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REA China is so talented Love working with her at the t

REA China is so talented Love working with her at the t


'I want people to feel that there's this Asian hip-hop artist who's fresh '

A 24-year-old who gave only his family name, Wang, came to Guangdong province to work when he was 14. He has saved enough to build a house back home but ...

Fan Bingbing first shot to fame playing the supporting role Jinsuo in the extremely popular '90s costume drama My Fair Princess, which kick-started her ...

Nathan Bonds spends time at home with his daughters Courtney (15), Sierra (

How did Tiffany Tang rise from heartbreak to find true love with Luo Jin?

Mandy Zuo

Dubbed as “fairy sister” in China, Liu Yifei is known for her delicate beauty and her roles in Chinese period dramas. Starring in the TV series The Story of ...

In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad

Vanessa Yung

These talented women are recognized for their achievements in film and TV, popularity, social influence, international recognition, commercial value, ...

Fans at the Teresa Teng Memorial Hall, in Beijing.

Yang Shuping delivers the speech at Maryland University, in the US, that would spark a backlash in China.

Fan Bingbing

No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover UsageMandatory Credit: Photo by Marvel

Amanda Lee

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5 Non-Korean Dramas You Need To Watch Right Now

“We want to be in China serving Chinese users” - Sundar Pichai, current Google CEO.[1]

Dubbed a 'robot goddess', Jia Jia has the long flowing locks and rosy

As other channels stockpile content, HBO is trimming its development pipeline; 'More is not better. Only better is better.'

Phila Siu

... Chinese market after several years of self-imposed absence and probably had to work extra hard to be permitted re-entry to the cities in the mainland.

Before and after pictures show the Meitu app working its beautification magic.

China offers 10-year free visa to top foreign talent

Despite the pain, millions of Chinese women stood firm in their devotion to the tradition

china woman

A Love So Beautiful

Chinese Drama Series Close Your Eyes and Close to Me Poster.jpg

Naomi Wu is a tech designer from Shenzhen, China, well-known for her work in hardware, 3D printing, and functional wearable designs for women.

Edd China on leaving Wheeler Dealers

Warm the bench at Chelsea or live like a king in Shanghai? Oscar chose well. Photograph: STR/AFP/Getty Images

5 Reasons I Don't Like Living in Korea

Hello everyone, I'm Jia Jia. Welcome!' the robot said as

Julia Hollingsworth

Westerners ...

Behind the Curtain with The Sacred Riana – VOTING CLOSED | Asia's Got Talent 2017

University of California, Berkeley student Forrest Sam.

Lui Shui Ying (right) had her feet bound in the 1930s, after the custom fell out of favor. (Jo Farrell )

Hi china anne mcclain I have been your biggest fan when I was Seven years old and now i am almost One Two I love you and your sisters so much whenever ...

There's one key difference between kids who excel at math and those who don' t



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Our Recruitment Agency China Can Take You Far

... Vicky Chen Wen-chi became the youngest winner of the Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actress, the Chinese equivalent of Oscars, for her role in ...

Fan plays Wu Zetian in The Empress of China. Photos: Zigor Aldama; Corbis

Dominic Thiem Is the Future of Tennis—So Why Doesn't Anybody Care About Him?

7 Interesting things you probably didn't know about Shu Qi of A Beautiful Life

Make discovering what you love before you enter the workforce your mission. And don't be afraid of what you find. -- Renee La Londe, CEO and founding ...

What It's Really Like to Work in Hollywood (*If you're not a straight white man.) - The New York Times

Rapsody, left, and Tiffany Foxx

China headhunter china executive search

Like Hollywood star Zhang Ziyi, 25-year-old actress Zhou Dongyu also had her debut in a Zhang Yimou film, Under the Hawthorn Tree, with which she won ...


There is no doubt that Dylan Xiong is one of the breakout stars of 2017 in China after starring in the recently concluded “My Mr. Mermaid” as the charming ...

Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

Love and Producer, the Chinese mobile game

I fell in love with Cécile's work when I was a judge for the Danish Picture of the Year Award in January. Unfortunately we were not able to award her ...

I've loved and collected quotations since I bought my first journal at age 12 many moons ago. You see, before the internet, we had books and libraries, ...

2011. “

Motivational Quotes: “Quit hating and trying to be like the next man. Get

Dilraba is now one of the hottest actresses in China. She plays a woman who is torn between her first love and the powerful king who must have her in the ...

杨洋 Yang Yang

Meet the Real Narcissists (They're Not What You Think) | Psychology Today

Jack Ma — born Ma Yun — was born on October 15, 1964, in Hangzhou, located in the southeastern part of China. He has an older brother and a younger sister.

When I look at Marta's work, I feel as though I am peering into her soul. Her photographs are so intimate, so personal and so honest. They are poetic.

Nichkhun was born in California to Thai-Chinese and Chinese-American parents. Besides the United States, Nichkhun also lived in Thailand and New Zealand ...

China Foreign Teachers Union: China Foreign Teachers Union Posts Updated 2017 ESL & TEFL Black List - Part I

“My Little Lover” is a Japanese drama based on the manga “Minami Kun No Koibito” by Shungiku Uchida. The drama stars Maika Yamamoto as Chiyomi Horikiria, ...


Stress, fierce competition and long working hours – all part of life behind the smartphone

Chinese actor Zhang Ruo Yun has been in the industry for several years now, but it wasn't until last year that he gained more recognition and popularity in ...

Bringing BACK The iPhone Headphone Jack - in China

... Chinese market after several years of self-imposed absence and probably had to work extra hard to be permitted re-entry to the cities in the mainland.

Before Priyanka Chopra or Deepika Padukone, the Devdas star made her mark in Hollywood as an international icon.

Don't Love Teaching Abroad? It Can Still Lead to Great Opportunities!

“I love working hard,” says Joey Erace, 10, who lives in. “

Many have been trying to solve the riddle with advanced mathematics, but were probably left

China Anne McClain - Night Is Young (From "Descendants: Wicked World") - YouTube

Jay Chou

Executive Search China

The popular ebook, now on Medium, complete and uncensored.

A talented and devout woman, Cheung King-heen shared in the missionary work of her husband both in China and the United States. Her English appears to have ...

Melania Trump on Her Rise, Her Family Secrets, and Her True Political Views: “Nobody Will Ever Know”

Matt Damon promoting The Great Wall in Beijing.