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One place you don39t want to be is under a cumulonimbus cloud

One place you don39t want to be is under a cumulonimbus cloud


One place you don't want to be is under a cumulonimbus cloud unless you're a fan of hail.

Tall cumulonimbus cloud with dark bottom

As the tops of cumulonimbus clouds reach the tropopause (the boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere), intense atmospheric winds spread the ...

Cumulonimbus calvus (29–01–2016, 1847 hrs W, Karaikudi, India)

Collapse of a Cumulonimbus Cloud, Auckland NZ

Tall, puffy clouds are called cumulus clouds, meaning

Sky Timelapse of Cumulonimbus Clouds with Lightning

High above.

Huge cumulonimbus cloud forming in timelapse (Natural) V10106


Image of Cumulonimbus cloud formation

Six clouds you should know about – and what they can reveal about the weather

Cumulonimbus clouds produce severe weather, including intense rain, high winds, hail and tornadoes


Bright rainbow pileus cloud forms over cumulonimbus cloud in Zimbabwe, Africa

I don't know. My best guess is a cumulonimbus. But that is only a guess, based on cloud ID webpages I looked at today. This one appeared in ...

Cumulus clouds are characterized by a white, fluffy appearance. Credit: Pixabay, Hans

Mammatus Clouds - they look like giant, twisted cotton balls in the sky to me

Cumulonimbus clouds in Singapore, part 1

Cumulonimbus clouds. Image by Getty Images/ Feng Wei Photography.

Cumulonimbus Clouds

Cumulonimbus clouds | UCAR Center for Science Education

This rain shaft is strong enough that one could suspect a weak Cumulonimbus cloud has erupted from the Stratocumulus.

Mammatus clouds in the Nepal Himalayas

#ItsAmazingOutThere Badge: Cumulonimbus Cloud Time Lapse

So the Cb cloud isn't actually 'within' the stratus layer, but I don't believe you meant that literally. You can have the two categories together though, ...

Cumulonimbus Clouds

When viewed from space, thunderstorms look like explosions, clearly showing the strong updrafts powering the vertical growth of such cumulonimbus clouds .

Altocumulus Clouds

Image: Toni Lynn Trottier, Toronto, Ont.

'Castle Cloud' Caught in Spectacular Astronaut Photo

Iridescent cloud over Singapore

Lenticular Cloud over Harold's Cross Dublin Ireland 30-6-15.jpg

Full Flight Graz to Duesseldorf - over cumulonimbus clouds - with Fokker 100

Cumulonimbus clouds, which are associated with severe storms, build in the skies above Mitchellton, Saskatchewan, Canada.

To capture clouds in all their golden, moody, billowy greatness, you don't need ...

A vertical cumulus cloud over Dulles International Airport. Photo by Kathryn Prociv

Sure sign of a thunderstorm in the vicinity is to look for the tell-tale “anvil top” shape of the clouds. You see an anvil top and that pretty much means ...

... cumulus" clouds, which are taller and have faster upward velocities (owing to the deeper layer where upward accelerations occur). When the layer in ...

Cumulonimbus cloud over Austin

A Cumulonimbus Cloud - Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto.com/BanksPhotos, Image #


Magnificent Cumulonimbus Cloud Formation Over Arizona

Ice is appearing just about everywhere now as the air aloft cools a little more, and the Cumulus deepen upward some. The clouds are likely no deeper than ...

The cloud that produces showers and thunderstorms. Credit: Pixabay. Cumulonimbus is fluffy and white like ...

A Quick Guide to Cloud Types

The ten main types of cloud

Different Types of Clouds

Cumulus Clouds

Cumulonimbus clouds are a type of nimbus cloud

If you're in the air though, or looking at weather radar images, you would most definitely be able to see it. Check this out…

Anvil cloud over Adelaide

All About Clouds for Kids: Types and Names of Clouds - FreeSchool - YouTube

Towering into the highest reaches of the troposphere, these imposing storm clouds are unmistakeable. They form when surface heating and atmospheric ...

Vic Storm Chasers on Twitter: "#Cumulonimbus clouds near #Geelong produced heavy #rain not long ago. Photo by Vanessa Hulands #vicweather #weather ...


cumulonimbus cloud - Google Search

Mammatus Clouds, aka Angel Butt Clouds, form under the anvils of cumulonimbus clouds. We're being mooned.

Cirrocumulus in Hong Kong. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Time lapse of a cumulonimbus cloud over the Barossa Valley0:12

The End. Cumulus clouds ...

Dazzling sun shining from behind towering cumulonimbus clouds royalty-free stock photo

Altostratus clouds spelling a rainy day. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Cumulonimbus cloud bird eye view in the morning over the Andaman

Look, Up in the Sky – It's a Cloud!

Cumulonimbus clouds. cumulonimbus stormy cloud with blue sky.

English: Cumulonimbus cloud with Pileus in the.

Stratus Clouds: Definition & Facts

An intense updraft punching through a cumulonimbus cloud “anvil."

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Clouds like those in the picture to the right are very commonly observed. They are called 'cumulus' because they have a heaped-up form (from the Latin ...

Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds (DI00164)

a big and fluffy cumulonimbus cloud in the blue sky

Norfolk Nebraska clouds before the storm. Norfolk Nebraska clouds before the storm. Norfolk Nebraska clouds before the storm.

Cumulonimbus Clouds Timelapse

Thus, you should always be alert for stronger thunderstorms if you ever see mammatus clouds! Such clouds also inform pilots of turbulent flying conditions ...

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When it comes to summer storms, the cumulonimbus cloud brings the power, but the arcus (shelf) cloud brings the drama.

11:48 AM - 28 May 2018 from Clearwater, FL

Lightning constantly striking inside a big cumulus cumulonimbus cloud. - YouTube

Cirrus clouds, El Calafate, Argentina. Credit: Flickr, Dimitry B.

There's two distinct layers of cloud there. I've indicated the lower clouds in pink here:

10 Most Common Types of Clouds Found in the Sky Cumulus clouds are one ...

And since they are in the cumulus category, they will appear very fluffy, and since they bring strong storms, they will appear dark and dense, ...

Mostly cloud conditions represented with stratocumulus clouds in the SilverLining Sky, Cloud, and Weather

Formation of cumulonimbus cloud

400x266_06201400_supercell. "

I prefer to take photos of cumulonimbus clouds....before the lightning show starts.