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No I do not own a gun Nor do I have enough that would necessitate

No I do not own a gun Nor do I have enough that would necessitate


No, I do not own a gun. Nor do I have enough that would

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It's not just states that have relaxed gun laws. Federal lawmakers have come up with a few of their own.

Of the many common rhetoric of the gun-control lobby, one of the more frequent we hear is a call for “Universal background checks.” This article covers all ...

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Why millions of Americans — including me — own the AR-15

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Rogue's 3 Bar Gun Rack mounts easily to any solid wall (concrete, cinder block

The study did not seek to assess whether the laws had any effect on gun violence

What are the legal ages for buying guns?

Meet America's gun super-owners – with an average of 17 firearms each | US news | The Guardian

While no licence was earlier required to own air guns and air rifles and even toy

Gun control is one of the most divisive issues in American politics. With each mass shooting — defined as four or more victims having been killed ...


Idaho Gun Laws. Idaho gun laws do not require ...

America's gun problem is so much bigger than mass shootings | US news | The Guardian

A Colt AR-15 with a 30-round magazine, a flash suppressor, and a bayonet mount. Julie Dermansky/Corbis via Getty Images

... and they are significantly more likely to be victims than perpetrators of gun violence in the United States. And more than half of gun-related deaths in ...

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Every American can be his own policeman; the country has nearly as many guns as it has people.

More Guns Do Not Stop More Crimes, Evidence Shows

For example, he says, it should not be necessary for a large percentage of the teachers to participate, and especially not to require any who are not ...


Nationwide, 27 states have passed laws curtailing access to guns by people convicted of domestic violence offenses or subject to protective orders, ...

The Riddle of the Gun

A huge international study of gun control finds strong evidence that it actually works - Vox

Yes, Congress did repeal a rule that made it harder for people with mental illness to buy a gun - Vox

[ Note: Today, I spent much of my time discussing gun safety on Facebook. I attempted to write a post here, but couldn't think of anything to add to this ...

The Colt AR-15 semi-automatic rifle on display at Joe's Sporting Goods in

Click here to view “How to build a smarter gun”

Guns & Suicide

DON McPHEE 1 - Replica guns and air pistols confiscated from secondary school boys, on



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Australia's Ambassador Says His Country's Gun Laws Can't Save America - Pacific Standard

11 myths about the future of gun control, debunked after the Charleston shooting | US news | The Guardian

Some Important Considerations For First-Time Gun Buyers: Lessons From Personal Experience

First off, even before we check the specific claims about each country, we have to note that this item presents a flawed premise.

What could actually work to fix gun violence in America – and what doesn't | US news | The Guardian

After all was said and do the gun control debate was settled in 1779 though that never stopped those with evil intentions from trying to legislate all our ...


Visualizing gun deaths: Comparing the U.S. to rest of the world

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Why America Still Doesn't Have Any Good Data on Guns


This is the response I received:

In the nineteenth century, the Springfield Armory grew to become the single biggest supplier of long arms to the U.S. Army. It shut its doors in 1968.

Guns are pictured. | Getty Images

A popular claim about the NRA confused that organization's rules with those of the venues at which they held events.

REUTERS/Joshua Lott. Does allowing ...

Should convicted domestic abusers be allowed to own guns if their acts of violence were committed

Gun Ownership in the Home

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You might not need a background check if the gun is old enough • MuckRock

... or made to feel like you're broken or weak just for seeking help — which tends to happen in this country — that only serves to make the problem worse.

Table 1. Language From Relevant Federal and State Statutes*

Research Suggests Gun Background Checks Work, But They're Not Everything : NPR

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... Right to Keep and Bear Arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in Government” Thomas Jefferson.It was never about deer hunting.

'White Male Privilege' and Other Themes of Gun Culture - The Atlantic

In its massive reference library, the ATF houses examples of every gun imaginable—

Building an AR from an 80 lower

Meet America's gun super-owners – with an average of 17 firearms each | US news | The Guardian

A memorial for the victims of the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church shooting. Scott Olson/Getty Images

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Are guns registered in the united states

How Concealed Carry Reciprocity Would Override Laws That Ban One Congressman From Owning a Gun in

New Tennessee law allows gun owners to keep loaded firearms in vehicle | Times Free Press

A chart shows America's disproportionate levels of gun violence.

What could actually work to fix gun violence in America – and what doesn't | US news | The Guardian

Can an Illinois Medical Cannabis Patient Legally Purchase or Own a Gun?

The AR-15 pistol is not only one of the most fun AR-15-based guns you can own, but these pistols can actually be really viable hunting and defensive tools.

Following the passage of stricter laws, Australian gun deaths have dropped by two-thirds. Photograph: Whitney Curtis/Getty Images

... capacity above & beyond what is normal and customary for the particular weapons platform. For example, in a pistol, an extended capacity magazine would ...