Give me the animal that's been ...

If you see a cat with ears like this......it's

-Help Animals- and -Pet Shelters- with a free click! Help feed and shelter them until they go to their new home. When you can help for free by just clicking ...

I will always rescue I'm so against breeders. Not that they are all

Stop animal cruelty! Don't buy from pet stores or breeders! Adopt from a shelter or animal rescue. Spay/neuter your pets! Care for them, love them, ...

Need volunteers to help with building and running of an animal welfare shelter for stray dogs, Messinia, Greece

Pygmy hippo enjoys an apple

Other species, like river otters, depend on wetlands for food and habitat. Our new Clean Water Rule would help protect them ...

One thing we humans fail at is seeing the big picture. We are often blind to the interconnectedness of everything that supports life, a web so complex and ...

Save animals. Provide them water and shelter possibly. See how this creature found its

That Dog “Saving” A Fish Out Of Water Probably Isn't Doing What You Think

African bush Elephant calves in Serengeti N.P. - Tanzania

Animal Rescue Corps performed Operation Dog Days of Summer in conjunction w ith the Tate County Sheriff's Department, Tate County Animal Control, ...

Image titled Help Save Animals from Abuse Step 4

About ignorance towards suffering of animals. Each animal is your fellow being. Join THE ARMY of the KIND! >> not only animals. All creatures could use the ...

Image titled Help Save Animals from Abuse Step 11

Rhinos and pigs wallow and coat themselves in mud, which protects them from the sun and helps to keep moisture in their skin. (Jessie Cohen)

Union County SC Animal Shelter

Photo of Burbank Animal Shelter - Burbank, CA, United States. First day home

These cats caught on quickly. It wasn't a matter of not wanting to get wet, all cats hate that, these kitties just wanted to survive.

This Rescue Went Broke Saving Over 15,000 Animals And Needs Help To Keep Going

Image titled Help Save Animals from Abuse Step 12

What to do for domestic and feral cats during this cold season. via https:

Check out these happy pups having a blast! We've been participating with this fun event for several years, and we're always happy to see alumni having fun ...

Owning a dog is a priceless experience, but it also takes a lot of hard work. Getting started is the hardest part, especially if you've never owned a dog ...

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Thank you to our volunteers for coming out to help, and taking great photos!

FINALLY a way to recycle a styrofoam cooler . Save a Stray with a Styrofoam Cooler

Speak up for abused animals. Be a voice for the voiceless. Make a difference. They are all counting on us to help protect and rescue them.

West Memphis Animal Shelter



Flowering trees and shrubs, such as this weeping yaupon holly, provide nectar for bees

Image may contain: one or more people and dog

Thank you to our volunteers for coming out to help, and taking great photos!

Leopards have become endangered due to deforestation.


Neglecting an animal by denying her sufficient food, water, shelter and exercise or by keeping him chained/confined for long hours is punishable by a fine ...


Image titled Help Save Animals from Abuse Step 6

Friends of Madera Animal Shelter

Asian Elephants are the most endangered elephants.

Wildlife preservation is informed management of the natural environment to protect and benefit plants and animals. Extinction may occur due to natural ...

5 Facts About Animal Agriculture and Air Pollution That You Just Can't Argue With - One Green Planet

Homestead Geese - Which Goose Breed Should I Get? When Should You Get Geese?

Helpful Things You Can Do To Save Turtles and Tortoises From Disappearing - One Green Planet

We are looking for kind and easy going dog loving people to help us at our rescue dog shelter on beautiful Koh Chang

Your Donations and Support Keeps Rugaz Rescue Inc. Able To Treat These Less-Unfortunate Kids!

Armstrong sets benefit Play Day to help Horse Rescue, animal shelter; seeks donations,

700 Marine Species Might Go Extinct Because of Plastic Pollution. Here Are 5 Ways You Can Help! - One Green Planet

Giant Panda Bai Yun gazes into the distance

Save Animals

Photo of Saving Paws of Washington - Puyallup, WA, United States

This Hope For Paws rescue video will have a DOG, a FOX and a PIG!!! WATCH until the end :-)


Photo of Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters - Alpharetta, GA, United States. Hey


This is another dog who has been at the shelter for a long time but whose name I do not know. I have called her Tilly ever since I knew her.

Animals have always played an important role in agriculture. Not only do they provide us with food and fiber, but they also help to recycle nutrients and ...

Isle of Wight County Animal Shelter Dogs for Adoption

A major initiative promises to make the island a better place for animals

North Carolina's Wild Steeds Bucked the Hurricane (Probably)

A huge thank you to all the volunteers, staff and donors who are made this temporary animal shelter possible!

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Keep a Stray Cat Warm this Winter

StubbyDog ...

hot guy can't stop adopting rescue dogs

Image titled Help Save Animals from Abuse Step 8

Animal Shelter Stunning Photo Booth Pictures to Help Find Loving Forever Homes for Dogs (VIDEO