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Pin by Tere Da Wolf on Animal mythology t Japanese

Pin by Tere Da Wolf on Animal mythology t Japanese


Shachihoko- Japanese folklore: half tiger half fish, it could control the rains. Statues of it are built around temples to protect it from fire

Richard Cox completed 25 sketch cards (in both color and greyscale) and a base card for Perna Studios' Classic Mythology trading card set. The set focuses ...

Classic Mythology - Ryujin by MeghanHetrick

amaterasu animal ears bodypaint breasts capcom cleavage flat color highres japanese clothes long hair okami personification red eyes tail tsunekun very long ...


Fenrir is the father of wolves and a son of Loki in Norse mythology. He was foretold to kill Odin during Ragnarök, and in turn be killed by ...


Appearing in Japanese mythology, the Bake-kujira appears as an enormous whale with a catch: it's not a whale, rather, the skeleton of a whale.

The Golden Princess from India

Gumiho is a creature from Korean mythology that lives thousands of years. It transforms into things to seduce boys, eat their livers/hearts. AKA Japanese ...

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In Chinese mythology, the patroness of matchmakers. As wife or sister of the legendary emperor Fu Xi, she helped establish norms for marriage (that included ...

"The Mystery of Tyr and Fenrir". As if Tyr and Fenrir are somehow part of each other. Remember, a kenning for Tyr is "The Leavings Of The Wolf".


Oni Knight.

Seductive Oni. Japanese ...

Tera-tsutsuki | Yokai.com

Wow. Lone WolfJapanese ...

Duncan Fegredo, BPRD story-the Wendigo.

Nidhogg – Not a too big fan on norse dragons, probably because they are so popular, and I'm usually a sucker of the less-loved creatures.

In folklore, the wolf was associated with the mountains and was thought to be both benevolent and malevolent.

Kevin Short / Special to The Japan News, April 1, 2014

Native american wolf


Timingila · Mythology

Ukiyo-e woodblock print, 1850's, Japan, by

fenrir, the wolf of the apocalypse

so i wanna try something a little diffrent here xD What you are looking at above is a my style of illustration mixed with the ukiyo-e style. To Deny a Deity ...

By Kevin Short

Fox Fires on New Year's Eve - In Japanese folklore, foxes are believed to have magical powers, and the legend goes that every year at Oji all the foxes ...

Brazilian artist Heitor Seió Kimura's illustrations of “yokai”, or strange creatures from Japanese folklore are sure to fire up your.

Okuninushi (source: The secrets of Japanese Ancient History)

Izanami- In Japanese Mythology she is the goddess of both creation and death-by

Isonade (Japanese) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

Nara-Narayana is the twin-brother incarnation of the preserver-god Vishnu on earth, working for the preservation of dharma or righteousness.


Eos and the slain Memnon on an Attic red-figure cup, ca. 490

Anime picture with original kabi (kb) long hair tall image looking at viewer black hair red eyes multiple girls sitting japanese clothes traditional clothes ...

By Kevin Short

Okami t-shirt design

Kirin – The Japanese Unicorn

Honestly I was trying to design a pattern to cut out of black paper. art © me Kitsune Spirit

... The Korean Mermaid, Princess Heo Hwang-ok, at Dongbaek Park (photo image) ...

In Norse mythology, Fenrir is a son of Loki, and is foretold to kill the God Odin during the events of Ragnarök, but will in turn be killed by Odin's son, ...

Nimenseki: Two faces of Good & Evil

Blakiston ...

8 Japanese Monsters That Are Even Cooler Than Godzilla (NEW BOOK). Japanese MythologyKyushuMiyazakiKappaMonstersHayao MiyazakiThe Beast

Tengu, monsters from Japanese Mythology that have been known to play tricks on…


Emperor the Raifuku (outer robe) of the ceremonial court costume of the emperor.


Rhyton terminating in the forepart of a ram

Four "worms" motif on a bronze mirror excavated from a Japanese tumuli of the

Disappearing (…and reappearing) deities – a Near Eastern theme

The Capitoline Wolf with Romulus and Remus. Musei Capitolini, Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome

15 Spectacular Mythological Beasts Illustrations

... that the tengu which is usually depicted as a bird, or man with a long nose and other bird-like characteristics, has a different provenance from a raven ...

Azuchi-Momoyama period wallscroll depicting King Enma, Nara, Japan

Kadomatsu in the style of the Edo period

Tengu (天狗, "heavenly dog") are a class of supernatural creatures found in Japanese folklore, art, theater, and literature. They are one of the best known ...

A Japanese inkstone with dragon–bird-tortoise motif carved on it (courtesy of Bunte Auction Services)

Dongba Painting

Symbolic japanese demon-breaking arrow Hamaya with Ema plaque

Owl sculptures and amulets at the ...

Okami Amaterasu (c) Capcom Art (c) me The Burning Sun

Previous pinner says: Yokai are Japanese creatures from Japanese folklore and ghost stories. A Japanese history professor also told me that to be "cursed by ...

The tutelar deity of well-cleaners is known by two names, Mizuha-nome-no-mikoto, the Goddess of Wells, and by the more generic Water-god, and usually male ...

The Five-headed dragon of Enoshima the Benzaiten goddess

Main articles: Mythology of the Turkic and Mongolian peoples and Shamanism in Central Asia

Docked dragon boat during the Hari in Tomigusuku, Okinawa, Japan.

The Trouble Making Trio.

Public domain image

A medallion on an embroidered imperial robe (above the head of a dragon – not shown), with the White Hare of the Moon, at the foot of a cassia tree, ...

The best inkstones are said to come from Longwei (Dragon-tail) Mountain in

The ...

... Japan – Kojindani Museum According to the museum, the swords originate from China ...

Ogres and their maces: Images of Oni from Onmyodo doctrines and medieval traditions | JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLORE


Map of

Iwaya cave (source: Haiku Girl, http://haikugirl.files.

Gates at Dodana, representing the twins in Greek mythology, Pollux and Castor

Layout of cosmically heaven-aligned city, Changan of the Tang Dynasty, Shaanxi History

In Japan (especially Kyoto, Nara and Osaka), there remains a custom of sending over a kimono dresser made of paulownia wood with the bride as she settles ...

No animal seems to divide public opinion as dramatically as the wolf. Down the centuries

Tomoe often found on taiko drums

Statues ...

Kusatsu ...

A celestial being on a cloud motif seen on a bronze bell of the Korean kingdom

MADE TO ORDER Okami Kitsune Mask... masquerade Japanese fox mask costume mardi gras halloween burning man splicer

Achilles and Ajax playing a board game. Eight-pointed sun symbols are depicted on

Cultural heroes named Taro/Taru and agricultural gods in elderly garb

The more compact and popular form of kadomatsu that is ubiquitous in front of stores Japan

Anime Werewolf | Anime Wolf Boy photo d352ba8d306af36a.jpg

Kyoto's Nanzen-ji was the supervisor of the whole Five Mountain System in Japan

Ainu creation myth of deity's descent on five-colored clouds