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One Woman39s Mission to Save Sri Lankan Street Dogs Dogs

One Woman39s Mission to Save Sri Lankan Street Dogs Dogs


One Woman's Mission to Save Sri Lankan Street Dogs


Dog · Saving street animals in Sri Lanka: ...


dogstar foundation. The Sri Lankan government's reputation for street dog maintenance was shameful, alternating between ...

street dog

save yourself from the eyes !

Australian Guy Is On A Mission To Save Every Dog In The World

So much respect the people who saved these puppies and dogs.

stray dogs - Google Search

Hairless Puppies Rescued From Sri Lanka Streets Have A Brand New Life - The Dodo

Puppies in cage

India street dogs - Google Search

One of my dreams to help the street dogs around the world.

Tips on How to Help a Stray Dog - Top Dog Tips

Australian Guy Is On A Mission To Save Every Dog In The World | Helping dogs, Dog and Crazy dog lady

Imagine a ...

So Long Sri Lanka MyAdventureBucket.com

Before: The Coolings spotted the emaciated Rama after she begged for food

Sri Lanka-62

So Long Sri Lanka MyAdventureBucket.com

dogstar foundation

Dogs Quote's Only a hungry man can understand the pain of hunger.

Puppy love: Kim Cooling with Rama the street dog

Animal Welfare in Sri Lanka: The life of an uncared-for street dog can be wretched.

Murphy Ann the adventure dog getting a blood transfusion MyAdventureBucket.com

Hairless puppy living on the streets

Puppies playing in driveway

dog rehabilitation

... Sri Lanka's forgotten street animals. dogstar foundation

BEFORE PICTURE dogstar foundation

Matt Hodgson preparing for the European Sled Dog Championship

Dogs from Nature

John Hanson Jr. at his dog yard in New Stuyahok

After: Rama, back in the UK and looking much healthier

Richie Camden and Dominic Rekart take the Breakaway Siberians sled dog team out for a practice

Scott Hudson has been operating his dogsledding business for six years and says people really like

As many travelers before us have mentioned, one of the first things we noticed when we arrived was the dogs … ...

Sled Dog Racing Queensland is kicking off its racing season in the Passchendaele State Forest.

First Dog Breeders Ever Revealed · Image Credit: Ralf Κλενγελ

Joee Redington drove his team to a second place finish in the Exxon Mobil Open at

PCS Quincy Site Director Patrick Joseph, left, holds the harness while Alaskan sled dog

A team of sled dogs races through the woods near Appalaches resort. (FRANCIS FONTAINE

A baby elephant became stuck in a six-foot well while it was trying to

Missy / Photo Credit: Twitter.com/JossStone

John Hanson Jr. in his dog yard in New Stuyahok

A team mushes from the startline of the Kearney Dog Sled Races. - Metroland file

dogstar foundation. I returned to a small village in Sri Lanka where I had once come across a street dog ...

Murphy Ann making herself at home on the grounds of Mount Vernon.

Planning a trip to Sri Lanka? Here's everything you need to have on your bucket list

The Dogs of Hurricane Katrina

Hairless puppies after being rescued

Woman holding rescued dogs in her arms


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... Sri Lanka and we did spot a LOT of them. We were very lucky because a lot of cute little babies we born recently, so that made the trip even more fun 🙂


Julie Ahnen is a long way from her home in Northern Michigan. She

A restraining device that fits in a door frame to keep a dog immobile and cooperative

Dog sledder Emily with her Siberian huskies Mikey and Ruby.

“We trim our dog's fur during warmer periods of the year,” said Dulani – the owner of Duke, a mixed breed ( Japanese Spitz and Pomeranian).

... Sri Lanka and we did spot a LOT of them. We were very lucky because a lot of cute little babies we born recently, so that made the trip even more fun 🙂

Exotic chic decorating style from Sri Lanka

Bulldog puppy

(Courtesy: Google Maps). Doesn't the dog ...

“I found this guy on the steps of the Acropolis of Athens. His tag said 'Petros, sterile, vaccinated' and had a phone number. Thinking that the dog was lost ...

Of that House of Commons debate - British MPs have, in a special parliamentary debate, bashed India and Sri Lanka over alleged accountability issues.


The Sri Lankan Navy said a pair of wild elephants were brought ashore after a '

Hairless puppies living on the street

Best things to do in Sri Lanka www.myadventurebucket.com

Dog wrapped in a blanket Traveling With a Chronic Illness www.myadventurebucket.com

A Selfless Mother, Who Is Feeding Over 400 Stray Dogs Everyday For The Past 15 Years

dog rehabilitation1

John Matus bought Boo Boo impulsively as a cub. Last summer the Ohio man gave her to a wildlife sanctuary. "She needs to be with her own kind," he says.

Rakesh gets aggrieved by the fact that many of the owners buy dogs just to show off. When these dogs contract any disease; they are abandoned by the owners.

dog rehabilitation5

Best things to do in Sri Lanka www.myadventurebucket.com

5 Philatelic 1 Fig.

Dog Followed Google Street View Car in Japan and Ruined Every Photo on Google Maps

Police shoot and kill Rottweiler in the street when the dog runs over to owner being arrested for obstruction of justice | Daily Mail Online

Sri Lankan police officers stand guard in the street

Navy officials say the animals were likely swept out while crossing shallow lagoons in the region

One golden retriever was in a kennel because the woman's husband was ill and she needed a place to keep the dog.

Puppy has worms squeezed from his skin after being rescued in Gambia | Daily Mail Online

Photos showed the elephants in distress, barely keeping their trunks above water in the deep

Hilarious YouTube video shows tiny dog taking on three lion cubs in a fight for food | Daily Mail Online

The Colombo - Kandy Main Road at Kalalpitiya Sri Lanka.

Family holding dogs

Two wild elephants were saved from drowning by the Sri Lankan Navy on Sunday after drifting

This Millionaire Goes Broke To Save Hundreds Of Dogs From Getting Slaughtered!

unnamed (13).jpg

dog rehabilitation4

GUIDE: Sun and summer safety tips for dogs

Maggie, Igor, Missy / Photo Credit: Twitter.com/JossStone

... a pack of dogs. Happy family: Gary and Kim with the late Rama