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Re: Hi Darrel - Turtle in trouble 7/11/13. Thank you :) My babies say Hi to you


Red-Eared Slider Turtles are omnivores. In their natural habitat, they primarily eat aquatic plants, worms, animal remains, fish, insects, and snails.

Your red eared ...


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Red ...

For some folks, one red eared slider simply isn't enough! For others, they wish to replicate a biome within their home aquarium and keep other species with ...

How to Care for a Baby Red Ear Slider Turtle

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Because let me tell you, those darned Red-Eared Slider Turtles will eat anything you give them! Can you believe it??

Red eared slider in water

Red-eared Slider Turtle

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What To Feed Your turtle. Feeding tips for aquatic red eared slider diet care guide. - YouTube

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red ear slider

Try feeding the turtle different types of foodstuff as well. Good luck IanB> Please, let me know what can I do. I don't want it to die. Thanks

The black lines are just going to keep growing but hopefully it doesn't grow like my turtle and end up like this. I wouldn't worry about so much.

[/img]. 40 Gallon - Freshwater 1 Red Eared Slider ...

Baby Red Eared Slider Turtle Vet Eemrgency Metabolic Bone Disease Soft Shell

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Baby Red Ear Slider Turtles


These exquisite Turtles represent many years of carefully selective breeding techniques. The Caramel Slider is a morph of the commonly bred Red Ear Slider.

Red-eared sliders come by their common name for two reasons: the red ear

Portrait of the Red-Eared Slider royalty-free stock photo

Closeup of a red eared slider turtle


red eared slider

Red-eared slider basking on a floating platform under a sunlamp

... minutes to adjust and calm down, and then small pieces of the liver. The separate feeding is because the oils in the liver pieces will quickly pollute ...

Baby red eared slider feeding time

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Red Ear Slider T-Shirt

... old standby (but harsher) Baytril> I've attached 2 pictures when the skin was wrinkly and 1 picture when the skin has gotten worse.

Red Eared Slider ear swelling

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Common Causes of Red Eared Slider Illness

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An expertly rendered realistic illustration of a Red-Eared Slider. Limited edition fine art prints, decals and t-shirts are available.

Red-eared Slider Turtle Notecard

Female red-eared slider backside and tail

A red-eared slider can't open its eyes for the past 2 months. Puffy swollen eyes of the red-eared slider

Red-eared slider swimming

... that article, you may never need THIS article, but scan it anyway http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/treating%20RES%20Dis%20DarrelB.htm >

The red-eared slider (T. scripta elegans) is one of three subspecies of the pond slider family in the United States. This medium-size turtle gets its name ...

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Red Eared Sliders eating feeder fish

... Red Ear Sliders, Turtle Identification, Turtle Behavior, Turtle Compatibility, Turtle Selection, Turtle Systems, Turtle Feeding, Turtle Reproduction, ...

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Recommended Books

Red Eared Slider turtle SICK AND WON'T EAT, looks like he's having trouble breathing!

Best palls... who in reality can't stand each other.

... Red-eared Slider

... red ear slider turtle tank

Red Eared Sliders and Environment

Red Ear Slider Turtle royalty-free stock photo

Dietry needs

Here is where you'll find as much information as you would need on the Red Eared Slider turtle. If you can't find what you're looking for ...

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How to tell the difference between a male and female red-eared slider - YouTube

Red-eared sliders: cute but trouble.

Audrey – a red eared slider turtle who spent 20 years in the worst conditions

Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates & Small Pets : Red-Eared Slider Facts

Don't Buy a Pet Turtle or Tortoise If You're Not Ready

Red-eared Slider

The Plight of Red Eared Sliders


Red eared slider ...

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red eared slider

Native Diamondback Terrapin (left) and invasive Red-eared Slider (right)

All About Red Eared Sliders

Red Ear Slider Named Galileo Photo by T. Leeper — National Geographic Your Shot

Red Ear Slider Kids T-Shirt

From ...

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At ...

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(you can see some later and better photos here: pet red ear slider turtle's bite mark)

They aren't eating yet but they will once they get used to their new environment. (Click on any photo to enlarge and see detail.)