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Post Medieval Gold Enamelled Ring with Full Skeleton and Multiple

Post Medieval Gold Enamelled Ring with Full Skeleton and Multiple


A 16th Century ruby and enamel ring. Medieval ...

Hallowe'en wouldn't be Hallowe'en without a skull and crossbones, as displayed on this beautiful gold ring enamelled in pale blue, white and black and set ...

Memorial ring (Memento Mori ring) dating from the 17th century, commemorating King Charles.

Post Medieval Gold 'Not TheValueBut My Love' Ring 18th century AD. A gold ring with italic inscription to the inner f.

Mourning-ring; gold; plain hoop with skull engraved on outside, enamelled;

Signet ring with a ship in full sail, made in England, 1500-1600 | Riviera Dunes Marina | Pinterest | Tudor era and History

Georgian Mourning & Memento Mori Ring

Medieval ring from nowadays Germany, with beautiful cloisonne enamel and openwork bezel. 10th-

Georgian mourning & memento mori ring featuring a skull under square faceted rock crystal in silver

Rare Memento Mori Skeleton Ring of yellow gold and black enamel, depicting a full skeleton, tools of a grave digger, an hourglass and crossed bones.


Medieval gold iconographic ring with Saint Catherine, 15th century.

Post Medieval posy ring 'PRIES. P. NOTRE. DAME. DE. CADEROT', circa 17th-18th century AD

Post Medieval Spanish Doublet Sapphire Ring 16th century AD . A gold finger ring with flat

Gold ring with garnet

Elaborate diamond memento mori ring with enamelled skull in hidden compartment, early 17th-century

Gold and enamel watch ring, made by Jacob Weiss, circa 1585.

Antique Victorian 18k gold mourning ring with black enamel and diamond forget-me-not flower, circa 1880's.

Post Medieval gold posy ring 'SEMPER + TIBI + FIDELIS + ERO', circa 16th-17th century

592 best Bagues.... images on Pinterest | Antique jewellery, Rings and Ancient jewelry

Post Medieval Gold Posy Ring TOVT IOVRS LOIALL

Gold ring ca 1300 with square cut garnet


Lovers Gimmel ring sterling silver gold plated

Post Medieval Gold Posy Ring TOVT IOVRS LOIALL

'BEHOLD THE ENDE' Skull Ring, 17th century ...

Renaissance Gimmel Ring with Memento Mori | German | The Met

Fede-ring; gold; gimmel ring; consisting of two hoops, twisted to

Mourning-ring; enamelled gold, the hoop enamelled white, in the form of

RENAISSANCE OCTAHEDRAL DIAMOND RING. Western European, mid- to late 16th century. Gold

A Renaissance 18 karat gold, enamel and blood jasper intaglio ring, 16th to 17th

Chased exterior decoration with repeating interlace pattern incorporating foliate motifs, with remains of white, black and gold enamel.

Skeletal coffin ring A rare example of an century memento mori skeletal band, dated A full skeleton, reserved on black enamel, encircles the gold hoop of ...

Early 15th century gold and enamel iconographic ring, English

Kim Eric Lilot:Palladium White Gold Skull ring.

Extremely rare Tudor memento mori ring, circa hexagonal scalloped bezel set with a white enamel skull and surrounded by the Latin motto : 'Coglia Mori' ...

Catbird :: shop by category :: JEWELRY :: Wedding & Engagement :: Mens/Unisex :: Skeleton Band Memento Mori Ring

Post Medieval sapphire ring, circa 17th century AD.

Gold & Sapphire Ring, c.1200-1300 England


Post Medieval Gold Ring with Diamond Cross 1650-1680 AD. A D-section gold hoop with segmented shoulders and cruciform.

Medieval Gold and Sapphire ring

Antique 2.06 ct Diamond and 18 ct Yellow Gold, 18 ct White Gold Set Five

Find out about an early post-medieval ring emblazoned with death's stylized skull, a silver ring from the or early century and a finger ring displaying a ...

