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Relampago PRE homozygous pearl on bay Cremello Perlino

Relampago PRE homozygous pearl on bay Cremello Perlino


Relampago, PRE (homozygous pearl on bay)

Pura Raza Española stallion, Quitasueño VII. Homozygous pearl on bay.

Find this Pin and more on Horses: Champagne/Cremello/Perlino/Pearl Dilutions by Sara Parker.

Especial IV, PRE (likely homozygous pearl)

black double pearl - Pure Spanish Horse stallion Klon

Pearl (buckskin) - Mateo Andalusian stallion; Genetically, Mateo carries Ee, Aa, Cr, Pr. He has a bay base coat with one creme gene and one pearl gene.

gène pearl

Don Divo PM is an Andalusian (PRE) stallion with a striking perlino coat.

Semental de la yeguada de Paco Marti

Akhal Teke, Andalusian, Appaloosa, Arabian, Cleveland Bay, Clydesdale, Criollo,

sable champagne - Quarter Horse mare Champagne Temptation

SOL PM II - Bay double Pearl PRE stallion from the Paco Marti stud in Spain. looks almost spray painted

PRE filly (one cream, one pearl)

California Champagne, sable champagne stud who is homozygous tobiano.

Albero LXXXVI ggEEaaCCPrlPrlchchzz Jesus Mancebo Hermana

buckskin pearl (bay + cream + pearl)

possibly homozygous pearl (base colour unknown) - PRE Andalusian x Lusitano stallion Oro Mafioso

Picaro PM, Perlino PRE

Interesting genetic fact shared from Judge My Ride, "When two copies of the cream gene appear on a bay base coat, Perlino is the result. Cremello is caused ...

Very beautiful horse on the beach, what a profile.

Pearl Gypsy Cobb. Pearl is only visible in its homozygous form, sometimes pearl horses

Classy Lita - Cremello Paint Filly in Rio Hondo, Texas 78583

Bay pearl Pura Raza Española stallion, Ismaeli. Liberty.

Sol PM II ggEEAaCCPrlPrl

Sunset Lusitano stallion. photo: Rita Fernandes.

Don Divo, Adalusian pearl buckskin

2734 best Horses: Champagne/Cremello/Perlino/Pearl Dilutions images on Pinterest | Equine photography, Horses and Beautiful horses

Pearl (bay or brown) - Homozygous - Bay & brown (two copies of

Danzante, PRE stallion

Ayari G

Cremello - Pictured is QUINTAL a Lusitano; In Europe, different names are used for

PRE, Pearl | Oreo x Perla de Bravio

Double pearl on bay. Almost indistinguishable from perlino without genetic

Quitasueño VII, double Pearl PRE by Paco Marti

MH$P | CM Cremello Totilas

Palomino Pura Raza Española stallion, Deseado CCXXXIX.

bay double pearl - Lusitano stallion Relampago

Pura Raza Española stallion, Klon. Homozygous for the pearl gene, a fairly recent

homozygous pearl (possibly on chestnut) - Paint Horse filly Awesome Pretty Pearl

Currently, there is no known champagne gene in Andalusians. It turns out he is a black horse homozygous for the recently discovered pearl dilution gene.

Cremello ("Guaranteed Gold") thoroughbred

A Champagne AQHA. I'm pretty sure this is a "gold" champagne, AKA Chectnut + Champagne. And it looks like a very dark chestnut base.

This AQHA foal has one copy of the Pearl gene (aka Barlink factor) and one copy of the Cream gene. Resembles a Cremello. Pearl and Cream are thought to be ...

buckskin pearl - PRE Patina de Bravio Oro

Avispado, PRE (homozygous pearl on black)

black pearl (homozygous) - PRE Andalusian stallion Avispado XVIII - registered as champagne, though champagne gene doesn't exist in purebred PREs

Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

DreamHorse.com ID: 1850077 - 2011 APHA Perlino Tobiano

Although he is listed as “perlino” he is more than likely a pearl/cream or double pearl dilute.

Champagne horse PRE

2726 best Horses: Champagne/Cremello/Perlino/Pearl Dilutions images on Pinterest | Horses, Beautiful horses and Pretty horses

Tiago, a PRE stallion. Tested Hetero-Grey, believed to have a new expression of grey.

classic champagne 2 by venomxbaby.deviantart.com on @deviantART

PRE owned by Paco Marti (Spain). Mixture of Double Cream, Cream Pearls

Sol PM II from @martipaco Elke is with me and did some nice shots too @elkevogelsang #pre #purarazaespanola #pearl #stallion #horse #horses #horselove ...

Amber Ivory Champagne: Bay + Champagne + Cream (perlino + champagne) The bay

Perlino horses have darker points than cremello horses.

pearl buckskin Don Divo - PRE

brown double pearl - Andalusian x Lusitano stallion Oro Mafioso [DNA tested]

Campolina mare, Esparta JHR.

Pura Paza Espanola, or Andalusian, perlino stallion, Bronco PM.

Dinámica LXIX (Noche Y Dia x Luna CCXCV) PRE Isabela (Pearl) Yeguada

Find this Pin and more on Horses: Champagne/Cremello/Perlino/Pearl Dilutions by kyuubey.

Pearl or double cream Gypsy Vanner

pearl PRE

Embrujo JL (Impetuoso Gap II X Escala) CrPrl Star Andalusians PRE Stud

amber cream (bay + champagne + single cream) - pony gelding Carbonaat de Creme

PRE Tiago - Pferdeshooting - Fotoshooting mit Pferd www.scheytt-photography.de

He's a horse of a different color…not Champagne or Palomino…he's a Double Pearl Isabelo Stallion…is double pearl a rare color and what does double pearl ...

Awesome Poco San Bar


Derroche, PRE Horses that carry the Pearl dilution*

By Karolina Gengerek

Find this Pin and more on Horses: Champagne/Cremello/Perlino/Pearl Dilutions by kyuubey.

Cremello - Canadian Warmblood Stallion D'Artagnan

bay double pearl - Lusitano stallion Relampago. See more. Perlino Andalusian stallion, Tango. photo: Madeleine.

classic champagne - Friesian x American Saddlebred colt Ukiah Norsk

PICARO PM - Perlino Andalusian stallion

Can you guess his colour? He's a rare Dunskin Pearl!

Animals, Horses, Animales, Animaux, Animal, Animais, Horse

Samruk - Farm stud DACOR

Reina del Sol's foal - DeApollo BR

DreamHorse.com ID: 1900509 - High Voltage Champagne (Taser)

PRE. described as a Perlino, but his dark eyes show that

homozygous classic champagne, showing some darker patches that went away as she aged

Beautiful!!! Perlino HorseBay ...

Clara do MASP - Mangalarga mare (also homozygous tobiano)

2 yr Buckskin Pearl stallion

Akhal-Teke horse in the mirror

unusual horse breeds - Star attraction: Pearl of Peace has become a hit with both

Horizon - Silver Dapple KWPN Warmblood Stallion

pearl dilute horse - Sök på Google

stallion horse - Google Search

Lusitano - mare Perola | Lusitano | Pinterest | Horse and Beautiful creatures

"Tickle My Toes" owned by Shining C Grulla Horses, champagne mare

Perlino PRE.

47 best Champagne & pearl horses images on Pinterest | Champagne, Horses and Pearl

Wild Bay - Equine Color Genetics

PRE Tiago - Pferdeshooting - Fotoshooting mit Pferd

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