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RBH Sound HP2 Review Headfonics t Headphones

RBH Sound HP2 Review Headfonics t Headphones


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Hello head-fi community! I haven't seen the RBH HP2 ...

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01CB1550-3C73-49A2-B565-DB50110A8DF8.jpeg The RBH HP-2 ...

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Despite their modest asking pri case-pkg.JPG


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There are really no drawbacks unless your habit is to listen to music at very loud volumes and your headphones aren't very sensitive.


... overall mid-tier closed back headphones is also intended for you to rock out, jam with, head bang and drop the bass to absurd levels if you want it.

This is a very refined solid state amp with both balanced, unbalanced, high and low impedance factoring and a host of inputs worthy of a headphone amp at a ...

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It has a sound signature which I can't immediately find back in any other Audeze product, but I do already know I want one. That's how much it impressed me.


I've been playing with the iSine 10 and iSine 20 for a while already at home and once you get used to the fact these aren't your typical IEM, they will blow ...

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If you haven't heard the wonderful Abyss yet, do try to get some time with it. Especially when it's hooked up to a good powerful amp.

A new Audeze LCD headphone that I really liked was the brand new LCD Studio. For an Audeze headphone it was incredibly light and comfortable. It has a sound ...

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RBH Sound S-10 and S-12 Subwoofers

Brent Butterworth has posted a review of the RBH Sound HP-2 headphones ($249) at SoundStage! Xperience. His conclusions:



It is not quite as deep as the HP50, but it certainly scores higher in imaging prowess than Oppo's PM3, which sounds a bit more closed in when A/B testing ...


When Audeze offer the possibility to listen to their $4K LCD-4 flagship, you really should make some time for it. While it undeniably sounds sublime, ...



In terms of price to performance, the HE-560 is an even better deal than the original HE-500 so there is no question this headphone is my pick for the best ...

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The first headphone I actually listened to at the Audeze booth was the Sine and the new open DX version of it. These headphones are so good sounding and I'm ...

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RBH Sound HP-2


Priced at $199, these are an absolute steal. Let me put it this way, double the price and they are still a good deal. -- Wayde Robson, Audioholics.com

Yes it is like 4 times as expensive as the iSine 20 but the difference is sound isn't small.

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... escaping me and I still haven't found the time to review it. It looks and sounds great though, has plenty of options and it doesn't break the bank.

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... sound thin and tizzy. It is only the foams that got the musicality and body back into the Katana and made is remarkably competitive compared to the A18.


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Finding affordable headphones is rough. There are just so many to sort through; I wish I could be more comprehensive. I encourage readers who are aware of ...

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Superlux HA3D Headphone Amplifier - 3 into 1 does indeed go!

While not nearly as dark sounding as the Stax 007, Oppo's PM-1 remains one of the darker tones available in HiFi's $1000+ price tier.


seal 91-04.jpg ...


It wasn't until old and not so good recordings were used with equally neutral headphones that I did not enjoy the sound.


DSC 1087

About amping these... I also think they need amping. I think it has something to do with mA it needs not being about 30Ohm cans but I`m not qualified to ...

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