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Paralysed people inhabit distant robot bodies with thought alone

Paralysed people inhabit distant robot bodies with thought alone


Paralyzed People Inhabit Distant Robot Bodies With Thought Alone

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Paralysed people inhabit distant robot bodies with thought alone | SBS Science

Robot romance

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fact and fiction

DigitalSingleMarketVerified account @DSMeu. New technologies mean hope for disabled people.

REEM, the humanoid service robot created by PAL Robotics

Tom Hamilton

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41 Strange on

Japan's MHI Unveils MEISTeR Robot For Working In Nuclear Plants


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is it safe though?

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Exsoskeleton armor gives superhuman strength to regular people and paralyzed people the ability walk.

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EU Research ResultsVerified account @CORDIS_EU. '

EEZYbotARM Mk2 - 3D Printed Robot

Mind over matter helps paralysed woman control robotic arm | Science | The Guardian

Robots could soon replace human security guards

The 100 Greatest Movie Robots of All Time


face in the dark

self-driving vehicles

ISSUE 3095

My Life as a Robot

ISSUE 3094

ISSUE 3092

HUMANOID robots help improve nursing home patient's quality of life <=> NATORI, JAPAN - MARCH 13, 2017: An elderly user pats the head of the ...

ISSUE 3093

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Radical Robot Books -- Novels, Short Stories, Comics. Death Disco, Tokyo Gothic, Metal Sushi, X-Men, Vampirella, - Short Stories

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AI research

ISSUE 3091

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SUU Chemistry Club

... integrating emerging robotic technologies ...

The Zombonitron 1600 includes 16 robot ...



Do You Feel Like You Don't Belong Here? 4 Reasons Why It May Be a Good Thing – Learning Mind

Victor von Doom (Earth-616)

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Wearable "robot" legs allow paralyzed people to walk

(Source: txchnologist)

... Conor Walsh, assistant professor of ...

Update 03/04/2012


This image shows an artist's conception of the Mars Excursion Module (MEM) proposed in a NASA study in 1963, a manned mission to Mars concept that failed to ...

According to the researchers, these soft electronic devices can change shape within the body,…

Great review of grounded/ embodied cognition, touching on its potential in robotics + education by Pulvermuller to start off #ESCoP2017pic.twitter.com/ ...

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... systems on roads worldwide and Google trialling its own autonomous […]

... on university campuses, ...

... young roboticist than sociable robotics ...

Robot soldiers - Daily Beast

... autonomy, memory and prospection.

A little while later came the arrival of mammals. For the Millennials of the Animal Kingdom, life was complicated. Yes, their hearts needed to beat and ...

Is this the age of the BIONIC BODY?

... and so Kitty, mostly paralyzed but still thinking, hits on the idea of letting Rogue absorb her powers and mind, and then getting Rogue to do the same ...

chart showing the results of our poll about the type of sleep paralysis experiences people have

ReWalk is a robotic exoskeleton that can help people re-learn how to walk

CERTH @EFPIA event on “Health Collaboration Summit 2016, a healthier future for Europe

A suit of sensors helps minimize ...

The dark side of antidepressants

The graffiti artist Skid Robot is highlighting LA's homeless problem

10 Brilliant Green 'Designs to Improve Life' Shortlisted for the 2013 INDEX: Award | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Compare the performance of SSVEP-based BCIs across different EEG devices

We have come to a realization that paralysis will most likely be in our life for good.

eye artwork

From cover of Popular Science magazine Nov 65 (1965). Cornell Aeronautical Labs Man-Amplifier.


Clinical trials of Russia's first medical exoskeleton ...

Cathy Hutchinson BrainGate Thought Controlled Robotic Arm

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SCITCS has provided a treadmill to the REYu Paralysis Recovery Centre:

Fifteen golden-age science-fiction stories by A. E. van Vogt - Prospero's Isle

DARPA Has A Program Called "Avatar"

Government Technology to Read Your Thoughts and Implant New Ones (Remote Neural Monitoring and Manipulation)


A model demonstrates the Welwalk WW-1000, a wearable robotic leg brace designed to help partially paralyzed people walk at the main system with treadmill ...

... 13. temporally ...

A medical assistant helps to attach a model to demonstrate the Welwalk WW-1000, a wearable robotic leg brace designed to help partially paralyzed people ...

Above: Image from the movie “A Tribute to John Cage”, 1973.

Illustration by Daniel Zender


Finally, I came across this shit and I've been living with it ever since—so now you have to too. A 3-dimensional homunculus man.17