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Ooooo really cool art style INFAMOUS Will VIDEOGAMES

Ooooo really cool art style INFAMOUS Will VIDEOGAMES


Ooooo, really cool art style. INFAMOUS -Will


Infamous Second Son, haha XD this game looks great...I wanna okayyy

OuO Awwn, okay wittle Delsin -If you know the game you'll understand.

Delsin Rowe by aimfproto.tumblr.com

Infamous Second Son Competition Entry. Infamous Second SonCool StyleSouth AfricaCompetitionPlaystationVideogamesStyle ...

Eugene Infamous

doubleleaf: mirea-the-gaming-assassin asked you: Can you draw Connor kenway and Delsin Rowe please?

Infamous Second Son

delsin rowe | Tumblr

Second Sonnnn -Will

Infamous Second Son, haha, cute style ^3^ -Will

Delsin Rowe in Assassin's Creed style

Infamous Second Son... Looks like some sort of painting.

Sure, the Sly logo is more iconic, but that cake could have just as easily exhibited the inFamous logo (which has likely made more money for Sony at this ...

Finally! Sly Cooper news! An article published just five hours ago by Animation Magazine has confirmed that Sony and Technicolor Animation Productions have ...

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO 10.jpg, ...

A Vicious Man-Eating Worm Chases You Through This Week in Gaming Apps

AVGN X is a tough Blu-ray to review because I feel like it is aimed at a very specific group of people. The set contains the first 100 episodes of the Angry ...

89 Sam Morgan by missxdelaney ...

May the first original video game heroine even have been conceived as a person of color?

One thing can be said for E3 this year- it was about the games more than anything else. With the next generation of gaming kicking into full gear with two ...

TODO alt text

Free-HD-Video-Game-Wallpaper | FANTASTIC

... awesome Abstract Game

Super Gamepad is a Wireless Controller for the SNES Classic

PaRappa the Rapper Remastered Review - Screenshot 4 of 4

Kid Chameleon is a bit of a cross between Super Mario Bros 3, Little Nemo: The Dream Master, and the “Moriarty takes control over the Enterprise” episodes ...

This is not Hyrule Castle. This is the only part of Breath of the Wild

A Hunter aiming Sunshot, an exotic hand cannon in Destiny 2. Bungie/Activision

[Lets have fun] "These games look identical to me" | Page 2 | ResetEra

Livelock is a sci-fi twin-stick shooter for up to three online players, taking place in a world where robots rule.

Such a great game... But I had better "D" games.

Ni no Kano (Studio Ghibli, Level-5 and Bandai)

Basic dialog

Aliens : Alien Queen by JJasso ...

Street Fighter V

PaRappa the Rapper Remastered

Here's a quick evolution of a background, from a doodle in my Black Book Of Gibbousness to a pretty much final sketch:

Kissy, Takky and Hommy from Baraduke (1985) and Baraduke II: Bakutotsu Kijūtei (1988)

... first 41 "SPLAY" issues tremendously, but I nearly dropped a load when I picked up ish #42. Right there on the gorgeous anime art-esque front cover (Wil ...

7 incredibly weird and innovative 80s videogames

In general, will Radical Heights be good? It's too early to tell, but as of right now, this feels like a terrible idea, and the studio doesn't seem aware at ...

A lot of graphical promise shown by Sledgehammer Studios with WWII. We just can't wait.

Minecraft is a game that needs little introduction, as a title that recently hit 74 million monthly active users.

So apparently the publishers' theory that video games with female protagonists on the cover do not sell is not as recent as we might have thought.

Byrne Robotics: Speaking of video games.

And as you can imagine, we talked about it. A lot. Buckle up, we have opinions and share them with you.

Take something like Pokemon FireRed for the Game Boy Advance; a used, good condition copy recently sold on eBay for £90. That's hardly a bank breaking sum ...

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Look what he made me! I LOVE THIS PICTURE SO MUCH~ Kirbshy is best gaming partner. Thanks very much again~ ...

Elder Scrolls Online

Figure 13: Computer Gaming World no. 116, p. 12 (fragment)

May the first original video game heroine even have been conceived as a person of color?

Byrne Robotics: Speaking of video games.

Benthi from Galactic Saga IV: Tawala's Last Redoubt (1981)

... this is the superhero genre, as a good chunk of the mecha at the time had super hero clichès and references that helped pop culture and media such as ...

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a four-player co-operative tactical shooter that takes place in a fictionalized Bolivia, taken over by nefarious drug cartels.

Bring the Hyborian Age to life on Roll20 with four amazing Conan tile sets from Modiphius Entertainment! Dens of Iniquity & Streets of Terror, ...

I'm actually not too sure which system I liked the best, but Battlefield 4's field upgrade system in conjunction with emphasis on team play, ...

49. Slave of God [Official site] (2012)

Spark the Electric Jester - A really good Sonic-like platformer from last year.

Horrace D'


As with all D&D sessions, there is a fine balance between meta, and just playing normally. This mostly only happens with those people who LOVE to min/max, ...

A Personal Video Game Retrospective (1986-2015) 1989 - General Discussion - Giant Bomb

I would be so mad 😂 - C2 @couragejd #videogames #games #online

DIY for the Next Generation of Makers in HOWTOONS

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO 12.jpg, ...

The quality of the boss fights is consistently high, and there are a huge number of them. There isn't one quite as memorable as Ornstein and Smough, ...

Graphically, the game is... serviceable. Whether or not you see anything impressive is all down to luck. Space generally looks cool, some of the planets are ...

Graphical technologies, innovation and aesthetics in the video game industry: a case study of the shift from 2d to 3d graphics in the 1990s

A Uncharted 2/Warhawk mash up stage + originally planned art style:

The 11 Best Warhammer 40k Games (PC)

Hardcover, full color, 144 pages. $29.95 for hardcover, $15.95 for PDF. The book is full color, the PDF is bookmarked with a hyperlinked index.

Book of Unwritten Tales 2 - again it's not hand-drawn but 2,5D, but nice of you to mention it: When I wrote of The Whispered World (sorry, not in English!) ...

A Vicious Man-Eating Worm Chases You Through This Week in Gaming Apps

5 Excellent Star Wars Video Games

Laura x Lightning


If only I didn't crash every other time I jumped into the air I might actually be good at this game.


Gears of War 4 is one of the best exclusives the Xbox One has to date, and it is full of content great for co-operative play.


Ninja Scroll

Byrne Robotics: Speaking of video games.

Though there's a large Resi 4 debt in the early villagers, the real Capcom influence here is Monster Hunter. The trick weapons are the latest debt the Souls ...

Very cool Mario •• • • • • • • • •• • •

Oh I suppose Slash is cool too.

Now: '15

I'm A Mormon. Pop Culture Often Mocks My Faith, But Fallout Treated