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Pin by Jade on church rvb t

Pin by Jade on church rvb t


Find this Pin and more on Red vs Blue by jadeholten.

Red vs blue dress up jesus

RvB season 9 Blue Team by NoctusInfinity on deviantART

Story of her Life by Boredman.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt RvB Tex

Tex Red vs Blue by marceloryuuku on DeviantArt

My name is Leonard Church, and you will fear my laser face!!" - Red vs Blue, Season 8 (Art by trojan-rabbit on DeviantArt)

RvB Fan Church-Alpha .:WIP:. by MidNight-Vixen ...

Rvb/adventure time

RvB Tucker Wants You Shirt

the most precious thing.

"we'll take josh cobb down" sarge

Churchisms - The best character from Red vs. Blue

blue team lavernius tucker leonard church

So got into MBTI and noticed there wasn't one for RVB. I made

Before Red vs Blue there was project freelancer.

Church and Tex by FablePaint Church and Tex by FablePaint

Red VS Blue by YAMsgarden ...

red vs blue church quotes

Red vs Blue: Season 13 Episode 20 - The End #RvBspoilers

Church, RVB

I really like how Church looks

Red Vs Blue, Rooster Teeth, Rwby, Overwatch, Halo, Maine, Blood, Fandom, Corona

RvB starwars cross (the ghost chick is Tex fyi...I wasn't sure at first so I thought I'd make it clear to others).

Red vs Blue Medieval AU Washington! (Art by madqueenmomo on Tumblr)

I didn't know whether to put this in OTP or Red vs Blue....well actually my OTP is York and Carolina but whatever

Find this Pin and more on Red vs Blue by Gigi T.

*flings blood at Locus* Locus: "What the f-" ...

I only ever shipped Tex/Church and Carolina/York, but hot damn if this didn' t make me scream with happiness. It probably isn't true and won't happen, ...

Red vs blue

Red VS Blue .:fan art:. by MidNight-Vixen ...

GFH: Red Vs. Blue Screenshots pt 2...I really like this

Red vs Blue Cast by Zombaits ...

Find this Pin and more on Red vs Blue by Gigi T.

Rwby Red, Red Vs Blue, Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Roosters, Geek Stuff, Halo, Violets, Superheroes

Other Pinners loved these ideas

Season 3

RvB church character profile

Red vs Blue Hunting Time by Colonel-Stormie on deviantART

Church (Red vs Blue)" by nefatari

Alpha & Beta/ Church & Tex

RVB Omega and Theta by No-pe.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

You just got SARGED by KonjouNashi on deviantART

Rooster Teeth, Rwby, Stupid, Naruto, Fandom, Fandoms

Rooster Teeth · Nice Guy Maine meme. Make it happen RT!

Niño de Bago Bantay | Church | Pinterest | Churches

rvb Jensen

'Red vs. Blue' takes backseat to ' ...

Red vs. Blue: Tex by Genchaos ...

i didn't want to let you go leonard church | chex | rvb | RVB | Pinterest | Red vs blue and Rooster teeth

Find this Pin and more on music by cruzrodriguezca.

Red vs Blue: Chibi Tucker by Teamdecepticon05 ...

•RVB - Day 2 by Synnesai

Tucker and Sister from Red VS Blue

RvB x RWBY - Mistaken Identity II by edCOM02 ...

Caboose Sheila and Church

red vs blue when caboose called wash church

Red vs Blue season 5 #xboxgames

RvB. What I am by Synnesai on deviantart

I don't know about you but the chairman has to be fucking tortured.

red vs blue tucker

Red Vs Blue - I'll keep your Picture. Church and Tex relationship probs

Find this Pin and more on Red vs Blue by Gigi T.

red vs blue funny sayings - Google Search

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Original Agent Texas Facecanon™ Please Don't Steal

red vs blue Sigma >:( (but he's Elijah Wood, so I can't stay mad for long.

I love how Church is actually possessing a robot and they're making fun of his weight.

TINY LITTLE SHARKY by No-pe on DeviantArt

RvB Phone Charms by Synnesai on deviantART Including: Felix, Kimbal, Locust, Florida

Red vs. Blue Season 9

Church and Texas

Red vs. Blue (1920x1080) : wallpapers

Ain't that a bitch? Church/Epsilon/Alpha, RVB

Red vs Blue Season 12!

Find this Pin and more on Red vs Blue by ArtisticElementalist42.

The things Caboose says after his blood was drained by the baby alien and Church and Doc argue with each other rather than tending to Caboose XD

Halo Plush - Red vs Blue - Warfare by samanthawagner ...

deviantART: More Like Red vs Blue Christmas by *MuddyTiger

Caboose and Theta wouldn't work well as a team but they'd defiantly be good friends

red vs blue tuckerisms!

Simmons and I are in the same boat.

RvB Felix (Rooster Teeth)

Red vs Blue, Project Freelancer, North and Theta

The Reds and Blues against Tex

RvB-YorkCarolina Shmoop by ajremix.deviantart.com on @deviantART

The Blue Team, from left to right: Tucker (Aqua), Tex (Black), Epsilon- Church (the monitor), Sheila (the tank), Alpha-Church (Cobalt) and Caboose (Blue).


Grey and Doc by Synnesai on DeviantArt. Love this artist!

It's Lightish Red! by suicidal-zombie on deviantART


Doc, Church, Tucker, and Caboose xD

A legacy. What is a legacy? It's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see

Washington and Maine. RvB

rvb caboose fanart - Google Search

Red vs Blue

Find this Pin and more on Red VS Blue by Beany Flies.


Only people who've seen Red vs. Blue will get it. Goddamnit Tucker

Find this Pin and more on Halo by Jade Spartan.