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Period humor Period cramps and Pms t

Period humor Period cramps and Pms t


No, seriously. They're bad: Period FunnyPeriod ...

Period · Tampon HumorPms ...

Period Pains are comparable to Appendicitis

Pretty much. Funny Funny FunnyFunny PicsFunny PicturesFunny StuffFunny MemesHilariousPeriod PainsPeriod ...

#Cramps #Funny #Moods. That SPeriod ...

Periods... Funny ...

Menstruation jokes aren't funny, period by ComeTakeALook ...

Funny Tumblr Posts About Periods: Part 3 Part 1:.


... crying because my phone charger was too far away and moving would mean I would disrupt my awkward cramp free pose. If that doesn't describe periods ...

Boys just ...

I don't have cramps I have a free sample of what it feels like · Girls Period QuotesFunny ...

Period Comics

10 things I like about having my period

5 Types Of Injuries: How Bad It Looks VS Actual Pain Level… nope a broken arm isn't painful we'll if you're me .there's to much green in the period cramp

This is so true. There is no sarcasm here. All truth. I can honestly tell you that the pain in my abdomen is liken to the pain this shark's teeth bring this ...


funny memes of menstrual cramps - Google Search

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Period Comics

Period Comics

Period Comics

Ever been the battlefield and the sole victim of an internal civil war, that was started without your consent ? Well that's the human version of periods my ...


Period Comics

Period Comics

period funny

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Don't even try to pretend you haven't thought this

You have no idea how painful cramps are imagine the worst stomach ache and

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Most people think that PMS just comes with the delight of being a female, but believe it or not, your period should actually come and go without the pain ...

Pin What having your period feels like, according to the internet

It's ...

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Sorry ...

First of all, traveling teaches you to adapt to the environment. It enhances your resiliency and you kind of just learn to go with the flow (see what I did ...

Menstrual Matters



pms vs. pregnancy


Period Comics

Don't get us wrong -- labor is way, way worse. But

period clothes funny

When you can't tell if your next period will be easy and breezy or if it'll hit you like a truck:

Period Memes And Funny Quotes. “I don't always get menstrual cramps ...

If Men Had Periods

13 Comics About Periods By Sarah's Scribbles That Only Women Will Understand


It's That Time Again Heat Patch 1 set

Period Comics

Period Comics

Woman on her period

A woman wears a Livia system (Courtesy)

Symptoms of TSS include a sudden onset of fever, chills, diarrhea, vomiting,


How to relieve menstrual cramps using pressure points. I learned this method about a year

Bodyform is campaigning for six new period-themed emojis to be added to the unicode

This is overboard.

10+ Painfully Hilarious Posts About Periods That Only Women Will Understand

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You're more likely to injure your knees.

However, we women have learnt to take things with a pinch of salt over the years and these menstruation jokes from the internet are a proof of that.

What if Men Knew the Feeling of period pains, very funny commercial by Libresse

Lively Funny Quotes About Periods That Only Women Will Understand

Your cholesterol levels might rise.

Don't you dare bring over Aunt flow. Row row row your boat gently the fuck away from me. *Lost thinking about the menstrual island.*

A late period isn't always what you think

Ruben Chamorro

Period Comics

Period Comics

When it hurts so much that it feels like the uterus is literally stabbing itself and you can't stop cursing every damn thing.

My bad mood side when having my period.

Why You Should Not Turn to Endometrial Ablation to Deal With Heavy Periods

Men Explain Periods

What helps period cramps?

Your period doesn't have to be painful- celebrate how your body works and. During menstruation ...

Why is having a regular period ...

I'm like a guy in the body of a girl. I don'

You could develop gum disease.

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Isn't it sounding terrifying? Oh!! Believe me, it is. Basically, PMS involves a series of physical and emotional symptoms including irritability, stress, ...

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Menstrual cramps – what causes them?

What Men Think Periods Are Like: 18 Of The Most Hilarious Responses - Gurl.com | Gurl.com

Period Pain and PMS