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Repurpose TicTac containers for saving seeds genius For the

Repurpose TicTac containers for saving seeds genius For the


She's a genius!! Daughter decided an empty tic-tac container

Great way to save organic seeds, Tic-tac seed containers so much better than

Repurposed TicTac Boxes for Travel Spices on camping trips

Tic Tac container beading and jewelry findings storage

12 Ingenious Ideas to Repurpose Tic Tac Containers - http://www.amazinginteriordesign.com/12-ingenious-ideas-repurpose-tic-tac- containers/

Use large empty tic tac container to store baby puffs in diaper bag. Keeps them

Bringing new life to something you would normally consider trash is so fun! Today's trash turned treasure is tic tac containers. I've been saving a ...

Tic Tac Containers - to Dominos! Genius

I discovered a Large Tic Tac container holds Q-tips. Perfect for traveling!

Make your own spice mix in a tic tac's box for camping!

15 Things To Make With Tic Tac Containers - One Crazy House

Yarn Needles + Tic Tac Box = Perfect. I also use spice bottles with large

12 Incredibly Creative Ways to Reuse Your Tic Tac Containers - The Idea King

Reuse tic-tac container for magnetic pen holder for fridge

They keep making memory cards smaller and smaller! Don't lose them by placing them in a Tic Tac container.

Don't throw those Tic Tac containers AWAY! Do Something with them :)

My version of the tic tac box.... big box size

I reuse Tic-Tac containers for many things & this

Repurposed Tic Tac Packs Craft Kits

Perfect for packing or storing charger or ear phones - a large tic tac container.

Tic tac containers can be used to store headphones! DIY repurposing your trash in cool

What can we make from some Tic Tac boxes?

great way to keep seeds stored....in Tic Tac containers

Top 10 Practical Uses for Tic Tac Containers

tic tac container ant farm

reuse empty tictac container

Use large empty tic tac container to store baby puffs in diaper bag. Keeps them

For those of you who love DIY something you should know reusing and recycling old things is a great way to save money and add a little character to your ...

7 BRILLIANT ways to use a Tic tac box

Save the Ziploc bags buttons come in and use it to store your home harvested and saved seeds. Store your buttons in an empty tic tac box to save space in ...

Xtra large Tic Tac containers!

5 uses for Tic Tac containers - for buttons

Take a large tic tax container, eat all the tic tacs and BOOM! You now have a container for your shuffle!

Use old tic tac boxes for little craft cantainors

Tic Tac containers for storing beads or tiny, colored brads

Kid Craft: Double-Decker Bus from tic-tac container

Storing trims and thin ribbons in empty tic tac containers. Another perfect organization and storage solution for your craft room!

Store your saved garden seeds in TicTac containers.

How to use old tic tac containers!

So much more organized the a ton of open half empty seed envelopes!

DIY TicTac Spice Boxes for Camping or Your Bug Out Bag - This is a .

Repurposed TicTac Boxes for Travel Spices – Seattle Sundries

aquarium made from a Tic Tac box

DIY, seed packet storage container

Toothpicks in a tic tac container perfect for camping :)

Reuse old Tic-Tac containers for traveling.

Seed storage in a small photo album ~~~~ this idea is genius!

Old Tic Tac containers to hold small hair elastics and pins, toothpicks, and matches

20 uses for empty TicTac containers!

10 Smart Ways to Repurpose a Tic Tac Box

Karima's Crafts: Tic Tac Box Uses - Great Ideas | Tic tacs | Pinterest | Box, Craft and Organizing

12 Incredibly Creative Ways to Reuse Your TicTac Container

Pic of flip top for tic tac containers.

As I harvest seeds for next season--I store them in old prescription bottles. As the seeds dry, leave off the lids and gently agitate the container every ...

Recycle Tic Tac Containers to store hair pins or tacks.

Reuse gum container !

Reuse Tic Tac container to hold toothpicks in your purse or to keep in the car

Mini Vase made of tic tac boxes glued together :)

Tic Tac Pack Spice Containers Printable

DIY Tutorial - recycle Medicine Bottles into a Q-tip Storage Container using scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. Would be great to throw in suitcase or purse for ...

Craftroom Seed Bead Storage Idea: I used nail polish rack and flip-top storage containers (you can find these online) to organize all my seed beeds.

DIY your Christmas gifts this year with GLAMULET. they are compatible with Pandora bracelets. 'DIY Earbud Holder Made from Tic Tac Containers.

Storage: I ran out of storage containers when I take my lunch to work, found an empty pill bottle w/rubber seal. Used it to hold my honey for my sandwich :)

I'm going to fill this with sunflower seeds for ...

Tic-Tac container of bobby pins for the bottom of your purse. I have an empty tic tac container in there now

I repinned someone using a tic tac container for bobby pins so I took that idea

5 Uses for Tic Tac Containers

Snowman Poop Tic Tac Labels

A Clever Way to Store Screws and Nails (Recycled DIY

This totally works and now I don't have to reach through a tangled mess to get to my lip balm that shares the same pocket as my ear buds.

Ray Koch | Field & Stream

5 Ways to Reuse Tic Tac Containers for Travel

Mini tackle box made using recycled Tic Tac boxes.

A seed filing system! Very useful tool!

20 Uses for Tic Tac Containers - Renée Reardin

Use a pill bottle to carry phone charger/ headphones. No more tangles!

East of India Wooden Seeds Storage Box - from Amazon.co.uk

Picnic like you're in Downton Abbey with these outrageous tips or like a pro with our simple yet amazing picnic hacks that you'll wish you'd known sooner!

20 Uses for Tic Tac Containers - Renée Reardin

Candy Cane Seeds Tic Tac Lables, Candy Cane Seeds, Christmas Tic Tac Labels,

30 Genius Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Empty Pill Bottles

Carrot Seeds Easter Tic Tac Stickers Party Favor Tic Tac

Inside Neko Case's Vermont Home

I always have several empty medication bottles each month. 30 Genius Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Empty Pill Bottles. So many good ideas!

The large tic-tac containers are my favorite small organizers. Love them!

12 Incredibly Creative Ways to Reuse Your Tic Tac Containers

Magnetic tic-tac-toe board from an Altoid tin - too stinkin' cute.

Recycle an old tic tac box by using it to hold buttons!

Tic Tac Container

10 Ways to Reuse Tic Tac Containers

Pill Bottle Crafts: Reuse Pill Bottles with this Crafty Guide [10 Ideas]

Convert a Tic Tac box into a music box

tic tac box halloween cards

we like it wild: the seed bank

Upcycled Plastic Containers to use in your Pantry - Happy-Go-Lucky