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Realistic Grass with Vray Fur Modifier Vray t 3ds max

Realistic Grass with Vray Fur Modifier Vray t 3ds max


Realistic Grass with Vray Fur Modifier

Realistic Grass in 3D max

Realistic Grass in 3ds max + V-ray fur - YouTube

Vray Fur Grass Download Pack x12

3DS MaX tutorial - Realistic Grass in Vray using Vray fur + Texture - YouTube

Wild Vray Grass Material. Long Lawn Grass Material

Easy Grass Material with Vray & 3ds Max

Tutorial: Criando Grama com Forest Pack e V-Ray

Realistic Grass Tutorial, Hair and Fur. Césped realista en 3ds Max y Vray. - YouTube

A lot of tutorials out there are talking about how to make grass with 3ds max and V-Ray. Some are very poor and some are absolutely crazy good (see link) ...

Realistic Grass in 3ds max + Vray fur

Two ways to create realistic grass using 3ds Max + V-Ray By Arch Viz. Vray ...

But fear not, for this is where 3DS Max comes in.

Creating Rugs in 3ds Max with Hair and Fur modifier ...

vray displacement

Creating a realistic grass using forest color. Home3D Studio Max3ds Max

3ds max mental ray tutorial

Remember that realism comes with random variety so, the more different models placed randomly the best photorealistic result!

After this tutorial you will know how to assign different materials to different parts of 3D objects. How to make realistic grass in 3Ds MAX


Making of Baltic Sea House Grass and Sand - 3D Architectural Visualization & Rendering Blog

Wild Vray Grass Material

Realistic Grass - Vray Fur 3.4 (Sketchup)

Download grass displacement texture.

Initial look of fur

3ds Max Realistic Grass

Now, time to make apply V-Ray Fur.

Now apply Hair and Fur modifier on it. Use my values. Hair Count: 30000; Scale: 20; Root thick: 3.5. Keep the other values unchanged.



Comparison ...

Fur guides

Your hair will only render if you change the described parameter in the Effects tab

lighting tutorial – Vray sun & sky for beginners

So the first method is VRay Displacement.


Using two textures that come by default on 3dsmax we can add grass only on certain zones using the density map channel, matching this map with other map ...

V-Ray for 3ds Max – Fur

How Does Grass and Lawn Look in Reality?

Grass Texture, not from me but you can use it for private uses.

... for grass these days. This post is about how I created the image below using another 3ds Max plugin, namely the excellent Forest Pack by Itoo Software.

Vray 3.20.02 For 3DsMax 2016-2015 - Win64

3ds Max Hair and Fur - 3d Grass Simulation Test Video

That's it!


Nomeradona SketchUp VR: Tutorial: Grass and Rock Displacement in Vray Sket.

Create Plants On Walls Vertical Garden with Forest Pack for 3ds Max

There you have it a grass using VRay Fur.

The Vray Fur button is only active if you have selected some object thats geometry like the plane. The icon that represents the Vray Fur in the viewport is ...

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Creating Rugs with V-Ray for 3ds Max

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free stock photo from Pexels

3ds Max expert Paul Hatton gives a rundown of the top ten plugins he recommends for creating your works of art.

Short Cut Lawn Grass Material

CGTalk - Mental Ray grass.

HomeTutorials3DS MaxHow to make realistic trees with SHAG: FUR

realistic mowed lawn grass 3D model


3ds Max Material Manager - exposure tree of material structure


Sketchup-Daytime Vray exterior Setting

grass & fur

3D Ground Cover Modeling in 3D Studio Max - 3D Architectural Visualization & Rendering Blog

... sheep dog for production render in vray 3d model max obj fbx mtl 7 ...

Hair & Fur Styling Panel



Sweep Profile. 3dsmax file viewer

Anyone who's spent some time browsing through my posts knows I have a bit of an obsession with modernist architecture. This is another one of these rather ...

Free Vray 3.0 Tutorials | What is Vray?

MORE INFO and IMAGES here >> http://www.vizpark.com/shop/real-trees-2/

3ds Max - Creating Realistic Transparent Objects with VRay2SidedMtl Tutorial

How to Create glass material in 3ds Max « Autodesk 3ds Max :: WonderHowTo

Realistic Vegetation with Unique Materials ID for 3ds Max. Home3D Studio MaxVray

video tutorials. Free demo scenes are included.

3dsMax Tutorial

... sheep dog for production render in vray 3d model max obj fbx mtl 8 ...

Curtain Material

VRay Interior HDRI Lighting

The shader is simply just a VRayMat, with a grass map in the diffuse slot. Then I applied the VRayDisplacementMod modifier to the object.

But in the context of a building like the above, it's pretty inefficient. That's a 7:40 render time just for what might be a really minor detail in the end ...

Creating a 3D Abstract Wallpaper using 3Ds MAX & Vray