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Russian army reconstruction specnaz vdv Russian army t

Russian army reconstruction specnaz vdv Russian army t


Best of the Best: Russia Celebrates Airborne Troops Day

Spetsnaz VDV in Sumrak Camouflage

Russian Spetsnaz training urban combat, 2000's.

Russian reconstruction, vdv specnaz, army

Russian Spetsnaz in Daguestan, second chechen war,

What Kind of Victory for Russia in Syria?

Specnaz FSS Russia

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Russian specnaz vdv reconstruction bieriozka kzm | world war army !!! | Pinterest | Special forces, Guns and Album

Спецназ ГРУ 3. Many Ukrainian Spetsnaz were trained by Russian ...

Russian SF w/AKS 74U · Military ...

First Chechen War (photos by Alexander Nemenov). Military ...

Russian spetsnaz during a CT action in northern Caucasus.


Russian paratroopers of 106th Guards Airborne Division

Ukraine rebels

U.S. Strikes and Russian PMC Casualties in Syria – Fact vs Fiction

Physical Standards for Airborne Troops Will Be Relaxed Somewhat (photo: Izvestiya / Kirill Zykov

Ukraine crimea

Colonel Medvedev and his acting chief of artillery

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Russia's territorial defense battalions are finally here

A critical test for the reform of the Russian armed forces is whether and to what extent a new generation of professional non-commissioned officers (NCOs) ...

Russian army reconstruction, specnaz vdv

Spetsnaz MVD SOBR Lynx operators looking badass during a shooting competition…

January ...

Tactical Superiority: How 16 Russian Special Forces Took Out 300 Terrorists

Spetsnaz soldiers prepare to storm a hospital in Budyonnovsk in the Stavropol Krai. The Budyonnovsk

Russian Armed Forces - Ratnik infantry combat system in recon variant and AFV crew individual protection

Russian T-72 tank (Source: Sputnik News)

VDV (Airborne) – The big day has basically arrived, VDV Divisions from Tula, Ivanovo and Pskov which had been first raised on alert on the 14th began ...

Paratroopers Day celebrations across Russia

Departing Afghanistan

VDV returning from Kaliningrad

Russian Naval infantry BTR-82A APC:s and a Zubr class landing craft

This report is available online at www.dia.mil/Military-Power-Publications For media and public inquiries about this report, contact [email protected] For ...

Colonel Sergey Maksimov takes command in November 2016

Russian SVD marksman wearing newest gear.

Spetsnaz gru 1999.jpg

Russian military engineers clear approach routes of mines 2 April 2016 in the ancient city of

Russian special forces, breaking bricks


Paratroopers Day celebrations across Russia

Russo-Georgian War - Russian BMP-2 from the 58th Army in South Ossetia

Who is purging the Russian military intelligence and why?

How 200 Russian soldiers of VDV (airborne troops) were able to stop whole army

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Russian Airborne Forces( VDV) ELITE RUSSIAN ARMY

Lessons from Russia's Operations in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine

T-90 on Red Square

Tajikistan – Artillerymen from Russia's base in Tajikistan destroyed a terrorist convoy carrying weapons. They detected them with Zastava drones, ...

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VDV BMD-2 taking a swim (photo: Sputnik)

A great photo of one city's government officials participating in reserve drills during the mid-2000s. No doubt this is another aspect of the Russian ...

Paratroopers Day celebrations across Russia. '

Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine, August 2014 (Photo: Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters)

Russian Airborne Troops (VDV)


Palmyra recaptured by Syrian Arab Army backed by Russian Air Force

Il vaut mieux être pendu pour la loyauté que d'être récompensé pour trahison .

Soldiers of the Central Military District's Special Purpose Units pass the tests for the right to

Soldiers that stormed the Reichstag, Reconnaissance platoon of the 674 Infantry Regiment, 150th Infantry

Sale Digital/partizan/berezka Russian Army Bandana Specnaz Military Vdv Buthan

Russian Airborne Troops during a 2006 exercise in Kazakhstan.

RS-24 Yars ICBM. RVSN. Russia's strategic missile troops ...

Russia's New State Armament Programme


Pilt Pilt

Each Soviet Combined Arms Army in the forward deployed groups of forces included an Air Assault Battalion in its make up by the mid 1980s.

A sniper is seen during the Southern Military District's Special Purpose Brigade drills in the Krasnodar

Russian Airborne Troops (VDV) Music Video

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... Combat knife; Grappling Hook

Soviet TTsKO (Butan) by Tounushi ...

Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation - "Little green men" and lorries after. "

... Russia's VTA, or Military-Transport Aviation. il-76md-90a-prototype-prepares-for-takeoff

Here, with Mikhail Porechenkov, a famous Russian actor, who was then visiting the troops in Syria

... Russian Armed Forces: Spetsnaz SSO operative

Kurganets BMP. Asked about the impact of Russia's ...

Tanks a Lot

Spetsnaz GRU, or Russian army special forces, are the original SPETSNAZ and are generally considered the best trained units of the Armed Forces ...

During the fight for Palmyra, Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) took a photo (above) from the cellphone of a Russian spetsnaz officer ...