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QMS Fillmore East 561968 CD Covers t Cd cover

QMS Fillmore East 561968 CD Covers t Cd cover


Quicksilver Messenger Service Fillmore Auditorium - November 1966 I don't have this CD yet but I will one day.

Red Stone Souls “Mother Sky” 2017 US Heavy Psych,Stoner

Fleetwood Mac "Shrine '69" 1999 CD UK Blues Rock

CD sleeve front

Narco States “Temples into Tombs” 2017 US Garage Punk,Psych Garage Rock

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Maiden Of The Cancer Moon (Vinyl, LP) at Discogs

Led Zeppelin - First TV Performance 1969

Le Roux was a spin off from The Levee Band, a group of musicians who provided back-up to various regional favorites. The original band line up included Jeff ...

Jazz Rock Experience “Let Yourself Go” {1969-70} Swiss Jazz Funk,Jazz Rock

Creation “Creation” 1975 Japan Prog Rock

Gong "Live In Sherwood Forest" 1975 - CD 2005 UK Canterbury Scene

ConcertPosterArt.com - Jimmy Eat World Original 2004 Fillmore Concert Tour Poster

Iron Butterfly “Live In Sweden 1971″ US Psych Rock bootleg

psychedelic albums

In 1967 the young Liverpudlian skinsman (ex-The Mojos, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and The Jeff Beck Group) surrounded himself with some hot talent for The ...

ConcertPosterArt.com - Jefferson Airplane Janis Joplin 1968 Fillmore East Concert Poster Type Ad

Group leader John Cipollina is considered one of the founders of the San Francisco psychedelic rock. Material prepared for the first album in November 1970.

Monkey Fist “Infinite Monkey” 2017 Germany Heavy Psych Stoner

I won't spoil the opener of “Mr. Destroyer,” but be ready to have your head taken off when the band kicks in. It's long overdue....Classic Rock review.

... Axe Music or Crystalline, are one of the most obscure psychedelic bands to emerge in the 1960s. The band made only twelve acetate copies of an album in ...

Limited vinyl LP-only repressing of the self-titled 1968 album from the Brazilian musicion and entertainer. It's hard to find the deserved words to describe ...

n September 1965, the Doors recorded a crude five-song demo in three hours, intended for getting a contract (which they actually got with Columbia, ...

ConcertPosterArt.com - Public Enemy Flavor Flav Rare Early Portland Rap Concert Poster

Whiskey Howl “Whiskey Howl” 1972 Canada Jazz Blues Rock

The Cradle "The History Featuring The Quatro Sisters" 1970 CD Compilation 2011 Detroit Heavy Rock.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Quicksilver Messenger Service - Amazon.com Music

I Didn't Mean to Hurt You 08. Don't Deny Me 09. Blue Midnight 10. Across the County Line 11. You Never Know

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Fillmore East 7.6.1968

V.A.“San Francisco Underground Radio Volume 2:It Crawled Out of the Vaults of KSAN 1966-1968″ Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 1966 & 67 (bootleg)

Dismorphophobia (1996) released by Audio Archives. Buried Together (1992) Split-CD featuring Iron Claw (erroneously labelled as Antrobus) alongside ...

Stoned Karma “Soul Trip Ecstacy” 2017 France Psych Stoner Rock

Recorded at Omega Sound, Osaka June - August 1999. Angel'in Heavy Syrup was an all-female Japanese psychedelic rock band formed in 1990 in Osaka.

'Legacy' is a fantastic round trip referring to the good old 1970s, hence reminding me of Diagonal and Astra in some way. A rather extensive instrumentation ...

Fatoumata Diawara “Fatou” 2011 Mali Afro Funk,Afro Jazz,Folk, debut album

The Family Dogg was essentially the brain-child of producer Steve Rowland along with singer-songwriters Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood.

Erkin Koray “Erkin Koray“ 1973 Turkish Anatolian Psych Rock

If the album artwork seems recognizable, it should. Stanley Mouse, the designer, created posters and album covers for a host of big names in psychedelic ...

Head East “Flat As A Pancake” 1975 US rare Private Rock debut album

Offenbach “Bulldozer” 1973 Canada Prog Rock third album

Tracklist 1 Face To Face 2 Passage To India 3 Green Crystal Ties 4 My Door 5 Reality Is The Only Answer 6 Can You Hear Your Daddy's Footsteps

Fields “Fields” 1969 US Heavy Psych

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Live At The Fillmore June 7, 1968 - Amazon.com Music

... copies of their album during the concerts. The question arose about recording the second disc, but in the same year 1976, all the members of the group…

Black Ivory “Don`t Turn Around” 1971 US Soul Funk (Best 100 -70's Soul Funk Albums Groove Collector)

johnkatsmc5: Perro Del Desierto “Vol.1” 2018 Gordoba Argentina Stoner, Heavy Psych Blues

Honey may have had the most controversial LP cover of 1975. Its erotic cover, which depicted a nude model covered in honey, was protested by feminists when ...

Few of these songs stand out as melodies, but as constructed and committed reggae songs they're often quietly excellent. This very consistent album is ...

A2 Little Booker T A3 Ain't It Funky A4 Close But No Cigar A5 Memphis B1 Al Greenery B2 Can I Change My Mind?

So far the only psychedelic release from Indonesia on the market, this CD version of the previously-released LP became a big success…~

I don't have this CD yet but knowing how good the "Festival" recordings are and how great was the show it must be awesome....by...jake.afc .

