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Ranmaru koujaku montage t

Ranmaru koujaku montage t


Dramatical Murder - Koujaku!!! (I love him Xd)

Koujaku x Aoba || DRAMAtical Murder

Aoba Noiz Koujaku Ren Clear Mink dmmd i still cant believe they took the yaoi parts out -.

Mikaze Ai x Kurosaki Ranmaru

to blushies omg I love you Aoba even though I'm your childhood guy friend who gets nosebleeds having sex with you (BL logic lol. Thoughts of our friendship ...

#Orenchi_no_Furo_Jijou #Tatsumi #Wakasa

Ryuuhou & Koujaku

Credits to: Koujaku | Gangsta

Koujaku and Aoba

Free! Haru's smile is so cute!

[Zaria (Zariya Ranmaru)] Nemuri Otoko to Koi Otoko [Eng] - MyReadingManga

Athletic Babes (@Athletic_Babes) | Twitter

This isn't yaoi. Its like a gender bender.

K Project | ♤ Anime ♤ #anime trapped behind glass

Anime, Dangan ronpa, Fujisaki chihiro


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Koujaku x Noiz (DMMD) I heard you like bunnies Noiz~!

DRAMAtical Murder Koujaku Wallpaper

karneval gareki <3

uta no prince sama Uta no Prince Sama 1000% Uta no Prince 2000% utapri quartet night ranmaru kurosaki Kurosaki Ranmaru camus camus (Utapri) Reiji Kotobuki ...

Zariya 20ranmaru 20coyote 20acrylic 20keyholder 20boys 20love 20yaoi 20merchandise 20(1) original

Heisei Project _ Hirokina

Koujaku ryuuhou

Sorry I've been gone a long time heres some Iwaizumi fanart i didn't jot make this but i wish i was this talented

Uta no ☆ prince sama (Cats ♡♥♡)

el hermoso dios de la muerte Grell

Koujaku x Aoba Cosplay | Dramatical Murder

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More ideas

give me give me give me give me a break 思い出してみるんだ あの

sterrebloem and i bought cute adoptables yesterday and i havent done chibis in a while,

zetsuen no tempest anime - Google Search

Future diary (Mirai nikki)

Uta no prince sama


<3 Devil Survivor 2, Hotsuin Yamato

karneval gareki

hetalia wallpaper tumblr - Google Search


DRAMAtical Murder Aoba Wallpaper

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Nezumi & Shion ♥

Saeyoung of Justice)

Tokyo Ghoul - Ken Kaneki commonly known as cinnamon roll Credits to whoever did this

... absolutely platonic hug between four boys without any romantic subtext, yeah. yeeeeeeeeeah……any at aaalllll…. I am sorry for Rei because he isn't here ...

Sharks, Shark

shin from amnesia

UtaPri ~~ Camus, Kotobuki Reiji, Kurosaki Ranmaru, Mikaze Ai


Karine Makes Comics and Stuff. Cosplay Does Not Equal Consent is Important to Karine and Many Cosplayers. Karine Made This Comic to Illustrate That Point.

Канеки Кен

Black butler

muñecos anime de fieltro

ADOPTEDThis is Lily and jake they are both 13 Lily loves jake and jake likes lily but he won't admit it they are both quiet and sweet adopt?

Code Geass

Find this Pin and more on magna☻ by zzzx3098.

Shinomiya Natsuki - 2000% Love


Fantasy & Artworks

Find this Pin and more on magna☻ by zzzx3098.

Hmm, I think I'll add this too! Set aside their rivalry to

NuNu <3 kawaii

Soul eater

Origami chibi

Reiji | Diabolik Lovers

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I did a different version where Zuki, the mean Kindergarten Sensei(not Iruka)

Corazon and Law


Wish i can date Waka as well xD maybe i can who knows

Rosario Vampire; Akua Shuzen, Kiria Yoshii https://www.pixiv.

Tsukiyama Shuu | TG

Kuroko Tetsuya

Sei by on DeviantArt

Rosario Vampire; Kiria Yoshii, Kuyo https://www.pixiv.net

orenchi no furo jijou | Tumblr

naruto, uzumaki, and himawari image

Mikaze Ai - Uta no☆prince-sama♪

kuroko tetsuya

Alois Trancy & Claude Faustus I have no idea who Alois is, but he looks

Captain America (MCU) - Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes - Stucky


Metal Gear & Metal Gear Solid

Shiki <3



07 ghost dj Light and Shadow Makes One


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Attack on Titan yaoi

Nezumi x Shion


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Final Fantasy