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Nintendo Game and Watch The first electronic game I t

Nintendo Game and Watch The first electronic game I t


Miss these vintage games...always at the dentist

Game & Watch

Game & Watch by Nintendo, Model No. MW-

Looking back to where it all began, the Game & Watch series was Nintendo's first foray into the handheld gaming market. Appearing in 1980, Nintendo produced ...

It's not so expensive though but the LCD screen resolution and color is a far cry from the games nowadays. Each set has 2 games : Game A and Game B ...

Snoopy Tennis Game Watch

Nintendo Game Watch Box

First ever proper 'electronic' game I owned. At the time it felt like really fluid graphics and unpredictable game play.

Nintendo - Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch (1988)


Nintendo Game & Watch - Super Mario Bros

This game was released in 1981, and the aim is to move your rowboat left and right to catch the parachutists that are being dropped from the helicopter.


Nintendo Game and Watch Parachute Console

Why is a PC-snob who has never swung Link's sword or sideswiped a friend's cart writing about Nintendo? Because they were my first.

Game & Watch Octopus

... Game & Watch. DKPano_3376b

Dkjrgameandwatch. Donkey Kong Hockey is a Game and Watch ...

game and watch

Snoopy Tennis - 'Game & Watch' Nintendo Widescreen Handheld Game

His first game, simply called Mickey Mouse, tasked the round-eared rodent with catching eggs. Really. For whatever reason, Mickey became a hen-keeping ...

Club Nintendo 1980 Game & Watch Ball Replica - Unboxing + Review | GamersCast

Mickey Mouse - Wide Screen MC-25 - used / no box [Game &

The Game & Watch Series: Video_Games/Game_and_Watch_Series.jpg

In a sense, all of Nintendo's gaming history has been pointing here. Exciting times. Advertisements. Game & Watch ...

The ill-advised Table Top range offered better visuals but at the expense of portability

This version of Super Mario Bros. is the rarest G&W in existance

1982 Nintendo Game and Watch: Mickey and Donald (link). Hey, it's the first ever Nintendo DS!

One of the final G&W releases - The Legend of Zelda

In a sense, all of Nintendo's gaming history has been pointing here. Exciting times. Advertisements. Game & Watch ...

Nintendo GameBoy's portability redefined gaming w/ 2-bit versions of 8-bit hits & exclusives

7 times Nintendo got caught "borrowing" its own design ideas, from NX to DS

Zelda Nintendo Game Watches

File:Nintendo Oil Panic Game & Watch, Model OP-51, Made In

Oil Panic is a Game & Watch with a white case, and was developed by Nintendo R&D1. It was part of the Multi Screen series, and was the first dual-screen ...

Rotate another 90 degrees and you should have a normal looking screen with DK Jr. bopping around on it.

Rare Vintage '80s Handheld Games

Fire Gameplay - Nintendo Game & Watch

POPEYE PG-92 - Nintendo Game & Watch

Nintendo Game Watch Mario

Slightly battle worn

Giant Game & Watch Octopus machine with diver in helmet

Donkey Kong Game & Watch

Nintendo Greenhouse Game and Watch - How to repair LCD to NEW [HD] 2015 - YouTube


Nintendo Game & Watch - Donkey Kong Jr


Game & Watch Donkey Kong (1982)

Before Nintendo really turned the handheld market in its favor, they developed the Game & Watch in the early ...

... Game & Watch. gwzelda-open2. ...

The daddy of them all, the Nintendo Game & Watch set the whole handheld ball rolling in the early 80s. A simple piece of technology by the standards of ...

Nintendo Game & Watch - Super Mario Bros

1981 Nintendo Game and Watch: Chef (link)

I don't remember this particular one arrow. Very similar aspect than the Game & Watch by Nintendo.

Black Jack - Multi Screen BJ-60 - used / no box [Game &

Game & Watch Ball

Nintendo Game & Watch - Donkey Kong Jr

1982 Nintendo Game and Watch: Mickey and Donald (link). Hey, it's the first ever Nintendo DS!

This fantastic 1983 mini-arcade offering was the first video game related thing I ever owned; before even going to school, mind you. I love it, can't ...

While Nelsonic would go on to create and sell more than 30 game watches tied to everything from Simon to Q*Bert to a long list of Nintendo franchises, ...

The first Game Boy, Model DMG-01 from Nintendo was released in 1989 and was Nintendo's first handheld multi-game system evolving from the Game and Watch ...

Game and Watch


Nintendo: Game Boy Watch

Ball box

Panorama titles were more mobile than Table Top ones, but wouldn't fit in your pocket

The 10 most influential handheld games consoles – in pictures | Games | The Guardian

Mario's Cement Factory

…BUT NOT JUST WHEN IT COMES TO JUMPING. Donkey Kong Nintendo Game and Watch

Only the New Wide Screen version was ported to Game & Watch Gallery 3, Game & Watch Gallery 4 and DSiWare. The game also has an indirect sequel in the form ...

We wrote about Nintendo Game and Watch history in separate post and you can read about it here.

game and watch

Nintendo: Game Boy Watch

nintendo game watch - wonderswan

... 1981, this little game had you saving people from a burning building and on the 4th of October, 2016, one of these handheld Game & Watch consoles sold ...

Nintendo Game & Watch Mini Classics Mario's Cement Factory - The Game Shed

Nintendo Game Boy Micro and Nintendo Game & Watch Octopus

It is quite a good game too. The gameplay is quite similar to the first level of Donkey Kong on the Famicom. You just run up the screen, jumping over ...

Nintendo DS handheld console and Game & Watch Donkey Kong Dual Screen


beforemario: Nintendo Game & Watch Multi Screen (ゲーム&ウォッチ マルチスクリーン, 1982-83)

Nintendo Game & Watch Multi Screen Rain Shower (1983)

Game & Watch Popeye Tabletop

Coleco "Electronic Quarterback" (1978)

Nintendo Game & Watch - Super Mario Bros

I found this review of the game on the Google Usenet archive, note the date: 1982. This was posted by an original purchaser of this game when it first came ...