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Pretty accurate description of this scene Reylo There Has Been

Pretty accurate description of this scene Reylo There Has Been


Kylo and Rey, Reylo. Find this Pin and more on There Has Been ...

So Snoke was reading his mind here. He saw him turning the lightsaber on "

Oh tumblr you are such a wonderfully strange place Reylo/ Rey x Kylo Ren

You should read "The Pull Between Us - A Reylo FanFiction" on

Just saying it like it is.

When people say reylo are abusive but the only scene they have to go from is this scene and hes not choking her all Kylo is doing is just keeping her ...

A book featuring Kylo Ren memes and maybe some Reylo stuff as well. … #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

#starwars #reylo #lastjedi《《《《accurate description considering I'm part of the FinnRey ship

Loved this scene. How anyone can argue that this strictly platonic is beyond me.

Aww yeah , reylo , I knew they would end up together .

Here is a cool collection of all the Reylo hints from Chewbacca.tumblr.com

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Pretty accurate description of Reylo hahahaha

Reylo Actually, I'm becoming a small Reylo fan. Not about to blow


#Reylo manip- make it so, movies!

100000000000000% accurate #reylo #rey #ben #kylo ren #TLJ | Star Wars! | Pinterest | Star, Fandoms and Starwars

shorelle: “ Ahhh, this is a super belated post but now that identities have been revealed for the Reylo Gift Exchange this is my valentine's gift for who ...

The Beauty & the Beast / Reylo parallels are beautiful

Reylo (Rey and Ben) has destroyed my life// SAME I HAVE NOT

Reylo | Kylo Ren | Rey | Force Bond | Hut scene | StarWars | Star

Aesthetics request: Beauty and the Beast AU - Reylo “Love doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be true. ― Disney's Beauty and the beast ”

Star Wars | The Last Jedi | Rey | Kylo Ren | Reylo | Ben solo

The elevator scene did it for me to be honest! I think they both realised they were actually very attracted to each other

1/2 Kylo Ren and Rey Interrogations scene from the official The Force Awakens script

NOTP Tuesday: Reylo

Tlj summary pretty accurate lol

Lovely Reylo fanart

Yesss God I'm so sick of seeing Reylo shit everywhere. News flash: Kylo is an abusive bastard. He literally mentally abused her! Yet so many people…

#Reylo Kylo and Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

You and I.” #reylo #tlj #sw. “

Y. E. S. #savebensolo

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The Force is a bigger Reylo shipper than Kylo. I didn't think that

Kylo Ren x Rey || Reylo || STAR WARS VII

The Hypnotist by Pandora_Spocks on AO3 SUMMARY “Rey is a young college student taking a

Reylo: I will only support this if the theory of Rey being Luke's daughter doesn't come true.

The next piece of evidence is this person claiming that in these two scenes there is no manipulation. True. However, after both of these scenes the ...

Pretty accurate description of this scene! #Reylo | There Has Been An Awakening | Pinterest | Scene, Star and Fandoms

How Winter Loves Wear Thin by zdecemberz.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Daisy has hinted that she and Adam are going to be "finding the Force" in the upcoming films...yup, that's my guess. Force bond. It's happening. # Reylo

Hot, Sherlock

Reylo: The 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Fan-Fiction Ship Between Rey and Kylo Ren Is Popular and Controversial - The Atlantic

Reylo Confessions

This was one of their pieces of evidence- this shot. However, I would suggest to go rewatch that scene in The Last Jedi- we see Rey in that pose, ...

LOL They should have made a scene like this .


#star wars #the last jedi #reylo

Adam's been a bad influence on Rian


I may or may not be shipping Reylo, but I can't help it.

OHTZE — Death and the Maiden: How “Reylo” will be canon.

Read it on AO3. Fic Summary:

But the only one who receives a lower/“bad” end, is Anakin, because he let's himself be consumed by hate rather than his love for Padme.

REYLO Join Me Scene Explained - Kylo Ren & Rey Star Wars The Last Jedi - Ben Solo

Some tremendous comments have already been made, so some of my remarks are bound to repeat aspects already discussed ...

The Reylo fans point out that the above scene is paralleled. However, that's a poor choice of words, as they are not parallel, they are mirrored, ...

Could Reylo Happen?

bastila-bae: “🐸☕ ”

Pretty accurate description of this scene! #Reylo | There Has Been An Awakening | Pinterest | Scene, Star and Fandoms

Find this Pin and more on Reylo by cardenas2291.

Hatchling Ch. 4

... Reylo a thing (i.redd.it)

Reylo Fan Art | 1/? | “Background texture found here. ”

... to their familiarity with each other at the end of The Force Awakens, but this theory was firmly shot down by JJ long before The Last Jedi hit theatres.

Reylo | Kylo Ren | Rey | Force Bond | Hut scene | StarWars | Star

2/2 Kylo Ren and Rey interrogation scene from the official The Force Awakens script

Star Wars//Rey and Poe

But I believe that the movie and novelization are telling us that the Force has actually been playing matchmaker for longer than that. After all, there is ...

Yeah I'm hesitant to ship reylo because it seems they are kinda In an

Since the book was released in September 2017, I am pretty sure these random thoughts (not a detailed analysis mind you) have probably been discussed on ...


... it makes me cringe, and I'm frankly disgusted that people just throw it around to insult people. But once again, others have addressed this before me.

What Rian says here clearly lines up with the Heroes Journey more than Reylo .

I feel like their relationship is a 60/40 relationship. Ben loves Rey more then Rey loves Ben. This scene is what made me think that

Star Wars 8 Rey and Kylo Ren ending explained

You should read "The Pull Between Us - A Reylo FanFiction" on #Wattpad. #romance

Fan CreationsReylo image I stumbled across on Twitter (i.redd.it)

WELL WELL WELL the fanboys on 4chan have seen the light! XD Thanks to our

In honor of Valentine's Day, I am reposting this Valentine from Kylo Ren that I

REYLO Force Connection Scenes Explained - Kylo Ren and Rey - Star Wars The Last Jedi

But in order to make it as crystal clear as they could for the GA, the big physical attraction moment is not as subtle. It is the shirtless scene. It's the ...

I'll keep you safe from harm.



MEDIA (i.redd.it)

cosmo-gonika: “tellcassiopeia: “Brian Kesinger tweeted this. Kylo invites Rey

Star Wars 8 update Judi Dench and Daisy Ridley on Last Jedi midichlorians Reylo and Snoke | Films | Entertainment | Express.co.uk


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TOP 8 Theories for Star Wars Episode 9 (The Last Jedi SPOILERS)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer: from Rey's dark side to porgs – five things we learned

toawaterfowl: “ epicponderer: “ missbuckysoldier: “ tellcassiopeia: ““Someone photoshopped shirtless

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – where do Rey and Kylo Ren go from here

'The Last Jedi' Music Reveals More About Kylo Ren Than You Realize – EXCLUSIVE

Yes, I'm obsessed with Reylo, we already knew that. I hope reading this was entertaining for you, that's what I aim for.

In that scene from Spaceballs Princess Vespa is shown a picture of her old nose. (don't ask, it's stupid) On the picture, her name is shown as, Vespa, ...

In both of these instances, romance is initiated in the second movie in the trilogy. This is the logical structure for a trilogy including romance.