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Pin by Hadeel on SpecialMeH t Arabic quotes Tattoo

Pin by Hadeel on SpecialMeH t Arabic quotes Tattoo


I know you are the one I want to spent my life.

as said in the Quran as well

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If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you - grow with it


arabic image on We Heart It

هل تعرف ما معنى أن يأتيك صديق على مقاس قلبك تمامًا؟

possibly a tattoo idea in the upper language

H images on Pinterest | Arabic quotes, Quotes in arabic and Arabic words

Some people need to understand this

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أنظر إلى الأمام بأمل ولاتنظر للخلف بندم. Arabic PoetryTypography QuotesArabic ...

Good Life Quote

H images on Pinterest | Arabic quotes, Quotes in arabic and Arabic words

old ways won't open new doors

نزار قبّاني

H images on Pinterest | Arabic quotes, Quotes in arabic and Arabic words

Arabic proverbs by Jairey on We Heart It

H images on Pinterest | Arabic quotes, Quotes in arabic and Arabic words

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Quotes In Arabic · DesertRose,;,وسيظل البحث جاريًا,;,

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As if you are an endless path and I was destined to travel it,;

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“Between what is said and not meant..” – Khalil Gibran - More. Arabic Tattoo QuotesArabic ...

ابتسم. Arabic QuotesTimelineQuotes ...

Many different things can cause depression and each leaves its own mark; understand that you are human and need to address the things that happen to you in ...

Arabic "Do not mock a pain you haven't endured"

H images on Pinterest | Arabic quotes, Quotes in arabic and Arabic words

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YazanNofal لَن أخذل ذَلك القلب❤

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It's not your fault I'm waiting, and it's not my fault you did know I was. ( Hadeel Al-Hodayf)(هديل الحضيف)

الحب... Arabic QuotesArabic ...

[ هـتان ]. Arabic QuotesLife ...

139 best Islamic Art images on Pinterest | Islamic art, Arabic art and Islamic calligraphy

arab-quotes: “My heart rebelled against me ”

Fashion Arabic Style Illustration Description S.

Palestine // It's hard to be behind this sentiment with all of the suicide (

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22 best ابي وامي images on Pinterest | Arabic quotes, Arabic words and Quote


This is me!

بعض الذكورة عار

Motaz Al Tawil

"I am the first to be murdered.and the last to die" Arabic

Arabic Words, Arabic Quotes, Prayer, Husband, Eid Prayer, Quotes In Arabic, Prayers, Prayer Request

واحرص على قلبي فإنك فيه · Wild QuotesArabic ...

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لا تؤلموا احداً فكل مفس مليئة بما يكفيها. Arabic WordsArabic QuotesInspirational ...

سيعود اليك دائماً مهما ابتعد... Arabic PoetryArabic WordsArabic QuotesIslamic ...

ac4d72727c6e8fa989bec33d9ab46d68.jpg (736×920)

Lock screen wallpaper for iPhone For those who don't read Arabic, this is a poetry about Mother by Mahmoud Darweesh. for home wallpaper use this iPhone ...

you you oyou and you.oui madame you too

Punctuality is totally optional.

ام كلثوم. Arabic QuotesArabic ...

Arabic Calligraphy Print "Love" | Arabic calligraphy, Calligraphy and Delicate tattoo

عمرو دياب. Arabic QuotesArabic ...

What hurts the most in love is the nearness of the lover while you can't reach…

It's always about balance ...


I don't love you because you are the prettiest though you are. I don't love you because you are loyal though you are. I love you because you are half of my ...

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الاهتمام .. الكبرياء .. الحب .. الصداقه


أولويات · Arabic QuotesQuotes In Arabic

I love this but it is not easy to translate. Arabic QuotesArabic ...

❤️Mehndi Designs For Hands❤️Best Arabic Mehendi 2013❤️DIWALI special Meh.

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ربنا يخليك ليا ... و يسعد قلبك و يريح بالك ❤ ❤️

arab memes

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Islamic Art - Hadil Tamim: Islamic Patterns by Hadil Tamim

Ali name with Arabic Calligraphy

I love you in arabic

5 Striking Arabic Calligraphy Jewelry Brands to Invest in Now

DesertRose,;, good morning,;,

arab-quotes: ““- Why do we need friends? - Because when you feel sad, fear or maybe disappointment and you feel that you're about to cry, you'll realize ...

الأطلال ! Arabic QuotesGoldAccessoriesUmm ...

Path to Islam. 3 Qul (Sorry supposed to be four Quls but Kafiroon is missing)

From surah al-duha

الام البعاد - الحب الناجح لايعرف التردد.

Islamic Quotes

I'll suffice myself with you as a dream.. Because your reality isn

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La Leche League: Women's group helps mothers struggling to feed their babies

Discover the Top 25 Most Inspiring Rumi Quotes: mystical Rumi quotes on Love, Transformation and Wisdom.


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Arabic Calligraphy Quote Necklace, Customizable Arabic Verse Necklace, Fits up to 15 words, Personalized Arabic Calligraphy Design

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Nombres en arabe GLORIA · TatooIn ArabicTattoosDating

comment down your fav song that you can listen to at any mood 🎧🎵

I fear, if I were to rebel against my Lord, the punishment of a terrible Day.