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Nick amp Simon 2011 Duran Duran t

Nick amp Simon 2011 Duran Duran t


... Simon Le Bon, left, and Nick Rhodes of the Duran Duran perform on the

Members of the pop group Duran Duran, who took Milan by storm last night,

John Taylor(2015).JPG. Taylor performing in 2015 with Duran Duran

Duran Duran

Simon Le Bon and John Taylor

Simon Le Bon

Duran Duran live, Simon, Nick & Warren

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Members of the band Duran Duran arrive for their opening night performance at New York's Fashion

DURAN DURAN, New Moon On Monday, 1984

Duran Duran

... Duran songs of the 79 vintage; as well as explaining why he's never listened to their albums: “I think if you know how it's made it loses its flavour, ...

The ...

PHOTO: Simon Le Bon, John Taylor and Dominic Brown of Duran Duran perform on

Duran Duran

... British group Duran Duran arrive to the MTV Europe Music Awards in Rome, Thursday,

Duran Duran "Rio", performed by FOLIO

Duran Duran....my favorite 80's band! :)

Duran Duran (Fave group as a teenager)

I went to see Duran Duran Monday night at Terminal 5 in Manhattan . Hadn't planned on going, but a friend couldn't use her ticket at the last minute, ...

EXCLUSIVE: John Taylor Speaks Of Bandmate Nick Rhodes' Illness

Duran Duran. See more. Saw this man in concert last week and fell in love all over again, especially

Simon le Bon

Duran Duran - Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Simon Le Bon Duran

Simon Le Bon of British pop group Duran Duran performs on stage during the Concert for

John and Simon

The three Taylors from Duran Duran

Look At Those Baby Blues Simon Le Bon - Duran Duran Forever

With Susan Anne Sulley (Human League) and Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran),

... Britain's Princess Diana shakes hands with Nick Rhodes, the keyboard player in her favorite band

Pressure Off, Paper Gods, Duran Duran, album, video,UK tour,

Almost have to take a second glance…this is pure JT!

Duran Duran – Carnival (US 12″ Mini LP)

Duran Duran What's In My Bag? Amoeba Music. "


Rio, the Duran Duran Tribute Band, has had a few shows this past year or so, and invariably, I haven't been able to attend. So when I saw that a show for ...

David Lynch brings Duran Duran to film. '

... in its historical formation: Simon Le Bon on vocals , Nick Rhodes on keyboard, John Taylor on bass, Roger Taylor on drums and Andy Taylor on guitar.

With Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran), 1982

Duran Duran Careless Memories anime Nick and Stephen as the Devils

Of course, one of the proudest moments of my life, if not the proudest, was when we got to meet the band in 2012. Through the help of a lot of people, ...

L-R: Gil “John” Barron, Danny “Roger” Alfaro, Jake “Simon” Jacobs, Chadwick “Andy” Steinmetz, Curt “Nick” Clendenin


Duran Duran Credit: Press Here Now

Andy later joined the group, welcomed by John and Roger, while Nick Rhodes was quite distant with him: “Nick did not appreciate me because I was wearing ...

'Girls on Film 1979 Demo' EP is available digitally and on CD, as well as on stunning red and clear coloured vinyl at ...

Matt Stone, Duran Duran (John Taylor, Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes,

The rock band, Duran Duran, with Andy Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Simon Le

D is for Duran Duran

... AMEX Presents: Duran Duran at Terminal 5

I said, “Of course, we all have it”. So I then asked him about his cameras. “How many Nikon's do you own, Nick?” He said, “I don't, I have Minoltas”.

(L-R) Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Simon LeBon and John Taylor of Duran

21, 2011 - Hollywood, California, U.S. - Matt Stone, John

The rock band, Duran Duran, with Andy Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Simon Le

Roger saw at once that he had the same influences as Nick Rhodes and John Taylor: including The Cure, Siouxie and the Banshees, etc.

Duran Duran - 2003-07-12 - Tokyo, JP (DVDfull pro-shot)

Duran Duran (6874520092).jpg

From L:”Simon”, “Nick”, me, “John”, “Roger” and “Andy”

Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran on the guts and gear behind Paper Gods - KeyboardMag

Find the 12″ on DISCOGS

Duran Duran Careless Memories anime bloody Simon

Dubai Media City Amphitheatre Dubai, UAE duran duran wikipedia 2

I wouldn't have considered myself a diehard Duranie at the time by any means. My fan collection certainly didn't rival my friend Jennifer's shown above as I ...

This weekend is celebrated as Halloween weekend here in Madison, which is a big deal. Lots of people go out and dress in costume.

... –

duran duran wedding album

Meeting You

photo courtesy of Michelle Duran

Fostex pro profession digital recorder wikipedia duran duran nick rhodes fostex com

As their set began, I reminded myself that they aren't Duran. They can't be. I also reminded myself that I was there to have fun, which I did, but still.

Nick Rhodes & John Taylor From Duran Duran On Paper Gods | philmarriott.net

Friends of Mine: Thirty Years in the Life of a Duran Duran Fan: Elisa Lorello: 9781490910086: Amazon.com: Books

Duran Duran Careless Memories anime Nick with omnichord

Musician John Taylor of Duran Duran performs on stage during Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las

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Duran Duran Careless Memories anime Simon slaughters ninjas

Aspect ...

Duran Duran – Rio (Part 2) (UK 12″)

OMD on Old Gear, New Gear, and Playing Parts Live

I even had it on the cover of the folder I used at school every day. My crush was on the one in the middle (Simon LeBon):

Simon's tuxedo jacket

Simon Le Bon and John Taylor. The five original members from 'Duran Duran'

Simon Le Bon and John Taylor. The five original members from 'Duran Duran'

He was my first Duran Duran member crush when I was younger. I am fortunate to have seen DD live 13 times since 1989 (not enough) and I was fortunate enough ...

Simon Le Bon and John Taylor. The five original members from 'Duran Duran'



Duran Duran was among the most successful bands of the decade, ushering in what was termed, "The second British invasion." (The Beatles, of course, ...

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Duran Duran on Rolling Stone

Still, Duran Duran had some major hits. Girls loved them. Guys liked their music. Then they split up and we were left with hair bands for the rest of the ...

Night Versions: The Essential Duran Duran.

As you may have guessed....our guest was none other than Simon's Moustache, proudly adorning the upper lip of our favorite front man.

Duran Duran Careless Memories anime Simon with the Duran symbol


Duran Duran, New Romantics

Find the 12″ on DISCOGS

bandaid. Duran ...

Roxette on stage in Halmstad, August 2010