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Sassanian Persians 363 AD L R Roman Commander on foot

Sassanian Persians 363 AD L R Roman Commander on foot


Sassanian Persians 363 AD L – R: Roman Commander (on foot fighting with sword

great illustration of a battle scene during the roman-persian wars when the roman emperor julian was fatally wounded in a ambush of sassanid persian ...

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Illustrations of Sassanid Persian Clibanarii - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History

David Nicolle (Author), Angus McBride (Illustrator) Publisher: Montvert Publications (April by matmohair 1 in Types > Books - Non-fiction > History, Rome, ...

persian warriors of the Parthian Empire during the war against rome

Persian Sassanian Armies

Sassanid Cavalry ~ by Angus McBride

Late Sassanid warriors by Dariusz Bufnal

Persian Sassanian Armies, VI.-VII. century AD

Sassanid Persians c6th century CE

Shapour the Great of Sassanid in campaign L- R: Sassanian Cataphract and Shapour the Great

Awesome Persian recreations of ancient military personel

شاهنشاهى ساسانيان Reconstruction of a Sassanid cataphract - Soldiers Sassanid Kingdom - Iran

Sassanian Clibinarius, a type of Persian Armoured cavalryman.

Palmyran or Sassanid Cataphract

Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora, in their throne room in Constantinople. Called "the most successful marriage in all of statecraft," their " ...

Iranian men and women Warriors at the time of Sasanian Dynasty

persian sassanid emperor Khosrau II with his christian wife Shirin, Khosrau II

Persian cataphract charging into a Roman encampment

Parthian Commander - The Legendary General Surena

Battle of Qadissiya by Angus McBride

Sassanian Elite Cavalry - Savaran with 4 horn saddle - Roman/Sassanian Sassanid

The Battle of Solachon - Romans vs. Persians

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Shahbanu Azadeh of Bahramiyan Eranshar (Sassanid) by Gambargin

Northern nomadic invasions are believed to have caused the collapse of the Toltec Empire around

Persian cavalryman, early XIII c.

Sassanian Hill Tribesman

28mm Sassanid Heavy Cavalry

Sassanian Persian Cataphract - Sassanid Immortal - Elite Cavalry

It also follows the rise of its various enemies, the Germans and Goths, the Sassanid Persians and the dreaded Huns.

Byzantine Military .


Parthian and Sassanid Armies - Civilization Fanatics' Forums (later period Sassanian)

Alexander the Great inspecting Darius III's body

сасанид · SassanidRoman EmpirePersian IranianCivilizationBattleWarriorsMedievalMilitary

South East Asian troops do battle , possibly Thai against Burmese

Triumph of Shapur I, 241-72 AD, Persian King, over Roman Emperor Valerian

Image result for 28mm sassanians. SassanidPersianRomeMiniaturesPersian ...

Cataphracts served as either the elite cavalry or assault force for most empires and nations that

Taq wa San or Taq-e Bostan - iran تاق‌بستان is a site with a

парфия · Ancient PersiaAncient RomeAncient HistoryNapoleonic WarsMilitary ...

Reenactor wearing the typical equipment of a late 3rd-century foot soldier. The helmet is a Niederbieber type, with cross-pattern reinforcing ridges on the ...

10 new Epic Battles: Watling Street 61 AD, Adamclisi 102 AD, Hormozdgan 224 AD, Emesa 272 AD, Argentoratum 357 AD, Maranga 363 AD, Adrianople 378 AD, ...

Sassanian Persian Infantry Salar (Leading Captain) Officer

10 Fascinating Things You Should Know About The Ancient Assyrian State And Its Army.

A Persian-Roman Army Fights Muslim Invaders


The Sassanid Empire and its neighbors (including the Eastern Roman Empire) in 600 AD

The rock relief of Sasanian. Kermānshāh

Sassanid warriors besieging a Byzantine fort

Sassanian Shahanshah Bahram Chubin is granted the Ring of Power by Anahita Priestess; L – R: Bahram Chubin, Mobad Shapsheraz (rising the Persian Sword), ...

