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Pin by Anthony Pena on Smallville t Smallville and TVs

Pin by Anthony Pena on Smallville t Smallville and TVs



Smallville · Fade

Clark Kent, Lana Lang, Smallville, Patrick O'brian, Tom Welling, Couples, Superman, Couple, Romantic Couples

7.14 Traveler - 714Smallville0989 - Smallville HQ Screencaps

Tom Welling Smallville, Clark Kent, Toms, Tom Shoes

I'm so glad her character stayed until the very end :). Smallville's

Smallville Season 5

Lana knew from the beginning that Clark and Lois are perfect for each other... The best ones always start that way (: #Smallville #Lois&Clark #4X02

smallville <3 clark and Lois

Tom Welling Smallville, Toms, Tom Shoes

At that moment, Clark knew (:

My personal favorites as Lois and Clark. I loved how their relationship evolved over the series! Oh my gosh I love this :)

After all these years this episode still makes me want to cry! Miss Smallville. Before Michael left the show.

smallville - cast

"I'm sure he needs you, Lois" - Oliver and Lois. Find this Pin and more on Smallville!! ...

Colin and Ash. Allison MackJustin HartleySmallvilleGreen ...

Lex and Clark - Smallville


Smallville - Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer is FREAKING Out about the Music Box & Asks

Anything else with Supie I can't stand. Find this Pin and more on Smallville ...


Erica Durance As Lois Lane Smallville

Bts · Lana LangTom WellingSmallvilleBtsSuperman

Tom Welling Smallville, Toms, Tom Shoes

Smallville · Kara

1.04 X-Ray - S104XRay0386 - Smallville Screencaps

Arthur Curry/Aqua Man

Smallville: Clark jealous of Superman. Find this Pin and more on Smallville by Anthony Pena.

Smallville, Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Them > You

Tom Welling (Clark Kent) in 'Smallville' (Homecoming Episode)

Smallville 01x15 Nicodemus. Lana Lang

Smallville | Clark & Lana

Smallville · Tom

See you around Smallville. Clois Smallvile...oh she's leaving for now...what a cute scene.

Smallville Lois & Clark

Superboy Conner Kent Kon-El Smallville

Lana Lang Smallville

Smallville Clark & Lana The one good constant thing in my life.

<3 There was Lana Lang but then along came LOIS Lane... <3



Loved Clark and Oliver's friendship. Find this Pin and more on Smallville!! ...

Clark and Chloe :) smallville love their friendship

Tom and Justin

"Not even close" - Lex, Clark and Lana #Smallville. This scene

Pin by Christine Robinson on Favorite Films & Television | Pinterest | Smallville, Televisions and Films

Literally don't think I've seen him wear any other colors. Smallville

Smallville never fails to cheer me up | Favorites | Pinterest | Smallville, Cheer and Clarks


Tom Welling AKA Clark Kent (Smallville Sexiest)

Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor in Smallville

Does Smallville's Season 8 Stand a Chance?

haha now that's love <3 Smallville

''No one's gonna mess with Lois and Clark, right?" - Clark · Smallville ...

Smallville Season 10 poster by Solimm on deviantART

clois <3 - smallville Fan Art

Clark Kent & Lex Luthor


Chloe and Jimmy, Smallville from 20 TV Couples That Didn't End up Together and…

smallvile | HD Smallville wallpapers - Superman in the High School years TV

#Smallville - Season 6 Cast Photo 2

lana as witch isabelle smallville


Smallville Poster with Green Arrow, Clark Kent, Chloe, and Lois Lane.

Smallville. Clark Kent Lex Luther. Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum.

Erica-Durance- Lois Lane Smallville-S8E15-Infamous

Smallville - After the death of Clark's father Jonathan Kent MADE BY KIMMY WESTERBAAN.

Smallville "Collateral" Chloe and Oliver, MADE BY KIMMY WESTERBAAN

[gifset] Jensen as Jason Teague in Smallville

Erica Durance and Tom Welling (Smallville season 4 promo poster)



Tom Welling -- I'm thinking he's perfect for Zach Harper (A Wager of Blood)

Kyle Gallner As 'Bart Allen/Impulse/The Flash'.I loved this program.Please check out my website thanks. www.photopix.co.nz

Smallville - Man I miss this show :-(


Smallville -- When Alicia died :(

smallville - Recherche Google

She's a great voice of reason. | Community Post: 23 Reasons Chloe Sullivan Is

5.16 Hypnotic - 516Smallville0545 - Smallville HQ Screencaps

lex luthor smallville - Google Search It's so weird to see him with hair

lana lang smallville

Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen in #Smallville - Season 6

Smallville Seasons 1 and Not made by me

Smallville - Nai'xyy Tom Welling

Tom. Not made by me

Smallville Best Quotes


Kara Kent Smallville. I love watching smallville. Please check out my website thanks. www.photopix.co.nz

Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) - Smallville Season 4

Tom Welling's Clark Kent hairstyle in Smallville.

Smallville "Fade" S5EP20


She looks terrified, because she knows he's different.

Smallville - Clark & Lois, the glasses :), MADE BY KIMMY WESTERBAAN.

smallville gifs - smallville Fan Art

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