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Save 3DS card sav file to computer and restore back to 3DS card

Save 3DS card sav file to computer and restore back to 3DS card


Using the 3DS Save Data Transfer Tool

[3DS] Save Data Manager - Como fazer backup ou importar saves para edição - YouTube


Select the game you want to backup/restore saves.



"The area of the SD card used for saving software is corrupted." - 3DS

3DS Checkpoint Save Manager! (Backup & Restore Game Saves)

Edit: for the brave there is also a way of transferring mii plaza & mii maker save data. The guide is here and another here


One of the biggest criticisms levied against the Switch is the lack of versatility when it comes to how save data is handled. The console currently has no ...


After writing completed , insert the microSD card with Sky3DS into 3DS console to enjoy it.

When launching MiniTool ShadowMaker, in addition to disk cloning, you will find this tool also provides you with backup & restore solution for system, ...

Select the game you want to backup/restore saves.

KeySAV allows you to obtain an important file to read the data of the boxes of your save file, Blank.ekx.

Condescending 3DS

TWL Save Tool (How to back up DS Game saves using 3DS!)

Click to expand.

Backup DS Save files using a 3ds! (No Flash cart needed!) Copy/Edit/Convert - YouTube

Then put the SD card inside the console, power it on, enter GW and open savedatafiler. Inside savedatafiler go back to the "SD" tab and the save should be ...

If you can met the above requirments, then i will tell you how to use gateway 3ds card to play save games from real 3ds game card.

backup all the games save data, save as“.bks” file, with small size, so periodic backups is recommended.

Step 3: In the following page, you need to select one copy mode for the SD card cloning. Then, you can review the changes you have made.

Taken from the Instruction Manual.

How to Backup and Restore Pokemon Gameboy Advance Saves [R4i Flash Card]

Take note of the file name used. Step 2: Turn off your 3DS and put the SD Card in your computer

Everything else is the same, even the amount of Kinstone pieces, for each different piece the same number on both games, so you know I'm not faking this.

Features. export save data to SDCard; convert 3DS saves ...

[HOW-TO] Back Up and Restore Retail DS Save Games [Pokemon] - YouTube

How to Use Godmode9 - to "Dump 3DS Carts to CIA files" & Keep Saves! (Digitally Backup Cartridges)

I have checked online and it seems my SD card is maybe corrupted and must be reformatted. I can see and open the folders with Windows and my SD card is ...

... IMG_20180112_000513.jpg

... file back to the microSD card; 9. 3.7 Backup Save ...

14. backup/restore ...

If I put my SD card into another 3DS can I continue my VC game save? - Nintendo 3DS Message Board for 3DS - GameFAQs

Datel Action Replay Power Saves (Nintendo 2DS / 3DS XL / 3DS)


R4i B9S Card 3DS System Custom Firmware Flasher

View attachment 77998 ...

Everything else is the same, even the amount of Kinstone pieces, for each different piece the same number on both games, so you know I'm not faking this.

How to back up GBA save files using a Action Replay or Flashcard.

Guide : How to use R4i save dongle Backing up 3DS/DSi/DS original game save data

Datel Action Replay Power Saves Plus+ for 3DS



50df9c664a.jpg ...


The local computer or the PC in the same LAN? Just select one depending on your own actual case and click Connect to go to next page.


Start Recover

Go to the 'Other' tab and you should see a 24 digit hexadecimal string. Click anywhere in that box and hit Control-A, then Control-C. You should highlight ...

Nintendo Switch settings - Data Management “


Can't wait to start my Goofy adventures to save the world from Dark Lord. Oh, I even did like this on Miitopia Demo version. Enjoy !

Guide : How to use R4i save dongle Backing up 3DS/DSi/DS original ...


How can I go about restoring the games I downloaded previously with freeshop without losing my game saves?

Press red / blue button , sky3ds will save EEPROM to micro SD card, it will skip to next game, at the same time,will read this game save ...

50df9c664a.jpg 69ca1f924a.jpg

A list of installed games on you 3DS should appear.

sky3ds restrore save


At least you've got your elf

R4i Save Dongle DS Backup Adapter for Nintendo 3DS NDSI NDSL Game Cart

... 2. If you want play backup retailed nds/3ds game saves ...

View attachment 74309

Tutorial :Two methods to backup/dump retailed 3ds/nds game roms Shared by If you want play backup retailed nds/3ds game saves ...

... have a save archive to backup or restore, which is done without an external title list and filters. For this reason, Checkpoint doesn't need constant ...

Writer 3ds roms

Nintendo Switch - archive or delete Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

The converter program interface,a TYPE column has been added, some roms need this parameter to export normal save and restore data, such as Paper Mario.

[ IMG]


... attachment 78001

View attachment 8178

R4i Save Dongle Game Save For 3DS NDSi NDSL

"The first one shows another list of games that are being recognised by Checkpoint and the other one shows the screen where the user is meant to choose a ...

You can see that Samurai Warriors didn't even make a save file here. No biggie, easily erasable off your SD card.

Once you have the starter kit downloaded to your computer, unzip the file and extract or drag and copy it to the root of your SD card.

clone process

I really need help to make sure I can rebuild my files on a new sd card to ensure I don't mess anything up ...

Writer 3DS GAMES

R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS luxury package ...

3DS Action Replay PowerSaves PLUS 2017 - Cheat without PC for 3DS Games & amiibo-characters incl. 8GB micro SD card: Amazon.co.uk: PC & Video Games

Moving 3DS SD Card Data

If you download a game without a microSD card, later pick one up and decide to move that game to the card, your only option is to delete and redownload the ...

Your old 3DS will show the name you gave the New hardware, tap this. Then tap Yes on the following prompt on the New 3DS. Prompts on your old portable will ...

Choose your region ( the letter In the firmware version stands for region, mine Is U ) and which console you're using ( old 3DS XL ...

If your system breaks, you may kiss all your in-game progress goodbye.

View attachment 77998 View attachment 77999 ...