Ctesiphon the Persian Empire Capital After the Arab Muslim Invasion Occupation After First AIOG (Arabo Islamic Invasion Occupation) 635 AD - 651 AD Fall of ...

Sasanian army helmet

The Siege of Dura Europos took place when the Sassanids under Shapur I besieged the Roman

Roman fleet attack a Gothic coastal village

Iran Politics Club: Persian Warrior Queens, Princesses, Commanders 2 – Ahreeman X -

IMAGES OF ANCIENT IRAN Arsacid (Parthian) Dynasty (248 BCE - 224 CE)

The Roman Empire

شاهنشاهى ساسانيان Reconstruction of a Sassanid cataphract - Soldiers Sassanid Kingdom - Iran

Large rock relief from the era of Sassanid Empire of Persia.

the "Parthian" shot that the Mongols prefected and used. -Sassanid Persian Cavalry - Parthian Shot - Sassanian Archer in Four Horn Saddle

German soldiers of Roman Army, 4th-5th centuries AD

Roman-Byzantine army of Justinian the Great, VI Century AD.

Here you go. Vanilla armor and masked helm.

Taq Kasra is the most famous Persian monument from the Sasanian era.

Sassanid King of the II Persian Empire. IIIc

0400 - 0500 Roman Slinger 5th C. The sling-staff 4 feet long,

The Severan Army- Legionary, Praetorian Guard and phalangite

0500 : 0599 Army of Iustinianus the Great VI Century AD. For some reason the feats of Justinian's armed forces have been disparaged.

Shapur I/Sassanid king of Persian empire. Underneath the horse,Gordian III .

... Persian empire, annihilated the Roman Emperor Julian, this Persian bas-relief shows the corpse of this Roman emperor under the feet of the Persian king:

The mailed-fist of the Sassanid Persian Empire,elite Super-Heavy Shock Cavalry.

Battle of Volturnus - Romans vs Franks

Egyptian woven pattern on a woolen curtain or trousers, which was a copy of a Sassanid silk import, which was in turn based on a Persian ...

Roman Cav. II-III and IV-V AD by Fall3NAiRBoRnE

The last thing either the Persian or Roman Empires expected was invasion from the south by desert-wise soldiers infused with fanatical religious doctrine.

The Roman armies faced a major war with the Persian Empire in the east. At the same time they face invasion in the Balkans by the ...

Behnaz Vahiddokth - AD 341 Sassanid Persia by Gambargin

LR02 Late Roman Infantry Command (Warlord) (4)

... and Jyanavspar-Peshmerga (right) engaged against Roman troops during the failed invasion of Emperor Julian in 363 AD (Farrokh, Sassanian Elite Cavalry, ...

The Sassanid Empire was the last great "civilized" enemy that the Romans had to face in the ancient Near East from the third century AD onwards.

... and Jyanavspar-Peshmerga (right) engaged against Roman troops during the failed invasion of Emperor Julian in 363 AD (Farrokh, Sassanian Elite Cavalry, ...

Infantryman and a skirmisher of the late Roman Empire.

Sassanian Line Militia. The Sassanians were implacable foes of Rome and Byzantium. The need

The late 3rd-century AD Arch of Galerius in Thessalonike, Greece, commemorated his successful war against the Sassanid Persians and contains a number of ...

Pictures of Steppe Warriors

Persian Sassanid (200AD to 600AD) in heavy armour, precursor of the European knights

Excellent study of a Parthian light cavalryman. This illustration comes from John Warry's superb book. Roman EmpireCivilizationSassanidSoldatiAncient ...

Legions Triumphant 05

Roman and Persian Empires in 477, as well as their neighbors, many of whom were dragged into wars between the great powers

A Sassanid gold sword handle with a two-point suspension.

Roman Auxiliaries in Northern Britain, century AD. Artwork by Angus McBride.

Attila the Hun - the Warriors on foot in the front are Ostro Goth allies.

Osprey Men-at-Arms 399 - Medieval Scandinavian Armies (2). While Scandinavia's 'Viking Age' is one of the most studied aspects of early medieval history, .

Religion, Politics and Persia Persian culture and Zarathustra | the Parthian…

A Seleucid war elephant with head and body armor. Roman war elephant armor was very similar.