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Officer Continental Army 1779 Serie American Revolution War

Officer Continental Army 1779 Serie American Revolution War


Officer Continental Army 1870-71 Serie American Revolution War. Sculpture by Antonio Meseguer.

Infantry of the Continental Army.

UNIFORMS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION -- French Army. American Revolutionary WarAmerican ...

Officer, Continental Army

Don Troiani - Private of Hartley's Additional Regiment 1777. American Revolutionary WarAmerican ...

American; Sherburne's Additional Continental Regiment, Private & Colonel, ...

British Light Infantryman: Battle of Freeman's Farm on September 1777 in the American Revolutionary War

UNIFORMS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION -- French Army. American Revolutionary WarAmerican ...

Officer, Royal Artillery by R.

Cornwallis's Army in American Revolutionary War

American Revolutionary War Uniform - Second Rhode Island Regiment of Infantry, 1779

Not surprisingly, the blue Continental Army uniform adopted during the Revolutionary War was similar in style to the British red coat.

Continental Marines_2 · Independence WarAmerican IndependenceNavy Uniforms Military ...

A full-length portrait of John Murry, 4th Earl of Dunmore, dressed in

Top 10 Facts About British Soldiers

George Fishley

2d Virginia Regiment Light Company, July 1779

Grenadier of the 40th Regiment of Foot in 1767, armed with a Brown Bess musket

The Revolutionary War

... Revolutionary War for America. Engraving depicts American army officer Benedict Arnold (1741 - 1801), seated at a

Wounded Warriors: New Jersey Continental Army Officers Describe their Injuries. Revolutionary War ...

... The flag of the United States consisting of 13 stars and 13 white and red stripes is mandated by Congress; ...

EARL CHARLES CORNWALLIS (1738-1805) British Army officer during the American Revolutionary War


Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben. “

Joseph Brandt as painted by George Romney, British court painter. Brandt was a Mohawk

Marquis de Lafayette at Yorktown by Jean-Baptiste Le Paon in 1783. The identity

Charles Willson Peale, George Washington after the Battle of Trenton, c. 1779-1781. Photo: New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art (97.33), gift of Collis P. ...

It seems that almost every author who mentions British soldiers in their discussion of the American Revolution includes adjectives like “young” and “ ...

African Americans in the Revolutionary War

The American Revolution: A Visual History: DK: 9781465446077: Amazon.com: Books

The Battle of Germantown

After entering the American Revolutionary War on the colonies' side in 1779, Spain drew

Top 5 Foreign Continental Army Officers (Other Than Lafayette)

... the Virginia Legislature amended the 1775 Militia Law in June 1777 by "forbidding any recruiting officers within this Commonwealth to enlist any negro ...

Washington Takes Command at Cambridge, Massachusetts

April 27, 1777 - American troops under ...

Full Size Image ...

Revolutionary War. Article · Videos · Pictures · Interactives · Shop. American Revolution

U.S. Army Center of Military History. http://www.history.army .mil/images/artphoto/pripos/revwar/GCH.jpg.

American Revolutionary War. AmericanRevolutionaryWarMon.jpg

Continental Redcoats: Webb's Additional Continental Regiment, 1777. (Courtesy Don Troiani Historical Images, http://www.dontroiani.com)

... https://www.archives.gov/files/research/military/american-revolution /pictures/images/revolutionary-war-095.jpg

This ranking of the best American Revolution films is based on my own appreciation of the movies. Obviously, any attempt to rank films in order is ...

(Above and below) Continental Army encampment with camp kitchen excavation, from C.W. Peale portrait of Pennsylvania Colonel Walter Stewart.

Jonathan Smith

Full Size Image ...

General John Sullivan

How was the Revolutionary War paid for?

How an early (and controversial) symbol of the American republic was lost to the annals of history

West Indies and Gulf Coast[edit]

... Revolutionary War as Gen. Horatio Gates and Gen. Benedict Arnold defeat Gen. Burgoyne, inflicting 600 British casualties. American losses are only 150.

Jordan queen's rangers (mjaS2E3)

Hi-Res (900KB) (1643x2127). During the colonial wars before the Revolution ...

Otho Holland Williams (1749-1794) on engraving from 1835. Continental Army officer

American Revolution: British strategy

Continental Army - Pennsylvanian Infantry, Standard Bearer von Dittfurth Regt, Hessian Jaeger, Officer Prinz Carl Regt.,Grendier von Mirbach Regt., ...

Name any major battle or campaign: New York, Brandywine, Germantown, Saratoga, Yorktown, Camden, Kings Mountain, Guilford Courthouse, Cowpens, Charleston; ...

On the slight chance that you've been watching TURN in an isolated vacuum or


1777 NJ Continental Uniform Coat Reconstructed by tailor Dan Center for a Private in Colonel Ogden's 1st NJ Regiment (Recreated)

Home George Washington The Revolutionary War Washington's Officers

Detail of “Myself on Picquet in a Tempest Disdaining a Cloak.” A drawing by Lt. Richard St. George Mansergh St. George, 52nd Regiment of Foot.

10 Facts about George Washington and the Revolutionary War

Tags. American Revolution; Founding Fathers ...

Prisoners of war in the American Revolutionary War

Sir Peter Halkett

The Battle of Monmouth. Seeking to strike the British army ...

Violent protest by groups like the Sons of Liberty created quite a stir both in the


... 9.

Portrait of Marquis de Lafayette, Charles Willson Peale, 1779 (Washington-Custis-Lee Collection, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA)


An engraving of Sir William Howe in military regalia

These brown-lined red coats were worn by the MD Extra Regiment. in 1780. Courtesy of Historic Art Prints.

Around and About New Jersey: Revolutionary War

Rufus Putnam was a colonial military officer during the French and Indian War, and a general in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.


... old French aristocrat, arrives in Philadelphia and volunteers to serve without pay. Congress appoints him as a major general in the Continental Army.

Reenactors at the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. Online at http://www.nps.gov/guco/photosmultimedia/Living-History.htmWhen the Americans ...

Menacing British officers ...

The Sullivan Expedition of 1779

... of American forces, initiating the campaign that brought the war to an end. “I was desirous to have a stroke at Tarleton… & I have given him a devil of ...

GENERAL GEORGE WASHINGTON by Charles Willson Peale, 1779. [See back for description]