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Pin av ypnos p otp to save you I could do anything t

Pin av ypnos p otp to save you I could do anything t


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Percabeth through the years/books (Ignore the "your")

OMG. Rick Riordan tweets

Am I the only one who thinks this would have been amazing and hilarious?

Snamione: "You have your mother's eyes.

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A little something to keep us going until House of Hades.. This is a page from House of Hades FanFiction by JustColor.

A note for the new campers.hey newbies *smiles a smile that mean death*ya dont tease about the spiders. < < < Wonder what Percy would do if anyone peaked him ...

#TheSongofAchilles #TSOA #Achilles #Patroclus #Patrochilles #OTP

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***a lot (I couldn't bare to pin this without correcting

Cora Hale, Teen Posts, Text Messages, Seokjin, Pretty Reckless, Hot Mess, Besties, Audi, Otp

When You Were Young - Dean and Buffy. Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover

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The Vampire Diaries

Omg they are my Greek gods otp!

And this kids is the main cause of problems in Greek mythology

I laughed for 5 minutes before i could pin this pin

Haymitch: Son of Dionysus


Can i has dis person, please?

I'd watch this crossover! Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural ...


Dean Winchester & Buffy Summers

Slayer & Hunter

I Hope you and anyone else who watches likes it. No Copyrights Intended Only Made For Fun

A Soft Wrongness

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Very proud of this video, worked incredibly hard on it and went without sleep on a couple of occassions trying .

There are moments in our lives, when we find ourselves at a crossroads.

"I try to hold on tight but there's no stopping time" Last video for a while as I have alot of real life stuff going on.


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I can just imagine Percy singing that

Heroes of Olympus - Will Solace x Nico di Angelo - Solangelo

White Aesthetic, Definitions, Otp, Aesthetics, Feelings


'A pen sword. That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. What Does Otp ...


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Mitchell Clovis

O.T.P. Dean and Buffy

Roy Harper/Red Arrow aestetic dc

Scott & Stiles

Awww <3

Skam, OTP, Evak Tenho medo do Even mas o Isak é um cara de Deus

How can I hate this man and admire him so much all at the same time

'Huh, I didn't know that.' —You, reading this post. '

<--- Perfect description of how I felt seeing this except you

I like it

No One Like You (Dean/Buffy)

Hades, Artemis, Aphrodite, Apollo, Irises, Cabin, Greek Underworld, Cubicle, Cottage

I know that this isn't referring to him, but I feel like this. NoctisOtp

This is how I (personally) responded to the endings of The Hero's of Olympus books. Thank you Rick for this amazing series!

This would be so weird to non fandom members


Thanatos is the brother of Hypnos, the god of sleep, hence peaceful death. It's his sisters that are the violent ones (forgot their names sorry)

Keep refreshing it!

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Dean & Buffy | Soldier

The main problem with winter is the drudgery though. Spring and Fall are my favorite. :P < < < fall and winter are the best tbh

To whatever end #100 aesthetic summer challenge


Update: There are unlimited slots per Art style. I might change the poses/shot angles to suit your characters. This is a "Your Charac.

I wonder how many things rick riordan uses because of what the fandom wonders < <

Legend of Korra- Asami Sato with General Iroh II ♥ Irosami!

Spooky Lapel Pins: Black enamel pin collection, witch, cursed, ouija planchette, we are the weirdos & Yes/No hands

Gallagher girl

After Rowan brought her chocolates for her birthday, Celaena gave him a big, smaking kiss on his cheek. I may not ship them as a couple, but I do lo

[YCH 141] The Guy to See (CLOSED) by SeraphicMayin.deviantart.

This should be Sirius and James tbh

misterpoof: “ [throws] heres a thing for those draw the otp/squad prompts– make sure to give me credit if you use it! thank you uvu ” Taiga and Aranor lol

We're not normal>> why did they even think we were in the first place?what the heck guys.

Your first thought is your looking from the angle of the person saving the falling girl. But what if that's the wrong perspective: what if your falling and ...

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Hypnos and Nemesis

Hazel and Frank. I love this coupule, the two love each other for who

Or what I used to call it: Oh They're Perfect < < <

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@Lindsay Crandall Blake @Erin B Manuel @Willow Buscemi Fern and the other cabin

Erich Hayes

Everything will be alright xD >> 'I hope your earbud cords get tangled forever' XD

O.T.P. Dean and Buffy

otp: annalise & tbd.

After I found out about fan fiction, fandoms, and anime

Still Cracking » Its Your Time To Laugh!You've Been Warned! -

Do you believe in potential? Well if I actually went to the gym, I could potentially look like Tatum Channing.

once you've loved someone so hard that when it's over, you can't remain friends anymore.

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“Double tap if you're my bae ”

“ Mythology Meme: OTPs ➝ Thanatos x Macaria No wealth, no land, no silver no gold. Nothing satisfies me but your soul.

Can't believe it, RICK RIORDAN replied my tweet!! This can'

Vampire academy

But I dout it happens cause he didn't know he was a son of Posiden until he was 12 seriously

It must be an original head canon- keep it clean!

tratie (Travis and Katie) and let's not forget Conner. Don't you

so apparently people now ship Apollo & Rachel Dare?? <