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New technique scours the genome for genes that combat disease

New technique scours the genome for genes that combat disease


New technique scours the genome for genes that combat disease

New Technique Scours the Genome for Genes that Combat Disease

Future Phones And Solar Panels Could Run On Newly Discovered 2D Nanowires

Engineers design a new weapon against bacteria; An easier way to control genes ...

... genes; MIT and BU researchers designed new transcription factors that can bind to DNA and turn on

A new “REPAIR” system edits RNA, rather than DNA.

Is Gene Editing Ethical?

3D Printers Could Let You Produce Your Own Drugs

New techniques give blood biopsies greater promise

gene. Credit: CC0 Public Domain

A team of researchers at MIT, the University of Brasilia, and the University of

For the first time, researchers can scour the complete human genome for disease-associated

Biologists discover function of gene linked to familial ALS

Scientists Reveal Mysteries On The Night Side of Venus

Disruptive bioengineering – changing the way cells interact with each other. Credit: Shutterstock

In a new study, MIT researchers have developed nanoparticles that can deliver the CRISPR genome-editing system and specifically modify genes, ...

3Q: Behind the scenes of the National Academy of Sciences' report on human genome editing

Firefly Gene Illuminates Ability of Optimized CRISPR-Cpf1 to Efficiently Edit Human Genome

Sony Xperia XZ1's Scanner Comes With A 3D Printing Service

Personal Genome Diagnostics' TMB Analysis Shows Promising Checkpoint Inhibitor Efficacy in Early-Stage Lung Cancer Study

How patients with rare diseases can scour the world for a cure

How some facial malformations arise

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Immunotherapy: The Next Frontier for Treating Disease [Infographic

Salk scientists modify CRISPR to epigenetically treat diabetes, kidney disease, muscular dystrophy

Sniff Test for Parkinson's Disease

A noninvasive method for deep brain stimulation

Crispr hompage

UIC researchers show persistent Cas9 binding to a double strand break causes CRISPR genome editing to fail about 15 percent of the time.

Young, resting neural stem cells in the brains of mice store large clumps of proteins in specialized cellular trash compartments known as lysosomes, ...

Making brain implants smaller could prolong their lifespan

Scientists Explore National Security Implications Of Gene Editing ...

Changing the way cells interact with each other. Credit: Tudor Fulga

CRISPR-guided proximity labeling—dissecting gene transcription's proteomic choreography

Changing the way cells interact with each other. Credit: Tudor Fulga

Gene therapy could put an end to genetic disorders and hereditary diseases

The Future Of DNA Sequencing ...

Brain waves reflect different types of learning

Weight Loss Linked to Worse Outcomes in Parkinson's Patients, Study Shows

New CRISPR-Cas9 Tool Edits Both RNA and DNA Precisely

Sniffing Out The Durian's Genome ...

Mitochondrial diseases are maternally inherited


Many countries have little or no laws to prevent scientists from using Crispr/Cas 9

Phil Anselmos Scour Red EP Streaming In Full

Exclusive articles about Genetics

New CRISPR technology 'knocks out' yeast genes with single-point precision

Variation in gene expression in health and disease. Global gene expression was measured in 45

If biotech interests you, you must already know about CRISPR, the cutting edge gene editing technology that was developed a couple of years ago, ...

Currently, the only available way to prevent genetic diseases involves using IVF and pre-

Injections that alter DNA could provide cures for devastating inherited diseases, new research has found

Previous work in cacao identified a gene, known as TcNPR3, that suppresses the plant's

Researchers have created a new strain of wheat that doesn't produce the form of

Transgenic Service

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Different strategies for identifying genetic variants buffering human disease are shown in this chart. Just

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Author-Initiated Retraction: Donmez et al., SIRT1 Protects against α-Synuclein Aggregation by Activating Molecular Chaperones | Journal of Neuroscience

Scan Of Whole Genomes Ties Regulatory Regions To Autism Risk ...

Joanna Wysocka and her lab team found that DNA twitches during transcription to bring distant regions in contact and enhance gene expression.

The Crispr-Cas9 technqiue uses tags, which identify the location of the mutation,

It Doesn't Matter What Exercise as Long as You're Exercising

Illustration of DNA sequencing. Credit: ktsdesign/Shutterstock

To demonstrate that these reductions had resulted from the action of Cas9/sgRNA that causes indels, we extracted total cellular DNA from the ...

A graphic of a strand of DNA colored turquoise blue, on a blue and black

Technology that allows alteration of genes in a human embryo has been used for the first

Facebook scours $150k 'divisive ads' for links to Russia amid US election meddling claims

WuXi NextCODE Claritas

(Figure 1) An analysis of entries in the protein data base (PDB)

Redefining mouse transgenesis with CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technology

Veritas Genetics Scoops Up an AI Company to Sort Out Its DNA

'Super' fruit and veg that are resistant to disease could be on shelves in

... 3A).

Scientists have used a pocket-sized DNA-scanner to sequence the most complete human

... gene (Figure 4A).

Chinese team genetically modifies human embryo, using CRISPR gene-editing technique

Four new techniques expand the repertoire of the gene editor CRISPR.

Genome editing reveals role of gene important for human embryo development

The researchers used the Crispr-Cas9 gene editing technique ¿ a genetic tool that can

Gene drives could reverse the inevitable genetic mutations that make crop pests resistant to pesticides

'Game-changer': The Crispr technique for altering DNA is believed to be. '

... genomic elements can be facilitated by the spatial organization of chromosomes that brings genes and their regulatory elements in close proximity (Fig.

WuXi PharmaTech has acquired NextCODE Health to create WuXi NextCODE Genomics, a global leader in genomic medicine. Pairing WuXi's technology and existing ...

CRISPR enhances gene therapy to fight inherited diseases

Johns Hopkins Scientists Propose Efficiency 'Rules' for Enhancing Use of New Gene Editing Technology

Cancer · Clinical trials · Science

FitBit Tracker Genome ...

New technique ramps up editing of genes in stem cells

Blowfly Genome Provides Clues for Curbing Flystrike Infections | GenomeWeb

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