Tudor enameled 'BEHOLD THE ENDE' skull ring. Formed to centre with a irregular

Attilio Codognato Enamel Diamond Ruby gold Skull Shell Memento Mori Ring image 2

Alexander McQueen Enameled skull ring Stamped with the label's signature skulls, it's a sophisticated nod to gothic-inspired glamour. Pretty pastels are

A silver gilt finger ring of Late Medieval or Post Medieval date, about AD 1400

Enamelled gold ring, the bezel in the form of a skull and cross-bones

Thumbnail image of PAS-463683

Antique Mourning Rings from Erstwhile Jewelry in gold and black enamel

Museum Quality Tudor Table Cut Diamond Gold Ring

Rare Tudor gold snake ring, circa 16th century.

Medieval Duchess of Lancaster Sapphire Gold Posy Ring For Sale at 1stdibs

Post Medieval Gold Ring with Heraldic Arms and IK 16th century AD. A substantial rectangular-sectio n gold hoop with r.

1890s Antique English old mine diamond solitaire ring

Vintage 0.60 ct Diamond and 14 ct Yellow Gold, 14 ct White Gold Set Twist

Collections in Focus: Medieval Gold Finger-ring from Abridge, Essex | Epping Forest District Museum blog

Post Medieval Gold Ring with Turquoise Cabochon Later 16th-early 17th century AD. A narrow gold D-section hoop with b.

Post Medieval Gold Wine Maker's Signet Ring 17th century AD. A gold ring with D-section hoop widening at the shoulder.

Post Medieval Gold Skull Ring with Sapphires Early 19th century AD. A late Georgian D-section gold hoop with bezel fo.

Mourning-ring; gold, with circular bezel containing enamelled skull (death's head)

Mourning-ring; gold, with circular bezel containing enamelled skull (death's head)

Mourning ring; gold; hoop with inscription reserved in black enamel; small coffin-

Vintage 0.60 ct Diamond and 14 ct Yellow Gold, 14 ct White Gold Set Dress

Post Medieval Multi-Loop Ring 18th-19th century AD. A silver finger ring formed as four butt-jointed hoops with beade.

Women's or Men's Tudor Enameled

18th Century Georgian Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Gold Ring

Tudor Enameled

The Daria-i-Noor (meaning: Sea of Light) Diamond from the collection of the national jewels of Iran at Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran

Vintage 0.43 ct Diamond and 18 ct Yellow Gold, 18 ct White Gold Set Trilogy

Antique 0.50 ct Diamond and 14 ct Yellow Gold, 14 ct White Gold Set Twist

Tudor Enameled

Thumbnail image of BERK-4C489C

Ancient Egyptian Scaraboid in a Gold Ring Mount

Post Medieval Gold Fretwork Ring 17th-18th century AD. A gold ring with openwork tapering bezel decorated with chevro.

Thumbnail image of SOM-5BC0CB

Post Medieval Gold Fleur-de-Lis Signet Ring, circa 17th Century AD

Post Medieval Sergeant-at-Law ring 'Long Live the King and the Law

Emerald 1.10 Baguette Diamonds 2.80 Yellow Gold Pinky Ring

Post Medieval Gold Fleur-de-Lys Signet Ring 17th century AD. A flat-section gold hoop with flared shoulders and disco.

Medieval gold ring with letter ā€œNā€

Victorian 9 Karat Yellow Gold GIA Certified Old Mine Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

18th Century Natural Pearl Gold Fede Ring

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Tudor Enameled "BEHOLD THE ENDE" English Skull Ring ...

Post Medieval Memento Mori Skull Ring 17th century AD. A triangular-section silver hoop with hatched triangles and le.

enamelled medieval gold ring with sapphire

Thumbnail image of DENO-00FD99

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Thumbnail image of ESS-EDA7E6

Vintage 0.70 ct Diamond and 18 ct Yellow Gold, 18 ct White Gold Set Dress

17th Century Stuart gold posy Band ring "Vertue passeth ...

Antique Georgian Enamel Diamond Gold Long Ring

Post Medieval Gold Ring with Hunter and Hound 19th century AD. A substantial gold ring with thick round section hoop,.

Antique 0.13ct Diamond and Black Enamel, 18ct Yellow Gold Mourning Ring