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Black bear in Popcorn Park Zoo, New Jersey, USA – a sanctuary for abandoned, injured, ill, exploited, abused or elderly wildlife,animals & birds

Asian bear bile remedies: traditional medicine or barbarism? #illuzone

Please sign & share this petition! I am disappointed to see that despite the Philippines strengthening the existing laws against animal. signatures on ...


Action Against Animal Abuse.com (4A) INVITATION TO JOIN US - PLEASE HELP

These are two resident bears play-fighting at the Romanian Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti,

petition: Close Indonesia's Surabaya 'Zoo Of Death' NOW. How Many More Cases Of Animal Abuse Are Needed??

PETITION, PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE! Save The Halong Bay Bears | End Bear Bile

5 Things You Need to Know About Bear Bile Farming

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... pay to KILL wild animals, in an ENCLOSED AREA...these animals, do not stand a CHANCE...there will be marches held WORLD WIDE on March 15th... please, ...

trapped in hell Please sign!

Kermode Bear from British Columbia, Canada


Bears Sanctuary

Helpless: The little sloth bear of about three months old was discovered wandering alone with

... “satos” rescued from Dead Dog Beach that morning. “Sato” is Puerto Rican slang for street dog. Far from revered on the island, they are often abused ...

Illinois: protect pigs against widespread abuse! Click here to help!


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Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 9.08.14 AM

Former AZA Director/William Conway Chair of Conservation & Science Discusses the State of Zoos & their Future – National Geographic Blog

November/Novembre 2015. Celebrating 10 years saving bears ...

Thanks to PETA evidence and quick police action, nearly 200 pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, and other animals were saved from a so-called "rescue": ...

From abused meat dog to pampered pooch - no more bad dreams for this guy!


PLEASE DONATE TO HELP!!!! Baby Audrey is a tiny little peanut in

USDA Sues Dade City Wild Things

Feed a hungry bear ...

Please join PETA in urging Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle to live up to its claims of being a sanctuary by ending the exploitation of elephants.


Despite a legislative ban in 2011, the cruel dog meat trade in the Indian state of Nagaland continues. Dogs are captured and tied up in sacks with their ...

Wrenching Photos Of Unrecognizable Bear Reveal Horrors Of Exotic Pet Trade

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Big Cat Threatened Poster

In Defense of Animals

PETITION - Vietnam stop dog meat abuse.Pet owners in Vietnam live in constant fear of having their companions stolen and butchered. End the abuse - sign ...


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Please refrain from attacking the hunter, their associates or families. Please only engage in mature adult debate. Maybe then the CNN news will understand ...

Dogs are hung by ropes and forced to spin at high speed at this cruel festival! Your help is needed now!

13; 18.

... Hesperia-Zoo-abuse-tiger

Sign your name to STOP the NRA's attacks on the ivory ban



Kalispell Regional Medical Center - A Case Study of Energy-Saving Improvements

File: 1449579209381.jpg–(194.13KB ...

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Hesperia-Zoo-abuse-bear ...

... Hesperia-Zoo-abuse-lion ...

This barbary macaque wishes to finally escape her tiny prison. Help us save her. Here's how: www.four-paws.org/gaza # 2sour2ignore # lemonchallenge

Adult emperor penguins (Aptenodytes forsteri) and chick, Atka Bay colony, Weddell Sea

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Please allow Arturo to have a better life at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Canada

Badger Den

Words pop- "valued" by The Indians, "granted" to white man and "exploit." A little plaque has so much unkind history packed behind it.

"Don't discuss polar bears": memo to scientists

37; 38.

By MICHAEL LEA The Sun http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/155838/Kellys-grooming-film.html … (Link removed)

Sad: A spokesman for the 3,000-animal zoo said conditions were improving and the

Rain & Dahlia-blog crop

We wouldn't suggest eating there either

According to the Sun the MP

Lion cubs in a barren facility in Southern Africa. With your support, we will move the world to protect animals from suffering in the name of entertainment.

Welcome to Safari Adventures Mauritius. Another hands on interactive tourist destination where you can live

Golfers finally reach the clubhouse and The Grill on the Gore for life- saving sustenance shrimp cocktails and booze. Okay–that's a bit of dramatic license ...

Help us preserve Yasuni National Park – Click to sign the Petition

Bindey in action

The scene on a farm in Thurston, Washington was grim. Hundreds of animals — including miniature horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, ...

44; 45.

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Regular readers of this site will know that allegations that the Sun [2] printed were of child sexual abuse with boys.

With the temperatures outside in the 100s this whole weekend in the Omaha Metro Area (just in time for the CWS), please be aware of how long you're outside ...

Japanese nationalists ...

... – Download ...


When ...


Despite ...

USDA Violations

Cox Farms, located in Centreville, Virginia, has been posting signs about social issues. Their most recent one reads “RESIST WHITE SUPREMACY.”

9; 14.

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... Hesperia-Zoo-abuse-tiger-2 ...

Sunshine enjoying the comforts of a doggie bed at the clinic. Photo credit: Pause