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Sad but very true Vote Early Vote Often SoTrue VoterFraud

Sad but very true Vote Early Vote Often SoTrue VoterFraud


Sad but very true - Vote Early, Vote Often! #SoTrue #VoterFraud #

Drivers Licenses, most often used as voter IDs, require married women to use their maiden name as their middle name - so it does not match their LEGAL name ...

The Virtue Signal — The Patriot Post

Anyone Notice that Hillary Clinton looks 100 yrs old and Haggard and Tired? - Page 1 of 3 on Liberal Forum Political Chat Room

It's amazing that those that think they are saving America are really doing the work of a billionaire oil glutton. Also it is insane/sad to see people vote ...

Wrist bands, which are given to residents after they cast a ballot for the November 8 election, sit on a table at an early voting site on October 18, ...

Truth be told... And it's time we do something about this obstructionist Congress

Opinion Journal: Ruling Against Voter ID Laws

VOTER FRAUD. See more. Those who fight for our freedom should not be denied their vote, and yet their

Contra Costa Regional Early Voting Starts On Tuesday May 29

Voter suppression and Gerrymandering

Truth be told.

A major study finding that voter ID laws hurt minorities isn't standing up well under scrutiny - Vox

Voter fraud and election fraud, when exposed, usually leans to one side of the political spectrum--the left.

In New Hampshire, Trump's now-defunct voter fraud commission made its mark (Opinion) - CNN

Thank you for electing to visit the Voter and Voting Fraud page. Voting is a democratic process that is the very foundation of our Republic.

A Limited Victory for Voting Rights in Texas

Jill Stein said she was acting due to 'compelling evidence of voting anomalies' in

And it turns out voter fraud is a myth.

Cartoon charging Irish and German immigrants with stealing elections, showing a keg of Irish whiskey

'No evidence of voter fraud' - Council says French student received polling card due to clerical error

voting. Voter turnout is in free-fall across Europe. From the 1970s to the 2010s, participation in national elections has dropped from 93% to 75% in Italy, ...

The Actually True and Provable Facts About Non-Citizen Voting

International monitors at US polling spots draw criticism from voter fraud groups

Diminishing Voters' Rights [infographic] Thousands of voters will find it difficult, if not impossible, to vote in the rapidly-approaching 2012 presidential ...


Thank you for electing to visit the Voter and Voting Fraud page. Voting is a democratic process that is the very foundation of our Republic.

Really, we'd just like you to vote no matter what emotion you are

PHOTO: Teresa Sharp, a Hamilton County, Ohio, resident, had her right Play ABC News. WATCH 'True the Vote' Volunteers Intimidating Voters?

Soros-funded organizations had registered thousands of convicted felons to vote in yesterday's special election.


Suffragists picketing the House of Commons in 1924

2016: The Right to Vote at Risk and the Promise of Automatic Voter Registration | Brennan Center for Justice

... voters casting multiple ballots and curious vote counts resulting in charges of fraud — most notoriously in 1988 when a computer crash wiped out early ...

Millennials Are Casting Fewer Than 11 Out of Every 100 Early Votes in the Primaries – Texas Monthly

Privatized, Computerized Voting Ushered in a New Era of Massive election Fraud

A voter makes their Senate selection

decades suggests to some analysts that increasing numbers of Americans have become disconnected from the world of polities and government, that America's ...

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I regularly vote in US elections from abroad. Why can't Irish emigrants do the same?

PHOTO:A sign reminds citizens to vote early at the Murray City Hall in Murray

Warren4Prez also had other posts on Reddit calling on “African Americans” in Georgia and Tennessee to vote in Alabama. Below is a screenshot taken by Big ...

States push back against voter fraud commission

A drive-up ballot drop-off site in Denver (credit: CBS)

On Voter Fraud and the Harm of Voter ID Laws

A pile of government pamphlets explaining North Carolina's controversial voting law sits on table at a polling station in Charlotte in March.

Ernest Dumas provides this week some Arkansas history on vote suppression in the course of explaining the recent push for Voter ID laws.

JUST WATCHED. States push back against voter fraud commission

[1] Exit polls (EP) conducted by Edison Research and published by CNN shortly after the closing of state polls and downloaded by TdMS.

Trump cabinet nominee Steven Mnuchin is also registered to vote in two states

Distributions of Hanover voting-step times.

More on Election Rigging

Early Voting Results: Who Leads State-by-State Results Nov. 6? | Heavy.com

FILE - Voting, poll, voting booth, election


Why more than 80 million Americans won't vote on Election Day

Measuring the Effects of Voter Identification Laws

So more than half the country loathes this impostor president currently squatting in the White House. But Obama knows he can get away with anything up to ...

Republicans say they are doing better than Mitt Romney's 2012 early voting numbers “when combining ballot requests, return rates and early in-person voting” ...

Veteran pollsters, independent statisticians, and experts specializing in election forensics have compared decades of computerized voting results with exit ...

Political Participation: Voter Turnout and Registration | United States Government

Election 2016: Why Donald Trump's talk of a rigged vote is so dangerous - CNNPolitics

Voter Fraud Myths Pushed By Trump Have Long Been Propagated By Right-Wing Media

Sovereign and the Problems with Internet Voting

Vote Early, Vote Often, but VOTE! Legislature Approved Voter Fraud

Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune Secretary of State Mark Ritchie

January 2011 –Republicans take control of Alabama legislature and quickly enact a new voter ID law that for the first time requires voters to present photo ...

We make it more difficult to vote than do other democracies

Why Democrats keep winning special elections

Political Participation: Voter Turnout and Registration | United States Government

A sign directs voters to the gymnasium at the Martin Luther King elementary school for the

Matt Chase. “

In recent years, a concerted effort has been gathering force to allow new immigrants to the United States to vote without becoming citizens.

Voters voting in polling place

Democratic Party Table. 2016 Primaries

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... chose to vote online thanks to a highly effective voter education effort and election stakeholder buy-in. Estonia is the first country to offer internet ...

More People

More People

'It Had Everything to Do With Trying to Decrease Black Voter Turnout'

America's Electronic Voting Machines Are Scarily Easy Targets

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Family income was increasing, and people who make more money are more likely to vote. In the 1984 election ...

Possible source of Trump's mass voter fraud claim says proof is on the way - CNNPolitics

Mike Rowe Shares his Wise Opinion on Voting

Blockchain and Voting