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O waaaaahSU Wonderful by JigokuHana on t

O waaaaahSU Wonderful by JigokuHana on t


Fusion chart (all gems belong to @jigokuhana) ” nice~!! (^o^) ” YES! Omg Yes!

Doodlez - Invader Zim by JigokuHana ...

I tried to make a curvy and busty version of Wendy from gravity falls, but I kinda made her look more adult. 

SU - Mother/Son Bonding by JigokuHana ...

Look guys, don't hate jasper. I don't think she should've gotten corrupted. NO gem deserves to get corrupted OR shattered. I know she said and did some bad ...

We Are The Crystal Gems. '

The best OTP ever

*softly, but with a lot of feeling* oh my god

Teen Titans - Raven +Color+ by JigokuHana ...

... Tenebres - Chapter 5 Page 13 by JigokuHana

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni by JigokuHana ...

My otp , pearl ametyst steven universe , pearlxamethyst < < I don't ship it but XD

Pearl doesn't quite get the new neighbors in room 69 I was bored trash today…

Steven Universe - Lapis Lazuli 03 by theEyZmaster

I tried to make a curvy and busty version of Wendy from gravity falls, but I kinda made her look more adult.

YOU GO, LAUREN!! WE LOVE YOU!! Why do people gotta be such poopheads??!

what-does-it-lumping-mean: “BLUE GEMS I hope you like it, please reblog :) ”

SU - Gemsona Fusion Call : Part 2 by JigokuHana on DeviantArt

She/Her - Cis] Hey~ Nice to meet anyone who finds this thing. I'll post art, fandom shit, and.

When you can't go through your subscriptions bc you missed the episode and adamantly

RC9GN - Smokebomb! by JigokuHana ...

My Little Powerpuff - Rainbow Dash by JigokuHana ...

The Angry Beav...uh, Humans? by JigokuHana ...

SU - Wonderful by JigokuHana on DeviantArt

Steven Universe Quote on Behance: "Steven Universe" is a cartoon about a group

I love the comic book style this show has and all the characters are so precious

Sweeney Todd - Care For A Pie? by JigokuHana ...

7 Deadly Sins - VOCALOID by JigokuHana ...

Ay, I was just planning on drawing some Kevamie but ended up designing their kids instead. I don't mind tho, fankids are my fav. Gabby and Eva Dump

Resultado de imagem para pink diamond steven universe

Sweeney Todd - Lil' Buggers by JigokuHana ...

I just have a bunch of these doodles. Randy is ridiculously fun to draw? And I can't figure out how to draw Howard. Ninja O' Clock

Vocaloid - Love Love Nightmare by JigokuHana ...

Really cool, but it's really bothering me that they DON'T HAVE ANY EYES!!!

steven universe--> Rose Quartz and Lion. This is really sweet! I like to think that Lion either used to be close to Rose, or Lion is an extension of Rose.

we'll win the fight and then go out for pizzas!

Lucky Star Fanfic - KxK by JigokuHana ...

“I want one. I want an army. I want my own planet!

APH - Genderbent Pairing Meme by JigokuHana ...

His Favorite Is... by JigokuHana ...

Some Things Never Change... by Mr-Crocker ...

FMA - OC - Wendy Rockwall by JigokuHana ...

jigokuhana: ““Sometimes…I wonder if she can see me through your eyes. …Told ya I had another comic idea. This one's not as polished at the Amethyst one, ...

Beach City Bugle: Drawing Things Out #221

SU - Pearl by JigokuHana on DeviantArt

Where Steven got it from.

⭐️o⭐ she's so cute! -Update- Im upset now that I

Yes < < it's like when you become better at art and look back on some of your old stuff and wonder, "did I actually ever draw this??!

megalotis: “also Steven and Connie in #17 for anon, as i promised

... Tenebres - Chapter 6 Page 1 by JigokuHana

“…and I have to deal with what you left behind” -- Storm in the Room, Rose Quartz

Stevonnie and Kiki part 2

If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs!

pearl x bismuth - Google zoeken

Lenore - Raveny Horror by JigokuHana ...

Sworn to the Sword

"How'd you think you were gonna get everyone in here anyway?"

"My Pearl."

Chibi Wall-E and Eve by JigokuHana ...

JigokuHana created a lovely sense of atmosphere in her lighting and coloring, plus it's always awesome to see the girls tearing into a giant monster!

This is why we can't have nice things, Amethyst.

TAB - :Human: Friends by JigokuHana ...

steven-universe-aquamarine | Tumblr

Tenebres - Chapter 2 Cover by JigokuHana ...

Soul Eater - Through The Years by JigokuHana ...

I still can't believe I thought she was going to be letal for the Crystal Gems xD

Human Wall-E and Eve by JigokuHana ...

Ultimate dork

Oh Pearl.

bismuth steven universe fan art | Fan Arts del Bismuto/Bismuth Same Old World - Steven Universe .

The Majestic FlapFlap, jigokuhana: I'll get back to drawing fusions in.

Imagine Garnet playing Amethyst as a trombone in that one vine as Steven bangs the oven and Pearl angrily stares from outside the window.

Whoopi Goldberg

Durante mucho tiempo he sido un gran fan de la jigokuhana trabajo, especialmente sus cosas

Don't know what this is but meh.

The different types of artists. Picky, retro, those who are amazing and won

Steven Universe's Steven and Connie as Maui and Moana

WE ARE THE CRYSTAL GEMS - by Sakura-Rose12 ...

Amethyst is awesome, Jasper needs to shut her FACE! Also I enjoy the reoccurring theme that basically says "you are not what society tries to make you, ...

"Oh come on Pearl, you know I can't take it when you cry like that!" "I'm Sorry" Hello gorgeous Bismuth Bismuth , Pearl (C) Stev. Bismuth and Pearl

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SU - Gemsona: Dioptase by JigokuHana

Tack the Cobbler by gryen ...

HS Fantrolls - Full Circle by JigokuHana ...

stariousfalls: “ a montage of some of stan's “excellent” parenting skills, as requested here by thejournalsaregone.

Jaspers by watergems

Pearl is trying too hard xDD

Fallen gem shards

Pearl is the cutest little thing


HS - Troll Shipping by JigokuHana.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

rose quartz steven universe | Tumblr


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Did Opals dress change? Last time it wasnt a tank top it was a tube shirt now it is a tank top

Cat sketches by JigokuHana ...

Artifiziell Gemsonas

Butch And Buttercup by greendog345 | Powerpuff girls | Pinterest | Butches, Buttercup and Powerpuff girls

Cat Steven and Lion