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Rem Saverem Trigun just for me t

Rem Saverem Trigun just for me t


Rem Saverem, Trigun

I you Vash T_T Plz be happy! Anyway just Vash/Rem/Trigun fanart! Quicker then usual because I want to do a few (got a legato/.

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Master Presentations: “Trigun: Badlands Rumble” (Written Review)

Rem, Vash, and Knives.

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Trigun: Rem Saverem by solidgrafi ...

Just a colorization I did of a particularly powerful scene in Trigun Maximum. This character, Wolfwood, is dying, and he had basically just redeemed him.

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Vash watches as Rem stays behind to save SEED's passengers

Trigun Log 5

Rem Saverem, Trigun Anime

Tags: Trigun, Vash the Stampede, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Meryl Stryfe, Milly Thompson, Rem Saverem

Wolfwood by Adreean

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Vash the Stampede:


Meryl Stryfe

Vash the Stampede:


Tags: Anime, Trigun, Vash the Stampede, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Meryl

Vash the Stampede. He could have avoided all this if he just had a less

After some....complications with his brother that involve his declaration of pure and indiscriminate hatred of humanity, Vash attempts to kill himself but ...

Vash the Stampede

Trigun Logs (2018/01/18)

Rem Saverem - Trigun I think Rem is a very important character who doesn't get the recognition and admiration that she deserves. She was the one who raised ...

Vash the Stampede - Not sure who to credit, but it's awesome


Rem Saverem

Vash sees similarities between Meryl and Rem.


After that, we see Knives contemplate an apple tree, saying, "Yeah, plants are strong, but we eat their fruit." Vash says, "We have to eat their fruit to ...

livio trigun

Trigun, Vash the Stampede, Nicholas D. Wolfwood

Meryl Stryfe

Speaking of tough women in Trigun. To those who think Milly is nothing but comic relief just remember, she was strong enough to help take down members of ...

Trigun - Rem Saverem by Higarts

trigun header

Vash the Stampede said:

... to using live ammo when ...

These blades were able to cut though the massive Guernica with ease were able to cut Legato dozens of times before he could react.


Trigun (TV)

So, in order to save Plants, Knives must eliminate humans, a species that's proven itself to be faulty and wasteful anyway.

Millions Knives, Millions Knives, Millions Knives (Trigun)

Rem, Vash & Knives 【トライガン】 収穫祭ログ by 華血のかしこ

“Vash ...

A Review of “Trigun”: Blonde Haired Ballistic Baron. “

Trigun: The Complete Series Box Set

... he ...

Rem Saverem .

Love and Peace to all this year! ( ^ ▽ ^)V ~*


Trigun Maximum

A Writer's Take on Trigun: Knives (Analysis and Themes)

Vash the Stampede

They don't seem like the type to portray this message, but that is why they are chosen for this presumably.

... an energy-producing being that can travel between dimension. While normal Plants require special containers to survive, Knives, along with Vash, ...

Vash & Meryl トライガンらくがき by USAsystem86

Peppermint Anime Streams First 'Trigun' German Anime Dub Clip | The Fandom Post

Without those pussy ass voices it wouldn't be funny. and the facial expressions in the show are fuckin hilarious too... what the nig would we do without ...

Caine the Longshot, one of those Vash failed to save.

Years later, the two meet again in the city of July and have a bitter duel, leaving Vash without an arm and Knives in a very critical state physically.

Goseph and Father Nebraska


Wolfwood in MET GALA

Vash the Stampede TRIGUN,Vash by Andrew.L

The fight soon comes to a stalemate, as both men come face to face with one another's guns. Knives (knowing Vash won't fire) ...

Nightmare Face: Pulls ...

Episode 2


What I call the Batman dilemma, is when a protagonist refuses to kill the bad guy no matter what horrible atrocities they have committed.

Watch (Dub) Hard Puncher Free Online - Trigun Season 1 Episode 5 | Yahoo View

Straight outta showerin'!

Legato Bluesummers

TRIGUN anime



Vash with his gun ...

Vash the Stampede

Vash's Angel Arm

Vash as a child

... around ...

You've got to ask yourself one question… Do I feel lucky?

Trigun's Vash the Stampede: The Struggles of Eternal Optimism | The Artifice


Rem 1.jpg ?

Episode 6