Both the DVD and the 2-disc audio CD display some great visuals and some amazing music of the late psychedelic and early progressive rock era….review by…

The Electric Banana was an alias used by British rockers the Pretty Things beginning in the '60s and throughout the '70s, comprised of members Phil May ...

Meiko Kaji “ No Hajiki Uta” "梶芽衣子のはじき詩集" 1973 Japan Pop Rock

More than most records, let alone most debuts, Cachemira's first offering, Jungla, gives the front-to-back impression of a live set.

Monday, 10 April 2017

This is a nice album. There are no weak tracks on the album, but it's not a masterpiece neither. The overall sound reminds me a little bit of BANCO DEL ...

Rocks only known foray into the field of cardiology, this 1968 release presented one of the all-time intriguing album covers. (A chest x ray complete with ...

Bandit released two albums with different line-ups. Bandit's debut Bandit was released in late 1976 on Arista Records. This album featured Jim Diamond on ...

johnkatsmc5: The Punks "The Punks" 1974-76 Compilation vinyl 2005 Detroit Proto Punk

Erasmo Carlos "1990 - Projeto Salva Terra" 1974 excellent... Brazil Psych Groovie recommended.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Live At The Winterland Ballroom - December 1, 1973 - Amazon.com Music

photos of hot tuna fillmore east | Fillmore East 6-27-71 3

Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds "Hallway Symphony" 1972 US Soft Pop Rock

*Sparks were originally called Halfnelson.Their debut was originally released under this name with a different cover. … by Dwight Fried, ..Head Heritage….~

1967. Mondo Mod film poster.

Roky Erickson “Gremlins Have Pictures” 1986 US Psych Rock


Quicksilver Messenger Service - Live At the Summer of Love - Amazon.com Music

The Rob Hoeke R&B Group "Celsius 232.8"1968 Holland Psych Blues Rock

ConcertPosterArt.com - Black Sabbath Led Zeppelin 1970 Album Promo Poster Type Ad

Happy Man 3:01. Alone With You 4:05. Tunnel Of My Love 3:18. Liar 4:05. Let You Go 4:40. I'm Shaking 4:16. I Can't Talk To You (Reprise) 0:18

There's a South African band that goes by the name Flame, but one quick look at the cover on this one and I figured these folks weren't that same band .

'Genesis was born in 1972 in the heart of a hippie commune located next to the Benedictine Monks Monastery in Usme, located at south of Bogota, ...

James Gang "Live In Concert 71" Probe Label US

Yggdrasil "Yggdrasil" 1972- 2009 Germany Kraut Rock Prog Rock

Beckett “Beckett”1974 UK excellent Prog Rock..recommended


Yet both offer more snappy poetry and groovy tunes, so take this impressive debut at face value and it won't disappoint. Scarlet Fever offers superior song ...

ConcertPosterArt.com - Social Distortion Jim Phillips Fillmore Concert Tour Poster

Their style was jazz rock with Brass sections and some funky guitar bass lines. They released only one self titled album in 1976.

Home "Live BBC Sessions 1972-1973" UK Hard Prog

Pharaway Sounds present a reissue of Moğollar's self-titled album, originally released in 1976. Makam madness gives way to instrumental prog on this ...

The Underground All Stars “Extremely Heavy” 1968 US Heavy Psych Dot Label US & Produced by Kim Fowley & Design In A Magnifficent “Skull” Cover by Rick ...

Funkadelic's third album opens with Maggot Brain, perhaps the greatest improvisation the band ever recorded. Wisely, George Clinton opted to mostly mute the ...

Os Mutantes “Mutantes” 1969 Second album Brazil Psych Rock

The most famous song of the group is undoubtedly Hihace from the album Soul Makossa from 1973. …~

To Brainstorm (SWF-Sessions Volume 3)“ 2000 CD Germany Heavy Prog Jazz Rock

Almost Brothers “A Band Of Roadies” 2014 (recorded in 1973-74) US Southern Blues Rock (members of Allman Brothers Band)

New York Dolls "New York Dolls" 1973 US Glam Rock Proto Punk (500 Greatest Albums All Of Time Rolling Stone)

ゆらゆら帝国* Yura Yura Teikoku “ゆらゆら帝国 Yura Yura Teikoku” 1992 Japan Psych Rock Experimental debut album

First, my biases, so you know where I'm coming from. I saw Airplane in college in '67, so I'm old. I prefer the classic lineup.

Osamu Kitajima “Masterless Samurai” 1978 Prog Japanese

Personnel *Colin Scot – Twelve String Guitar, Trombone, Whistle, Banjo, Vocals *Micky Binelli - Accordion *Nic Potter - Bass *Peter Poole - Bass

ConcertPosterArt.com - Herbie Hancock Headhunters Victor Moscosso Concert Poster

midframe drum break is also very useful for intense funk! Herbie Hancock cover A 2 “WATERMELON MAN” etc. , Fully Killer Funk & Buggy Full Load !! ….~

Truckin' was written in March of 1970, made its live debut in August and was released on American Beauty in November.

Howlin' Sun "Howlin' Sun" 2018 Norway Heavy Rock release February 12th 2018

Offenbach evolved from a number of rock bands and name changes in the late '60s. Like many outfits in the '70s, they went through a number of personnel ...