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Pertussis vaccine as a cause of Multiple Sclerosis t

Pertussis vaccine as a cause of Multiple Sclerosis t


Pertussis vaccine as a cause of Multiple Sclerosis

Despite a three-decade 94% or greater pertussis vaccination rate among U.S. children,


Whooping cough: A small drop in vaccine protection can lead to a case upsurge

Basic Protocol

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Whooping cough resurgence due to vaccinated people not knowing they are infectious?

A quarter century later, DPT: A Shot in the Dark still stands as the

FDA: pertussis vaccine sheds, causing disease

How many infants got hepatitis B in France because of low levels of vaccination after they

Relapsing/Remitting Model

England & Wales Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Mortality 1901 to 1999

“Science has spoken when it comes to the theory that some childhood vaccines can cause autism.

There has never been a study on giving multiple vaccines at one (Tdap, Dtap

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Whooping Cough Spreads Through Pertussis Vaccine Itself


Pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis: potential factors that cause MS


Vaccines cause multiple sclerosis? No link found in a large scientific review

Fig. 1 Selection of studies for inclusion in the systematic review on the effect of

MS Study Questions Safety of Bacteria Commonly Used as Vaccine Adjuvant

protection (from the Pertussis vaccine), fades pretty quickly. So by the time you're at seven or eight years (out), you've got very little protection left.

A "live" vaccine could unintentionally cause a mild case of the illness that it is intended to prevent.

Are there any contraindications and side effects for the pertussis vaccine?

A federal jury awarded $15 million Wednesday to a couple who claimed their daughter suffered permanent

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Pertussis vaccine as a cause of Multiple Sclerosis | Vaccine Information | Pinterest | Multiple sclerosis

Free David Wilcock Screening: Disclosure & The Fall of the Cabal

MS types

So You Don't Believe Vaccines Cause Autism and Death?

Vaccine Injury & Death Stories

Destruction patterns in the multiple sclerosis plaque. ( A ) In the healthy CNS oligodendrocytes

Measles Mortality England & Wales 1901 to 1999

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090610 Terada Graph Data - by % Births

MS can significantly impede physical activities, but this study didn't find any link

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She is unable to obtain pertussis immunity because she received false "protection" from the "pertussis vaccine". "Vaccination" does NOT confer Herd Immunity

Tetanus Mortality England & Wales 1901 to 1999

With regards to an initially postulated mechanism – that during immune reconstitution, an aberrant autoreactive immune response would be suppressed – there ...


Multiple Sclerosis

Gram stain of the bacteria Bordetella pertussis. Credit: CDC

Adoptive Transfer EAE Mouse Models

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The latest immunization schedule from the CDC and AAP.


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Whooping cough resurgence due to vaccinated people not knowing they are infectious?

The Tdap shot - which protects against pertussis - is not associated with preterm birth,

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Can vaccines contribute to the onset of autism in some children? I believe that contention is not only possible, it is plausible, more research is needed.

After all of the scare about the DPT vaccine, studies quickly showed that it didn

Vaccines can be blamed for illness without scientific evidence, says EU court - CNN

Fig. 1

... Multiple Sclerosis Recommendations · Multiple Sclerosis Resources

Baseline Characteristics of Pertussis Vaccine (Tdap) Exposed and Unexposed Pregnant Women

Vaccines Do Not Cause MS

Please share this post so that other parents can learn about vaccine contraindications and decide if vaccination is right for their children.

England & Wales Diphtheria Mortality 1901 to 1999


This is the original study of Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated, completed in 1889. Why wasn't the “science settled” then?

DTAP Vaccine

TABLE 36 20111216 GSK Infanrix Hexa Summary Bridging Report 16-12-2011

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Schematic of pertussis classical and severe disease and points of therapeutic intervention. Classical pertussis (

Common signs and symptoms of tetanus, in order of appearance, are:

Whooping ...

Have you gotten a letter from your child's school about pertussis yet?

The whole cell pertussis vaccine, media malpractice, and the long-term effects of avoiding difficult conversations

Graphical abstract

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Figure 2. OCT showed retinal nerve fiber layer thinning in all quadrants and optic nerve

How Drug Company Money is Used to Push Vaccines Which Have Killed and/or Injured

Speak up and Stay Alive Patient Safety Barbara Loe Fisher (National Vaccine Information Centre)

Vaccine Contraindications: six people who should not be vaccinated - The Family That Heals Together