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Reconstructed skulls of the Franklin Expedition t

Reconstructed skulls of the Franklin Expedition t


Reconstructed skulls of the Franklin Expedition

A facial reconstruction from a skeleton in the Franklin Memorial helped researchers identify it as physician Harry Goodsir.

Possible match: Experts believe this man, whose face has been reconstructed using his skull

A team led by archeologist Douglas Stenton, Nunavut's heritage director, brought the skulls of

Completed three-dimensional forensic facial reconstruction of Skull #1.

Face to face with two doomed Franklin members

Facial reconstruction from the skull

Arctic Passage (2006) - The Franklin Expedition (HMS Terror and HMS Ereb.

Final frontal view Facial Reconstruction ...

A Well-worn Skull

John Torrington: The Frozen Mummy of the Franklin Expedition

Positioning the tissue depth markers on Skull # 2.

John Hartnell - English able-bodied seaman, Franklin Expedition, died Jan. 4

3D forensic facial reconstruction of a high status shíshálh woman

... while acknowledging that since Gore died prior to the 1848 abandonment, the skull can't be his.

Daguerreotype of Goodsir (left, copyright: National Maritime Museum) and the facial reconstruction

A skull with battle wounds was reconstructed and believed to be Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great, but has since proven to be that of ...


Dr John Rae finally honoured for telling truth about cannibalism

Here I am with the finished 2D drawing and 3D clay facial reconstruction of skull #2. © Marty J. Brown

Facial reconstruction of Jane

A reconstruction ...

Is mystery sailor my great-great-grandad?

Royal Marine Private William Braine The Lost John Franklin Expedition (1845)

Studying one of the crew member's skulls from the lost Franklin Expedition.

Discovery: Experts have used pioneering reconstruction techniques on skulls (pictured), believed to

Sir John Franklin

Graves of some of the Franklin expedition

Lateral view of skull 2. Clay reconstruction on cast of the skull 3. 1845 Daguerrotype of Dr Harry Goodsir showing prominent lower lip. 4.

3D forensic facial reconstruction of a shíshálh Chief who lived nearly 4, 000 years ago. He was buried with over 350, 000 stone beads, which he may have ...

Preserved: The mummified returns of one of the crew members of John Franklin'S 1845 expedition

Who is this Cabin Boy?

Petty Officer John Torrington The Lost Franklin Expedition (1845)

You ...

It seems reasonable that when Captain Crozier and the surviving officers of the Franklin expedition were planning their march to the mouth of Back's Fish ...

Led the expedition: John Franklin was a British Royal Navy officer and explorer of the

New digital chemical screening tool could help eliminate animal testing

Biomedical charity places major bet on 'bold' research to win bigger payoffs

The skull was examined by archaeologist Henri-Marc Ami who wrote "I can come to no other conclusion but that is the skull of a man of modern European type, ...


(Click to Enlarge) Bullet hole to the back of the skull?

Still from the 5 minute video welcoming visitors to the room in the Rotunda Museum where his skeleton, coffin, artefacts and reconstruction are on display.

(c) computer-enhanced image

Able Seaman John Hartnell, HMS Erebus, age 25, as drawn by Jaeschylus



Perfectly preserved Bowie impression

Their mission: HMS Erebus and HMS Terror set sail from London to Baffin Bay,

DNA test evaluation

Download high-res image (79KB) ...

For whom the bell tolls: This bronze bell was recovered by Canadian divers in September

In early 1859 sledge expeditions from the ship found three skeletons and the only written note from the Franklin expedition describing their fate.

The exhibit's display of the shíshálh family

And this story has a direct link to Aberdeen.

Reconstructed faces from medieval East Slavic skulls

human ancestors

Gene edited monkeys offer hope for heart disease patients


Two-Dimensional Facial Reconstruction Drawing

Dickens, JFK and Cannibalism: The Franklin Expedition and Aberdeen

4.2.2. Facial reconstruction

HMS Erebus sailor who went missing during polar expedition about to be identified | Daily Mail Online

Doomed ship: The expedition of 130 men disappeared while searching for the fabled Northwest Passage

Her skull and mandible were found in a cave in Israel in 1969 along with the remains of 20 others.

Fig. 1

Is This the Face of a 16th-Century Pirate?

... a male adolescent aged about 13, was found in Nariokotome, Kenya, in 1984. He lived 1.6million years ago. His teeth and skull bear a close resemblance ...

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Archaeologists analyze skeleton of Franklin expedition crew member

Best Books about Facial Reconstruction

Discovered in Java, Indonesea, this skull belonging to 'Sangiran 17' is believed to have belonged to an adult male who probably lived around 800,000 years ...


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In the 1840s, John Torrington and a crew of explorers was forced to trek back through Canada on foot after a boat crash. No one made it back.

Never before seen: The detached ship's bell of HMS Erebus as found on the deck

Wilder's reconstruction of “Ninigret's daughter”

Juvenile of the Longfin inshore squid, Loligo pealei, stained with anti-acetylated tubulin

Alan Ogden was a Clinical Lecturer/Associate Specialist in Restorative Dentistry at Leeds Dental Institute for twenty years, with an especial interest in ...

Final Y-chromosome DNA results obtained from the samples analyzed. 17 markers were analyzed. 'NR' means no results were reported for that marker.

Sir John Franklin

The Face of Lucrezia Borgia (Photoshop Reconstruction)

Download full-size image

The Face of Louis XVII of France (Artistic Reconstruction)

Download high-res image (2MB) ...

Long Beach Jane Doe - Most recent reconstruction of the victim

Franklin Expedition search: Canada's military muscle makes it possible

Now, I may be an older men with weak eyesight, but except general shape of the heads absolutely nothing else on this "reconstructions" doesn't match real ...

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The reconstructed skull of a bog body

Fig. 2


Map of King William Island showing the reported path travelled by Su-pung-er, and the possible paths of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror and the Franklin crew.