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Robert Jarvik patent Kunstherz artificial heart cur artificiel

Robert Jarvik patent Kunstherz artificial heart cur artificiel


Federico Faggin, #patent, MOS Siliciumchip, MOS silicon gate, integrated circuit,

Gideon Sundback, #Patent, Reißverschluss, zipper, zip, fermeture éclair, 1909

Erno Rubik, #patent, magic cube toy, rubik cube, 1980

November 20, 1923 ❖ The U.S. Patent Office grants Patent No. 1,475,074 to

Edward Bausch Microscope, Patented 1885

Bernard D. Sadow, #patent, 1970, Rollenkoffer, rolling bag, valise

Fessenden, #Patent, Radioempfänger, radio receiver, recepteur, 1900

Michael J. Jackson, #patent, Tanzpose in Musikvideo "smooth criminal",

Adolf Goetzberger, #patent, Solarzelle, photovoltaic cell, cellule solaire, 1976

Robinson, #Patent, elektrische Zahnbürste, electrical toothbrush, brosse à dents électrique,

Reinhold Burger, #patent, Thermoskanne, Warmhalteflasche, thermos flask, dewar, 1903

Alexander Behm, #patent, sonar, Echolot, échosondeur, 1913

1st Fire Pump, 1870, patented by J. Icard.

US4995487, Robert V. Plath, #patent, 1989, Trolley, trolley,

First Pencil with Eraser, 1877, reissued from 1858, invented by E. L. Lipman.

The patent drawings for Thomas A. Edison's first incandescent lamp.

Vincent Schaefer, #patent, Schneefall, snowfall, chute de neige, 1947

Guglielmo Marconi, #patent, Funkempfänger, receiver, récepteur radioélectrique, 1896

US Patent No. X1, On July 31, 1790 Samuel Hopkins was issued the

neckline 1

Mary P. Jacob, #patent, brassiere, büstenhalter, bustier, 100 Jahre

Garett August Morgan, #patent, traffic signal, Ampel, feu de signalisation,

Trollkona: Fińskie - lecz nie tylko - sukienki // Finnish dresses

Tools and Machinery, Vintage Internet Patent Reproductions

Reinhold Burger, #patent, Röntgenröhre, x-ray tube, tube à rayons

Patent Drawings for the Charles A. Parsons Steam Turbine. Parsons is credited as the

US2951424-0.png (PNG Image, 2320 × 3408 pixels)

Alva J. Fisher, #Patent, Waschmaschine, washing machine, machine à laver

Alfred Büchi, #patent, Turbolader, turbo charger, compresseur, 1905

The Gerson stopwatch patented in 1907.

1859 bra patent by Henry Lesher

JARVIK-7, künstliches Herz

... of the product you've just " ...

Pants Mostjevaja Balkan

"Alfred L. Cralle's invention will never go out of style.

Branwen's Boudoir

The back side of the Novgorod kicks, embroidered with gold. Moscow region, the

Linen or raw linen pants of varying lengths, which were held by narrow belt with button closure. Its cut was always the same: To a folded into a triangle ...

The first ever traffic signal was installed outside the British Houses of Parliament in London by

The crucifixion, from the passion of Christ, c.1495-c.1505

Latona and the Lycian peasants by François Spierincx, c.1593. Rijksmuseum, Public

The instant camera, also know as the polaroid was invented in 1923. It uses

Artifizielle Körper — Lebendige Technik. Technische Modellierungen des Körpers in historischer Perspektive, Chronos Verlag, Zürich 2005 | Barbara Orland ...

Lamentation of Christ, c.1501. KIK-IRPA, Brussels (Belgium)

English, late 16th–early 17th century Overall (without tassels and cord):

Black Americans Who Changed the History of Science

CONTRIBUTING TO THE WAR EFFORT- 1915 Carrier's installation of modern air conditioning at the International


Karolina Kurkova